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N u m b e r  1 / 2
Proceedings of the XVth International Symposium on NQI Spectroscopy
(Leipzig, July 25-30, 1999)
T. Butz, S. Berger, and W. Tröger
(A) Resonance and other NQI Techniques
Electron-Gamma PAC: New Possibilities for NQI Studies
J. G. Correia, J. P. Araújo, J. G. Marques, A. R. Ramos, A. A. Melo, J. C. Soares, and the ISOLDE Collaboration
3  Full Text
Study of Li Diffusion on Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces via NQI
H. J. Jänsch
15  Full Text
Oxygen-17 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Organic Solids
S. Dong, K. Yamada, and G. Wu
21  Full Text
Two and Three Dimensional Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance in the Investigation of Structure and Bonding
M.-Y. Liao, R. Subramanian, R. L. Yung, and G. S. Harbison
29  Full Text
Low Frequency NQR using Double Contact Cross-relaxation
D. Stephenson and J. A. S. Smith
37  Full Text
Electric Field Gradient at Nb Site in the Intermetallic Compounds Nb3X (X = Al, In, Si, Ge, Sn) Measured by PAC
A. C. Junqueira, A. W. Carbonari, J. Mestnik Filho, and R. N. Saxena
41  Full Text
Quadrupole Interaction of 172Yb and 168Er Nuclei in the First Excited 2+ State
K. Królas, M. Rams, and J. Wojtkowska
45  Full Text
Hyperfine Interactions at 181Ta in Hf2Ni7 and Zr2Ni7
M. Marsza\l ek, H. Saitovitch, and P. R. J. Silva
49  Full Text
Spin Diffusion in Pure Multiple-Pulse NQR
G. B. Furman, S. D. Goren, A. M. Panich, and A. I. Shames
54  Full Text
A Pulsed Spectrometer Designed for Feedback NQR
J. L. Schiano and M. D. Ginsberg
61  Full Text
Optimization of NQR Pulse Parameters using Feedback Control
J. L. Schiano, A. J. Blauch, and M. D. Ginsberg
67  Full Text
The 8-Parameter List Mode for g-g Perturbed Angular Correlation Measurements
M. Marsza\/lek, J. Gr\cebosz, J. Jaworski, Z. Stachura, M. Zi\cebli\'nski, and B. Sulkio-Cleff
74  Full Text
Two-dimensional Two Contact Double Resonance Spectroscopy
D. Stephenson
79  Full Text
(B) Structure, Bonding, and Phase Transitions
Effect of Deuteration on Ammonium Motion and Structural Phase Transition Studied by Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance
T. Asaji and T. Ishizaka
83  Full Text
Phase Transitions in Oxides Studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy
M. Uhrmacher and K.-P. Lieb
90  Full Text
Quadrupole Effects on 73Ge NMR Spectra in Isotopically Controlled Ge Single Crystals
S. V. Verkhovskii, B. Z. Malkin, A. Trokiner, A. Yakubovskii, E. Haller, A. Ananyev, A. Gerashenko, Yu. Piskunov, S. Saikin, A. Tikhomirov, and V. Ozhogin
105  Full Text
Pressure Dependence of the Chlorine NQR in Chloro Pyridines
K. P. Ramesh, J. Ramakrishna, K. S. Suresh, and C. Raghavendra Rao
111  Full Text
Dynamic Behavior of Group 13 Elements in Bromocomplexes as Studied by NQR and NMR
Y. Tomita, H. Ohki, K. Yamada, and T. Okuda
117  Full Text
External Influences on the 14N NQR of Ferroelectric NaNO2
S. H. Choh and J. K. Jung
124  Full Text
