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Original Communications
Evolution Properties of the y-Periodic Solitons for the (2+1)-Dimensional Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli System
Key words: Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli System; Expanded Projective Riccati Equation Approach; Variable Separation Solution; y-Periodic Soliton Localized Structure.
X.-F. Wu, Z.-Y. Ma, and J.-M. Zhu
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The Fission, Fusion and Annihilation of Solitons of the (2+1)-Dimensional Broer-Kaup-Kupershmidt System
Key words: Improved Mapping Approach; BKK System; Fission; Fusion; Annihilation.
S.-H. Ma, J.-P. Fang, and C.-L. Zheng
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Analytic Multi-Solitonic Solutions of Variable-Coefficient Higher-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Models by Modified Bilinear Method with Symbolic Computation
Key words: Multi-Solitonic Solutions; Symbolic Computation; Variable-Coefficient Nonlinear Schrödinger Models; Modified Bilinear Method.
X.-H. Meng, C.-Y. Zhang, J. Li, T. Xu, H.-W. Zhu, and B. Tian
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Interactions of Nonlinear Waves in Fluid-Filled Elastic Tubes
Key words: Elastic Tubes; Solitary Waves; Wave Interaction.
H. Demiray
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Function Projective Synchronization between Two Different Chaotic Systems
Key words: Generalized Projective Synchronization; Function Projective Synchronization; Rössler System; Unified Chaotic System.
Y. Chen and X. Li
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Exact Green's Function for 2D Dirac Oscillator in Constant Magnetic Field
Key words: Path Integral; Dirac Oscillator; Exact Solutions.
S. Haouat and L. Chetouani
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Mixed Mode, Sequential and Relaxation Oscillations in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky System
Key words: Belousov-Zhabotinsky System; Mixed Mode; Sequential and Relaxation Oscillations.
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Influence of C-Doping on the B-11 and N-14 Quadrupole Coupling Constants in Boron-Nitride Nanotubes: A DFT Study
Key words: C-Doping; Boron-Nitride; BNNT; Nanotube; Quadrupole Coupling Constant; DFT.
M. Mirzaei, N. L. Hadipour, and M. R. Abolhassani
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Static and Dynamic Dielectric Properties of Mesogenic n-Nonyloxycyanobiphenyl (9OCB)
Key words: n-Nonyloxycyanobiphenyl; 9OCB; Dielectric Properties; Relaxation; Anomalous Rotational Diffusion Exponent; Activation Energy.
G. Czechowski and J. Jad\.zyn
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Phase Polymorphism of [Ni(DMSO)6](ClO4)2 Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Key words: Hexadimethylsulphoxidenickel(II) Chlorate(VII); Phase Transitions; Melting Point; DSC.
A. Migda\l-Mikuli and E. Szostak
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Phase Transitions in p-(Phenyl Benzylidene)-p1-Alkylaniline Compounds: A Dilatometric Study
Key words: Phase Transitions; Dilatometry; Nematic and Smectic Phases; Orientational Disorder.
C. Srinivasu, V. G. K. M. Pisipati, C. R. Prabhu, P. N. Murty, and S. Lakshiminarayana
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1H and 13C~NMR Spectral Studies on N-(j,k-Dichlorophenyl)- and N-(j,k-Dimethylphenyl)-acetamides and Substituted Acetamides
Key words: 1H/13C NMR; N-(Dichlorophenyl/Dimethylphenyl)-acetamides/Substituted Acetamides.
Shilpa and B. T. Gowda
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Effect of Meta-Substitution on Solid State Geometry of N-(Aryl)-2,2,2-trichloro-acetamides, 3-XC6H4NH-CO-CCl3 and 3,5-X2C6H3NH-CO-CCl3 (X = Cl, CH3)
Key words: Meta-Substitution; Crystal Geometry; N-(Aryl)-trichloro-acetamides.
B. T. Gowda, J. Kožíšek, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
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EPR Theoretical Study of the Local Lattice Structure of Fe3+ Doped in MgTiO3 and LiTaO3
Key words: MgTiO3:Fe3+ and LiTaO3:Fe3+ Systems; Local Lattice Structure; EPR Spectrum.
