Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A

A Journal of Physical Sciences
ISSN 0932-0784
Z. Naturforsch. A appears monthly or bimonthly

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Managing Editor:

Karin Pfeffer, Tübingen

Editor in Chief:

Siegfried Großmann, Marburg

Advisory Board:

Klaus-Dieter Becker, Braunschweig
       Solid State Chemistry

Heinz Dehnen, Konstanz
       General Relativity and Gravitation
       Elementary Particle Physics
       Relativistic Astrophysics

Hellmut Eckert, Münster
       NMR Spectroscopy of Solids
       Structure and Dynamics of Ionic Conductors
       Glass State
       Catalytic Materials

Corina Fetecau, Iasi
       Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
       Computational Fluid Dynamics

Siegfried Hess, Berlin
       Soft Matter Theory
       Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics

Jan Honolka, Prague
       Nano-Magnetism and Magnetism
       Physics of Surfaces and Surface Science
       X-ray Spectroscopy

Albrecht Klemm, Bonn
       Quantum Field Theory
       Mathematical Physics
       Gravity, String Theory

Shijun Liao, Shanghai
       Nonlinear Mechanics
       Computational Fluid Dynamics
       Ocean Engineering

Jürgen Parisi, Oldenburg
       Semiconductor Physics
       Materials Science
       Nonlinear Dynamics

Gerd Roepke, Rostock
       Many Particle Physics
       Plasma Theory
       Nuclear Theory

Willi-Hans Steeb, Auckland Park
       Mathematical Physics
       Nonlinear Dynamics (Chaos, Fractals, Neural Networks)
       Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing
       Theoretical Solid State Physics

Aneta Stefanovska, Lancaster
       Complex Systems
       Biological, Cardiovascular, Neural Systems
       Time Series Analysis
       Coupled Oscillators, Synchronization

Gernot Stollhoff, Stuttgart
       Solid State Theory
       Quantum Chemistry (Electronic Structure and Correlations,
       Many Body Theory, Itinerant Magnetism)

Stefan Theisen, Potsdam
       String Theory
       Quantum Field Theory
       Particle Physics

Claudia Wickleder, Siegen
       Optical Spectroscopy (of Solids and Arenes)

Martin Zirnbauer, Köln
       Theoretical physics (mathematical foundations)
       Field theory of disordered and mesoscopic systems
        Topological quantum matter