Search for Nucleation of Phase Embryos in Binary Alloys by Impurity Atoms
G. S. Collins, L. S.-J. Peng, and M. O. Zacate
129  Full Text
The Temperature Dependence of 121,123Sb, 35Cl, 79,81Br and 127I NQR Spectra in Complexes Cs3Sb2X9 (X = Cl, Br, I)
L. A. Zemnukhova, S. I. Kuznetsov, G. A. Fedorishcheva, and R. L. Davidovich
134  Full Text
NQR Investigation of Intercalates and Complexes of Cadmium and Lead Iodides with Pyridine, Aniline, and Piperidine
T. A. Babushkina, K. G. Konopleva, A. L. Tupoleva, N. U. Venskovskii, L. Guibé, M. Gourdji, and A. Péneau
139  Full Text
Weakly Coordinating Ligands: Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constants and Asymmetry Parameters of Iodocarbons Coordinated to Metal Ions
G. Wulfsberg, J. Robertson, T. A. Babushkina, S. I. Gushchin, H. Terao, and J. Powell
145  Full Text
111Cd Time Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation Studies of High Specific Activity 111In-Aqueous Solutions
Z. Z. Akselrod, D. V. Filossofov, J. Buša, T. Bušova, O. I. Kochetov, N. A. Lebedev, A. F. Novgorodov, V. N. Pavlov, A. V. Salamatin, E. N. Shirani, and V. V. Timkin
151  Full Text
PAC Identification of Electric-Nuclear-Quadrupole Interactions in Sm-Sesquioxides
M. Rentería, L. A. Errico, A. G. Bibiloni, K. Freitag, and F. G. Requejo
155  Full Text
35Cl and 79Br NQR Spectra and the Secondary Bonding of Chalcogen Halide Complexes
Z. A. Fokina
160  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Phase Transition of 4-Aminopyridinium Tetrabromoantimonate(III) as Studied by Bromine and Antimony NQR, Proton NMR, and Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
M. Hashimoto, S. Hashimoto, H. Terao, M. Kuma, H. Niki, and H. Ino
167  Full Text
2H NMR Study of Molecular and Electron Spin Dynamics in Paramagnetic [Co(H2O)6][SiF6]
T. Iijima, M. Mizuno, and M. Suhara
173  Full Text
Water Molecular Motion and Hydrogen Bond in Paramagnetic [Cu(H2O)6][PtCl6] as Studied by Single Crystal 2H NMR
M. Mizuno, T. Iijima, K. Orii, and M. Suhara
178  Full Text
35Cl NQR in Glassy Crystal of 2-chlorothiophene
H. Fujimori and T. Asaji
183  Full Text
Quadrupole Splitting and Paramagnetic Iron Core Structure in Iron-Dextran Complexes: A Mössbauer Effect Study
M. I. Oshtrakh, V. A. Semionkin, O. B. Milder, A.~B. Livshits, and A. A. Kozlov
186  Full Text
Variation of Quadrupole Splitting in Modified Oxyhemoglobin: A Mössbauer Effect Study
M. I. Oshtrakh, O. B. Milder, V. A. Semionkin, A. L. Berkovsky, M. A. Azhigirova, E. P. Vyazova
193  Full Text
NQR in Alanine and Lysine Iodates
A. M. Petrosyan, V. M. Burbelo, R. A. Tamazyan, H. A. Karapetyan, and R. P. Sukiasyan
199  Full Text
Impurity Effects on the Local Structure in the Mixed Hexachlorometallate (A2BCl6: A = K, Rb, B = Sn, Re, and Pb) Studied by the Chlorine NQR
Y. M. Seo, S. K. Song, and J. Pelzl
207  Full Text
Halogen NQR and the Phase Transition in CH3Hg-Halide Family
J. Pirnat, Z. Trontelj, J. Lu\vznik, and D. Kirin
212  Full Text
Halogen NQR and the Phase Transition in CH3Hg-Halide Family