L.-L. Pan, X.-Y. Kuang, G.-D. Li, and H. Wang
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Original Communications
Truncated Painlevée Expansion - A Unified Approach to Exact Solutions and Dromion Interactions of (2+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems
Key words: Truncated Painlevé Expansion; Exact Solutions; Dromion Interactions.
R. Radha, X. Y. Tang, and S. Y. Lou
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Local Spacetime Dynamics, the Einstein-Straus Vacuole and the PIONEER Anomaly: A New Access to these Problems
Key words: Cosmology; General Relativity; Local Systems.
H.-J. Fahr and M. Siewert
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Critical Behaviour of the Ferromagnetic Spin-3/2 Blume-Emery-Griffiths Model with Repulsive Biquadratic Coupling
Key words: Spin-3/2 Blume-Emery-Griffiths Model; Cluster Variation Method; Thermal Variations of Order Parameters; Phase Diagrams.
M. A. P\inar, M. Keskin, A Erdinç, and O. Canko
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Localized Excitations in a Dispersive Long Water-Wave System via an Extended Projective Approach
Key words: Projective Approach; DLW System; Exact Solution; Coherent Wave Excitation.
J.-X. Fei and C.-L. Zheng
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Quantum Multi-Signature Protocol Based on Teleportation
Key words: Quantum Signature; Quantum Teleportation; Multi-User.
X.-J. Wen, Y. Liu, and Y. Sun
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Comments on "Best Conventional Solutions to the King's Problem"
Key words: Quantum State Retrodiction; Mean King's Problem; Mutually Unbiased Bases.
G. Kimura, H. Tanaka, and M. Ozawa
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Ab initio} MO Calculations on the Structure and Raman and Infrared Spectra of [Al4O2Cl10]2- Oxide in Chloroaluminate Melts
Key words: Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy; IR; Hartree-Fock; Tetrachloroaluminate; Ionic Liquid; Molten Salt.
R. W. Berg
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Ligand Field States and Vibrational Modes of Solid and Molten Elpasolite: Cs2NaHoCl6
Key words: Molten Salts; Raman; Electronic Absorption; Ho(III); Hypersensitive Transition; Structure; Elpasolite.
A. G. Kalampounias and G. N. Papatheodorou
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Rotational Energy Transfer within the A1Su+ State of Na2 Induced by Collisions with (2S1/2) Na
Key words: Collisional Transfers; Cross-Section; Rotational Energy.
R. Haj Mohamad, K. Hussein, and A.-M. Nachabé
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Phase Polymorphism, Molecular Motions and Structural Changes in [Cr(NH3)6](ClO4)3
Key words: Hexaamminechromium(III) chlorate(VII); Phase Transition; Structural Change; DSC; FT-IR.
E. Mikuli, N. Górska, S. Wróbel, J. \'Sciesi\'nski, and E. \'Sciesi\'nska
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Differential Capacity of the Double-Layer Formed at a Solid Electrode (Pt, Au)/Ionic Liquid Interface
Key words: Double-Layer Capacity; Ionic Liquids.
A. Lewandowski, M. Gali\'nski, and S. R. Krajewski
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Spectroelectrochemistry and Electrochemistry of Europium Ions in Alkali Chloride Melts
Key words: Molten Salt; NaCl-2CsCl; Europium; Spectroelectrochemistry; Cyclic Voltammetry.
A. Uehara, O. Shirai, T. Nagai, T. Fujii, and H. Yamana
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Phase Diagram and Electrical Conductivity of CeBr3-KBr
Key words: Cerium Bromide; Potassium Bromide; Phase Diagram; Electrical Conductivity; Differential Scanning Calorimetry.
L. Rycerz, E. Ingier-Stocka, S. Gadzuric, and M. Gaune-Escard
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Chlorine Solutions in Molten Alkali Chlorides
Key words: Chlorine; Molten Alkali Chlorides; EAS; Solutions.
A. Kolobov, V. Khokhlov, A. Potapov, and V. Kochedykov
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Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Mixtures of {\twlbi{}N}-Methylacetamide and Ethanol in Benzene Solutions Using Microwave Absorption Technique
Key words: Dielectric Relaxation; Solute-Solute Interaction; Relaxation Times; Microwave Absorption Studies.