J. Pirnat, Z. Trontelj, J. Lu\vznik, and D. Kirin
215  Full Text
14N NQR Studies of Impurity Effects on the Local Structure of NaNO2-based Mixed Systems
S. K. Song, Y. M. Park, J. K. Jung, Y. M. Seo, and S. H. Choh
219  Full Text
127I NQR and Crystal Structure Studies of [N(CH3)4]2CdI4
H. Ishihara, K. Horiuchi, Th. M. Gesing, S.-q. Dou, J.-Ch. Buhl, and H. Terao
225  Full Text
Studies of Structure and Phase Transition in [C(NH2)3]HgBr3 and [C(NH2)3]HgI3 by Means of Halogen NQR, 1H NMR, and Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
H. Terao, M. Hashimoto, S. Hashimoto, and Y. Furukawa
230  Full Text
Perturbed Angular Correlation Studies in SrTiO3 Single Crystals
P. de la Presa, K. P. Lieb, M. Uhrmacher, and L. Ziegeler
237  Full Text
Structural Phase Transitions in BaTiO3 Studied via Perturbed Angular Correlations
J. Roth, M. Uhrmacher, P. de la Presa, L. Ziegeler, and K. P. Lieb
242  Full Text
(C) Theory of Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions
Cluster Calculations of Hyperfine Interactions in Superconducting Copper Compounds
P. F. Meier, T. A. Claxton, P. Hüsser, S. Pliberšek, and E. P. Stoll
247  Full Text
Quadrupole Interaction in Ternary Chalcopyrite Semiconductors: Experiments and Theory
M. Dietrich, A. Burchard, D. Degering, M. Deicher, J. Kortus, R. Magerle, A. Möller, V. Samokhvalov, S. Unterricker, R. Vianden, and the ISOLDE-collaboration
256  Full Text
Charge Distribution Model in Cubic Perovskite-type Compounds
R. E. Alonso and A. López-García
261  Full Text
FP-LAPW Study of the EFG at Impurity Sites in Oxides: Cd in Rutile TiO2
L. A. Errico, G. Fabricius, and M. Rentería
267  Full Text
Analysis of the Quadrupole Coupling Constants and Mössbauer Isomeric Shifts in Halogen Compounds Within the Gaussian98 Code
O. Kh. Poleshchuk, J. N. Latosi\'nska, and B. Nogaj
271  Full Text
Quadrupole Coupling Constants and Mössbauer Isomeric Shifts in Antimony Compounds within Gaussian 98
O. Kh. Poleshchuk and J. N. Latosi\'nska
276  Full Text
(D) Advanced Materials and Surfaces
NQR Study of Dynamics in Incommensurate Phases
S. S. Sastry, K. Venu, S. Uma Maheswari, and R. K. Subramanian
281  Full Text
47,49Ti NMR in Metals, Inorganics, and Gels
T. J. Bastow
291  Full Text
Deuteron NMR Lineshapes in the Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Phase of MHPOBC
R. Blinc, A. Gregorovi\vc, and B. Zalar
298  Full Text
Investigation of the Negative Thermal Expansion of ZrW2O8 N. Ulbrich, W. Tröger, T. Butz, and P. Blaha 301  Full Text
NMR/NQR Study on Magnetism of Spin Ladder Sr2.5Ca11.5Cu24O41
K.-i. Kumagai, S. Tsuji, and K. Maki
311  Full Text
Effect of Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding on the Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction in Imidazole and its Derivatives as Studied by ab initio Molecular Orbital Calculations
N. Nakamura, H. Masui, and T. Ueda
315  Full Text
Quadrupolar Relaxation - what would we do without it in High-Tc Superconductor Studies?
D. Brinkmann
323  Full Text
Combined TDPAC and EXAFS Study of InPt/FER Catalysts
J. M. Ramallo-López, F. G. Requejo, A. G. Bibiloni, M. Rentería, L. Gutierrez, and E. E. Miró
327  Full Text
Thiourea and Thiourea Inclusion Compounds. A 14N NQR Investigation
L. Guibé, A. Péneau, M. Gourdji, and A. Panich
331  Full Text
Specific Heat and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Study of Thiourea-Hexachloroethane Inclusion Compound
G. N. Chekhova, S. D. Goren, Ju. H. Krieger, D. Linsky, V. Lusternik, A. M. Panich, A. R. Semenov, and A. Voronel
335  Full Text
A133Cs NMR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Study in Incommensurate Cs2CdI4
K. Suzuki, S. Ishimaru, and R. Ikeda
339  Full Text
Solid State Effects in 4,6-Dichloropyrimidine Studied by 35Cl-NQR Spectroscopy and ab initio Calculations
J. N. Latosi\'nska and J. Kasprzak
343  Full Text
23Na NMR Study of NASICON-type Compounds, Na1+xScxTi2-x(PO4)3
H. Masui, T. Ueda, K. Miyakubo, T. Eguchi, and N. Nakamura
348  Full Text
About Excitation of a Quadrupole Spin Echo
I. V. Zolotaryov, A. S. Kim, and P. G. Neufeld
353  Full Text
35Cl NQR Studies of Hydrogen Transfer in Crystalline p-Chlorobenzoic Acid
T.-a. Nihei, S. Ishimaru, and R. Ikeda
355  Full Text
NMR of 93Nb perturbed by Quadrupole Interaction in Quasi-One-Dimensional BaNbS3+d
H. Nishihara, N. Kijima, and S. Nagata
359  Full Text
Nature of Hydration Water in (±)-Tris(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) Chloride Hydrate, (±)-[Co(en)3]Cl3·nH2O, as Studied by 1H, 2H, and 17O Solid State NMR
T. Ueda and N. Nakamura
362  Full Text
N u m b e r  3 / 4
Original Communications
Variation in P-O Bonding in Phosphate Glasses - A Neutron Diffraction Study
U. Hoppe, R. Kranold, D. Stachel, A. Barz, and A. C. Hannon
369  Full Text
X-ray Investigations of Liquid Bismuth-Copper Alloys
J. Nomssi Nzali and W. Hoyer
381  Full Text
Isolated versus Condensed Anion Structure VI: X-ray Structure Analysis and 81Br NQR of Guanidinium Pentabromodicadmate(II), [C(NH2)3]Cd2Br5, tris-Hydrazinium Pentabromocadmate(II), [H2NNH3]3CdBr5, and bis-Hydrazinium Tetrabromocadmate(II)-Tetra Hydrate, [H2NNH3]2CdBr4-4H2O
H. Ishihara, K. Horiuchi, V. G. Krishnan, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
390  Full Text
Analytical Dark Solitary Wave Solutions for the Higher Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Cubic-quintic Terms
W.-p. Hong
397  Full Text
High Dimensional Schwartz KP Equations
S.-y. Lou
401  Full Text
On the Entropy Flow between Parts of Multi-component Systems, Partial Entropies and the Implications for Observations
H. H. Diebner
405  Full Text
1H NMR Study of Ionic Motions in High Temperature Solid Phases of (CH3NH3)2ZnCl4
H. Ishida
412  Full Text
Covariant Regularization of Nonlinear Spinorfield Quantum Theories and Probability Interpretation
Harald Stumpf
415  Full Text
Electronic Energy Partitioning in the Reactions of Metastable Mg*(3PJ) Atoms with F2, Cl2, Br2, I2, ICl, IBr
P. Kierzkowski, B. Pranszke, A. Kowalski, and M. Menzinger
433  Full Text
Sub-Doppler Measurements and Rotational Spectrum of 13C18O
G. Klapper, F. Lewen, S. P. Belov, and G. Winnewisser
441  Full Text
Local Temperature of Fluorescent Centres in Polymer Films Determined from Universal Kennard-Stepanov Relation between Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra
A. Kawski, P. Bojarski, and B. Kuklinski
444  Full Text
Analysis of the Dielectric Anisotropy of Typical Nematics with the Aid of the Maier-Meier Equations
S. Urban, J. K\cedzierski, and R. D\cabrowski
449  Full Text
Photorecombination of Electrons in Dense Plasmas
Y.-D. Jung and S.-Y. Rhee
457  Full Text
Hydromagnetic Instability Conditions for Viscoelastic Non-Newtonian Fluids
M. F. El-Sayed
460  Full Text
Hole Injection Sequence in BaCuO2 as Seen by XANES
N. Morgante, P. Ghigna, and P. Spinolo
467  Full Text
The T,p-Dependence of the Chemical Shift of the Hydroxyl Protons in Deeply Supercooled Methanol and Water
L. Chen, T. Gross, and H.-D. Lüdemann
473  Full Text
Transition from Regular to Stochastic Vibration Motion in H3+ Molecule: An ab initio Classical Trajectory Study
P. Babinec, E. Jakubíková, and J. Leszczynski
478  Full Text
N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
High Resolution Microwave Spectroscopy of Ethyl Vinyl Ether: Accurate Determination of the Methyl Top Internal Rotation Barrier
H. Dreizler and N. Hansen
481  Full Text
The Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of the Formaldehyde Isotopomer H2C18O in its Ground Vibrational State
H. S. P. Müller, R. Gendriesch, F. Lewen, and G. Winnewisser
486  Full Text
The Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of Propyne, CH3CCH
H. S. P. Müller, S. Thorwirth, L. Bizzocchi, and G. Winnewisser
491  Full Text
Static and Dynamic Structure of Au2Cl6, AuAlCl6 and AuFeCl6 Clusters
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
495  Full Text
Hyperfine Interactions at Lanthanide Sites in Europium Doped Oxide Glasses
G. Concas, F. Congiu, G. Spano, A. Speghini, K. Gatterer, and M. H. Bartl
499  Full Text
Estimating and Approximating the Total p-Electron Energy of Benzenoid Hydrocarbons
I. Gutman, J. H. Koolen, V. Moulton, M. Parac, T. Soldatovi\'c, and D. Vidovi\'c
507  Full Text
Structure of Clusters in Methanol-Water Binary Solutions Studied by Mass Spectrometry and X-ray Diffraction
T. Takamuku, T. Yamaguchi, M. Asato, M. Matsumoto, and Nobuyuki Nishi
513  Full Text
Structure and Phase Transition in (C2H5NH3)3Sb2Cl9 · (C2H5NH3)SbCl4; X-ray, DSC and Dielectric Studies
M. Bujak and J. Zaleski
526  Full Text
Thermodynamic Measurements of n-Hexadecane (C16H34) and n-Heptadecane (C17H36) at Elevated Pressures
W. Würflinger and M. Sandmann
533  Full Text
Explanation of the g-factors and Hyperfine Structure Constants of Co2+ in Tetragonal K2ZnF4
W.-C. Zheng and S.-Y. Wu
539  Full Text
Complete Integrability Prolongation Structure and Backlund Transformation for the Konno-Onno Equation
Ch. Kr. Das and A. R. Chowdhury
545  Full Text
Thermochromic Shifts of Apsorption and Fluorescence Spectra and Excited State Dipole Moment of PRODAN
A. Kawski, B. Kukli\'nski, and P. Bojarski
550  Full Text
Correlation between the 35Cl NQR Parameters of Chloro-containing Organic and Organometallic Compounds and the Results of ab initio Calculations
V. P. Feshin and E. V. Feshina
555  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the Novel [ReFBr5]2- Anion
E. J. Baran
560  Full Text
Z. Naturforsch. 54a, 675 (1999)
M. Massalska-Arod\'z, A. Würflinger, and D. Büsing
N u m b e r  6 / 7
Original Communications
Non-Kinematicity of the Dilation-of-time Relation of Einstein for Time-intervals
S. Golden