R. Kumar, V. S. Rangra, D. R. Sharma, N. Thakur, and N. S. Negi
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Studies of the EPR g-Shift of [Cr(CN)6]3- Clusters due to Crystal-Field and Charge-Transfer Mechanisms
Key words: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal- and Ligand-Field Theory; Charge-Transfer Mechanism; Cr3+; [Cr(CN)6]3-
X.-X. Wu, W.-L. Feng, W. Fang, and W.-C. Zheng
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Investigation of the EPR Parameters and Defect Structure of Ni2+ Ions in RbMgF3 Crystals
Key words: EPR Parameters; Defect Structure; Crystal-Field Theory; RbMgF3:Ni2+ Crystals.
T.-H. Chen, W.-L. Feng, and J.-P. Zhang
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Compact 11S Helium Wave Functions; an 8-Parameter Wave Function and its Sensitivity Analysis
Key words: Helium; Wave Function; Compact.
C. W. David
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Original Communications
New Solitary Wave Solutions in Higher-Order Wave Equations of the Korteweg - de Vries Type
Key words: Solitary Wave Solutions.
V. Marinakis
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The Equation of a Light Leptonic Magnetic Monopole and its Experimental Aspects
Key words: Light Magnetic Monopole; Symmetry Laws; Nuclear Effects.
G. Lochak
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Scattering Characteristics of Stratified Double Negative Stacks Using the Frequency Dispersive Cold Plasma Medium
Key words: Double Negative Medium; Cold Plasma; Frequency Dispersive; Reflection and Transmission; Propagation.
C. Sabah and S. Uckun
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Estrada Index of Benzenoid Hydrocarbons
Key words: Estrada Index; Benzenoid Hydrocarbons; Molecular Graph; Spectrum (of Graph).
I. Gutman and S. Radenkovi\'c
C. Sabah and S. Uckun
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A Theoretical Application of MAXY NMR for CDn Groups
Key words: MAXY NMR; Product Operator Theory; Spin-1.
\.I. \cSaka and A. Gençten
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Transferable Deformation-Dipole Model for Ionic Materials
Key words: Ionic Models; Ionic Clusters; Molten Salts.
A. Karaman, Z. Akdeniz, and M. P. Tosi
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Modeling of the Thermodynamics of the Pseudobinary RbCl-GdCl3 System
Key words: Coupled Phase Diagram; Rubidium Chloride-Gadolinium Chloride System; Thermodynamic Functions of Mixing; Thermodynamic Properties.
I. Rutkowska and J. Kapa\la
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Dissolution of Biopolymers Using Ionic Liquids
Key words: Ionic Liquids; Silk; Biopolymers; Solubility; Chitin; Collagen; Elastin.
R. A. Mantz, D. M. Fox, J. M. Green III, P. A. Fylstra, H. C. De Long, and P. C. Trulove
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Solvent Extraction of Sr2+ and Cs+ Based on Hydrophobic Protic Ionic Liquids
Key words: Protic Ionic Liquids; Solvent Extraction; Crown Ethers.
H. Luo, M. Yu, and S. Dai
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Roles of Cationic and Elemental Calcium in the Electro-Reduction of Solid Metal Oxides in Molten Calcium Chloride
Key words: Electro-Reduction; Calciothermic Reduction; Reactive Metal Oxides; Molten Calcium Chloride; Cyclic Voltammetry; Metallic Cavity Electrode.
G. Qiu, K. Jiang, M. Ma, D. Wang, X. Jin, and G. Z. Chen
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Phase Densities of Molten Binary Mixtures of Alkali Halogenides with Limited Mutual Solubility
Key words: Immiscibility Demixing; Ionic Melts; Density; Critical Behaviour.
V. N. Lockett, I. V. Rukavishnikova, and V. P. Stepanov
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Influence of Sulphur Impurities on the Interfacial Tension between Aluminium and Cryolite Alumina Melts
Key words: Interfacial Tension; Cryolite; Sulphur Impurities; Aluminium Electrolysis.
M. Korenko
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Influence of Chromium Ions on the Dielectric Properties of the PbO-Ga2O3-P2O5 Glass System
Key words: PbO-Ga2O3-P2O5 Glass; Dielectric Properties; Cr2O3.
G. Little Flower, M. Srinivasa Reddy, M. V. Ramana Reddy, and N. Veeraiah
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Vibration Energy Accumulation and Redistribution in Organic Molecules Irradiated by Infrared Photons
Key words: Organic Molecules; Energy Accumulation.