563  Full Text
NMR Study of Cation Motions in Ferroic [C(NH2)3]3Bi2Br9
M. Grottel, Z. Paj\cak, and R. Jakubas
570  Full Text
Polymeric Structures in Aluminium and Gallium Halides
Z. Akdeniz, M. Çaliskan, Z. Çiçek, and M. P. Tosi
575  Full Text
Properties of Nanocrystalline Nickel Particles in Ni-SiO2 Composites
G. Ennas, A. Falqui, G. Piccaluga, S. Solinas, D. Gatteschi, C. Sangregorio, and A. Benedetti
581  Full Text
(3+1)-Dimensional Integrable Models with Infinitely Dimensional Virasoro Type Symmetry Algebra and the Painlevé Property
J. Lin, S.-y. Lou, and K. Wang
589  Full Text
Dielectric Dispersion of New Ferroelectric Cobalt Halide Dimers: Bis-ethanolammonium-hexahalocobaltate, (C2H8NO)2Co2X6, X = Cl/Br
M. F. Mostafa and S. S. Arafat
595  Full Text
Influence of Conformational Equilibria upon the Self-Diffusion of the Conformers in Neat Liquids
L. Chen and H.-D. Lüdemann
605  Full Text
The Use of Quantum Chemical Semiempirical Methods to Calculate the Lattice Energies of Organic Molecular Crystals. Part I: The Three Polymorphs of Glycine
G. Raabe
609  Full Text
Pressure Effects on the Thermal Z/EIsomerization of 4-(Dimethylamino)-4'-nitroazobenzene in a Liquid Polymer. A Comparison of Dynamic Solvent Effects in Polymeric and Monomeric Solvents
A. Shuto, T. Takahashi, Y. Ohga, T. Asano, H. Saito, K. Matsuo, and H.-D. Lüdemann
616  Full Text
Ab initio Molecular Orbital Calculations of Reduced Partition Function Ratios of Polyboric Acids and Polyborate Anions
T. Oi
623  Full Text
Dielectric Spectroscopy of Solutions of Some Alkylammonium Salts in Chloroform and 1-Octanol
R. Elsebrock and M. Stockhausen
629  Full Text
Shear Viscosity of the Homologous Series of nCHBT (n = 0 - 12) in the Isotropic and Nematic Phases
J. Jad\.zyn, R. Dabrowski, K. Glumiak, and G. Czechowski
637  Full Text
On the Theory of Relaxation in the Glass Transition Region
H. Baur
641  Full Text
The Local Temperature Dependence of Fluorescent Centres in PVA Films on the Excitation Wavenumber
A. Kawski, P. Bojarski, and B. Kukli\'nski
653  Full Text
Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) of Four-membered Rings with four p-Electrons
J. Fleischhauer, P. Laur, P. Paetzold, and S. Gabriel
656  Full Text
Conformations of Pyrrolidinium Ion Studied by Molecular Orbital Calculations
H. Ishida
665  Full Text
Dielectric Relaxation of Diethylsulfoxide
S. A. Markarian and M. Stockhausen
667  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
On Diffusion in Some Biological and Economic Systems
E. Ahmed and S. Z. Hassan
669  Full Text
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Study on Eu2+ and Sr2+ Using Liquid Metal Cathodes in Molten Chlorides
M. Matsumiya and R. Takagi
673  Full Text
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Studies of TANOL/water-glycerol Solutions
\.I. Sert, M. M. Sünnetçio\uglu, R. Sungur, and G. Bingöl
682  Full Text
Calculation of the Proton Affinities of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Amines Using Semiempirical and ab initio Methods
G. Raabe, Y. Wang, and J. Fleischhauer
687  Full Text
Observation of Carbonyl Fluoride, Ketene, Acetic Acid and Fluorocarbene Produced by an Electric Discharge within a Nozzle by Molecular Beam Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy. A Reaction via a Cycloaddition for Carbonyl Fluoride and Keten?
D. H. Sutter and H. Dreizler
695  Full Text
Molecular Motion and Crystal Structure of Solid Tetrapentylammonium Iodide
B. Szafra\'nska, H. Ma\luszy\'nska, and Z. Paj\cak
706  Full Text
Effect of Substituent on Crystal Structures of N-(Substituted-phenyl)-2,2,2-Trichloroacetamides, 2/3/4-XC6H4.NHCO.CCl3 (X = Cl, NO2 or CH3)
B. T. Gowda, H. Paulus, and H. Fuess
711  Full Text
35Cl NQR Spectra of N-(substitutedphenyl)-2,2-dichloroacetamides and Correlation of 35Cl NQR gCl(w) of Substituted N-Phenyl-Chloroacetamides XyC6H5-yNHCOR (X = Cl or CH3, y = 1 or 2, R = CH2Cl, CHCl2 or CCl3)
B. T. Gowda, B. H. A. Kumar, and H. Fuess
721  Full Text
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Cu2+ in CdCa(CH3COO)4 · 6 H2O Single Crystal
H. Kalkan and I. Senel
729  Full Text
Study of High Frquency Relaxation Processes in Three Substances with the -CN Groups at the Lateral Positions
S. Urban, B. Gestblom, R. D\cabrowski, J. Dziaduszek, and H. Kresse
733  Full Text
Luminescence Properties of Some Coumarins with 3:4-Fused Ring System
P. Nikolov, I. Petkov, and P. Markov
741  Full Text
N u m b e r  9 / 10
Original Communications
Special Relativity via Modified Bessel Functions
B. H. Lavenda
745  Full Text
Millimeter Wave Spectroscopy of Ne-CO
D. A. Roth, I. Pak, L. A. Surin, B. S. Dumesh, and G. Winnewisser
754  Full Text
Phase Transitions and Water Dynamics of [Mn(H2O)6](ClO4)2 Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Neutron Scattering Methods
E. Mikuli, A. Migda\l-Mikuli, I. Natkaniec, and J. Mayer
759  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Trimethylammonium Tetrafluoroborate in Three Solid Phases
H. Ishida, S. Kashino, and R. Ikeda
765  Full Text
Protonation Effect on C-N Bond Length of Alkylamines Studied by Molecular Orbital Calculations
H. Ishida
769  Full Text
Structure and Energetics of Clusters Relevant to Thorium Tetrachloride Melts
Z. Akdeniz and M. P. Tosi
772  Full Text
Structural Studies of N-(2,4,6-trisubstitutedphenyl)-Chloroacetamides, 2,4,6-X3C6H2-NHCO-CH3-yCly (X = CH3 or Cl and y = 1 - 3).
B. T. Gowda, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
779  Full Text
35Cl NQR and Structural Studies of N-(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)-Amides, 2,6-Cl2C6H3-NHCO-R (R = H or CH3-yXy and X = CH3 or Cl; y = 0, 1, 2 or 3)
B. T. Gowda, H. Paulus, and H. Fuess
791  Full Text
Pseudo-symmetries of the Phases of (Et4N)2ZnBr4
P. Sondergeld, H. Fuess, S. A. Mason, H. Ishihara, and W. W. Schmahl
801  Full Text
Static and Dynamic Dielectric Polarization and Viscosity of n-Hexylcyanobiphenyl in the Isotropic and Nematic Phases
J. Jad\.zyn, G. Czechowski, and D. Bauman
810  Full Text
Ground and Exited State Dipole Moments of LAURDAN Determined from Splvatochromatc and Thermochromatic Shifts of Absorbtion and Fluorescence Spectra
A. Kawski, B. Kukli\'nski, P. Bojarski, and H. Diel
817  Full Text
PVT Measurements on 3-Cyanobenzyl 2,5-bis(2-n-octyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoate up to 250 MPa and 423 K
A. Würflinger, M. Sandmann, and W. Weissflog
823  Full Text
Defect Structure of Co2+ Center in a-LiIO3 Crystal
S.-Y. Wu and W.-C. Zheng
828  Full Text
Photoisomerization of Triazine-stilbene Fluorescent Brighteners in Solution and in their Copolymers with Styrene
I. Grabchev and V. Bojinov
833  Full Text
Nonlinear Stability of a Cyclindrical Interface with Mass and Heat Transfer
D.-S. Lee
837  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the Tetrafluorophosphite, PF4-, Anion
E. J. Baran
843  Full Text
Comment on the Paper "Non-Kinematicity of the Dilation-of-time Relation of Einstein for Time-intervals" by S. Golden
G. Schäfer
845  Full Text
Comment on the Comment by G. Schäfer on the Paper "Non-Kinematicity of the Dilation-of-time Relation of Einstein for Time-intervals" by S. Golden
O. D. Jefimenko
846  Full Text
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Original Communications
Stabilization of Chaotic Systems with Phase Coupling
Y. Hardy, W.-H. Steeb, and C. M. Villet
847  Full Text
Thermodynamic Functions at Isobaric Process of van der Waals Gases
A. Matsumoto
851  Full Text
A Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Molten Ternary System (Li, K, Cs)Cl
M. Matsumiya and R. Takagi
856  Full Text
Ionic Interactions in Lanthanide Halides
Z. Akdeniz, Z. Çiçek, and M. P. Tosi
861  Full Text
Higher Dimensional Integrable Models from Lower Ones via Miura Type Deformation Relation
S.-y. Lou, J. Yu, and X.-y. Tang
867  Full Text
Reconstruction of Conductivity Distributions by Means of an Impedance Tomograph (In German)
C. Mrakawa, K. Schilcher, and G. Schuhfried
877  Full Text
Ionic Conductivity of Poorly Crystalline Apatite: Effect of Maturation
A. Bensaoud, A. Bouhaouss, and M. Ferhat
883  Full Text
EPR Studies of Cu2+ Doped Zinc Saccharin, [Zn(sac)2·(H2O)4]·2H2O Single Crystals
\.I. Kartal, B. Karabulut, F. Köksal, and H. \.Içbudak
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Ferroelectricity and Phase Transitions in Pyridinium Periodate Single Crystal
Z. Czapla, S. Dacko, and B. Kosturek
891  Full Text
Phase Diagram, Caesium-133 NMR Spectra and Electrical Conductivity of the Binary System Caesium and Zinc Butyrates
T. A. Mirnaya, V. V. Trachevski, V. S. Dradrakh, and D. V. Bylina
895  Full Text
Liquid Crystals in Binary Systems of Lead Decanoate with Zinc or Cadmium Decanoate
T. A. Mirnaya, L. S. Sudovtsova, and G. G. Yaremchuk
899  Full Text
Spectroscopic Studies of Dimethylamino Derivatives of Fluorene
J. Heldt, J. R. Heldt, T. Redzimski, H. Diehl, and P. Schultz
902  Full Text
Laser Compression and Ignition of Z-Pinch Magnetized Dense Fusion Targets
F. Winterberg
909  Full Text
Remarks on Local Energy and Perturbations
M. G. Marmorino
912  Full Text
Studies of the Local Phase-transition Behaviour for Ni+-II Centers in RbCaF3 Crystal from EPR Data
W.-C. Zheng and S.-Y. Wu
915  Full Text
Molecular Ordering of 4-Acetyl-2'-Nitrobiphenyl - A Computational Analysis
D. P. Ojha
918  Full Text
Molecular Ordering in Liquid Crystalline EMBAC. A Quantum Mechanical Study
D. P. Ojha
923  Full Text
Molecular Ordering of a Nematic Liquid Crystal in a Dielectric Medium
D. P. Ojha, B. R. Rajeswari, and V. G. K. M. Pisipati
929  Full Text
DTA and pVT Measurements on 4-cyanobenzyl-5-(4-n-octyloxybenzoyloxy)-2-undecyloxybenzoate up to 250 MPa and 383 K
A. Würflinger and W. Weissflog
936  Full Text
Polarized Chirped Soliton Oscillations in a Lossy Elliptically Low Birefringent Optical Fiber
M. F. Mahmood
941  Full Text
AC Conduction Mechanism in Perovskite-like Dimers (C2H8NO)2M2X6, M = Co/Cu, X = Cl/Br
M. F. Mostafa and S. S. Montasser
945  Full Text
Effect of Modulation on Thermal Convection Instability
P. K. Bhatia and B. S. Bhadauria
957  Full Text
Surface Properties and Concentration Fluctuations in Sn-based Molten Alloys
L. C. Prasad and V. N. Singh
967  Full Text
The Number of High-Energy Bands in the Photoelectron Spectrum of Alkanes
R. Merris and I. Gutman
973  Full Text
Monochiralities Caused by Sexuality
A. Klemm
978  Full Text
Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of Chlorosyl Fluoride, FClO
E. J. Baran
979  Full Text
Does the Moon Pull à la Newton or à la Einstein or in a Third Way?
O. E. Rössler, D. Fröhlich, N. Kleiner, and J. Parisi
981  Full Text
FP-LAPW Study of the EFG at Impurity Sites in Oxides: Cd in Rutile TiO2, Z. Naturforsch. 55a, 267 (2000)
L. A. Errico, G. Fabricius, and M. Rentería
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