H. Jungclas, A. M. Popova, V. V. Komarov, L. Schmidt, and A. Zulauf
C. Sabah and S. Uckun
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Structural Studies on N-(Phenyl)-2,2,2-trimethyl-acetamide, N-(2,4,6-Trimethylphenyl)-2,2,2-trimethyl-acetamide and N-(2,4,6-Trimethylphenyl)-2,2,2-trichloro-acetamide, 2,4,6-X3C6H2NH-CO-CY3 (X = H or CH3; Y = CH3 or Cl)
Key words: Crystal Structures; N-(Phenyl)-2,2,2-trimethyl-acetamide; N-(2,4,6-Trimethylphenyl)-2,2,2-trimethyl-/trichloro-acetamides.
B. T. Gowda, H. Paulus, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
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Theoretical Investigations of the Defect Structure and the g Factors of a Tetragonal Ni3+ Center in PbTiO3
Key words: Defect Structures; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Crystal-Fields and Spin Hamiltonian; Ni3+; PbTiO3.
S-Y. Wu, H.-M. Zhang, G.-D. Lu, and J.-S. Yao
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Investigation of the EPR Parameters of a Trigonal Dy3+ Center in La2Mg3(NO3)12 ˇ 24H2O Crystal
Key words: Crystal-Field Theory; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Dy3+; La2Mg3(NO3)12 ˇ 24H2O.
H.-N. Dong, S.-Y. Wu, and D. J. Keeble
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Original Communications
The Modified Reductive Perturbation Method as Applied to the Boussinesq Equation
Key words: Modified Reductive Perturbation Method; Korteweg\,--\,de Vries Hierarchy; Solitary Waves.
H. Demiray
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On Exact Solutions of a Coupled Korteweg - de Vries System
Key words: Darboux Transformation; Positons; Negatons; Complexitons.
X.-d. Yang, H.-y. Ruan, and S. Y. Lou
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Stable Stationary Solitons of the One-Dimensional Modified Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
Key words: One-Dimensional Modified Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation; Existence Condition of Stationary Solitons; Numerical Simulation.
W.-P. Hong
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Variable Separation of (2+1)-Dimensional General Sasa-Satsuma System Obtained by Extended Tanh Approach
Key words: Variable Separated Solution; Extended Tanh Approach; General Sasa-Satsuma System.
X.-J. Lai
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Explode-Decay Solitons in the Generalized Inhomogeneous Higher-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
Key words: Generalized Inhomogeneous Higher-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation; Gauge Transformation; Explode-Decay Solitons.
R. Radha and V. R. Kumar
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The Decomposition Method for Studying a Higher-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in Atmospheric Dynamics
Key words: Adomian Decomposition Method; Higher-Order Nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger Equation; Adomian Polynomials.
Z.-Y. Ma
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Determination of the Limit Cycle by He's Parameter-Expansion for Oscillators in a u3/(1+u2) Potential
Key words: He's Parameter-Expansion Method (PEM); Limit Cycle; Nonlinear Oscillators.
L.-N. Zhang and L. Xu
396  Full Text
Finite-Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems from Li Spectral Problem by Symmetry Constraints
Key words: Li Spectral Problem; Symmetry Constraint; Hamiltonian System; Involutive Solution.
L. Luo and E. Fan
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Dielectric Relaxation Study of Ethanol in Benzene from Microwave Absorption Data
Key words: Dielectric Relaxation; Ethanol; Benzene; Energy Parameters; Microwave Absorption.
V. Sharma, N. Thakur, Sharma, Negi, and Rangra
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Importance of Orbital Complementarity in Spin Coupling through Two Different Bridging Groups in Dicopper(II) Complexes of Endogenous Alkoxo Bridging Ligand with Exogenous Carboxylate: Ab-initio and Semi-Empirical Calculations
Key words: Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex; Antiferromagnetic Coupling; Ab-initio Calculations; Molecular Orbitals; Orbital Complementary.
C. T. Zeyrek
409  Full Text
Crystal Structure Studies on Arylsulphonamides and N-Chloro-Arylsulphonamides
Key words: Crystal Structure; 2-Methyl-4-chloro-/N-Chloro-2-methyl-4-chloro-benzenesulphonamide.
B. T. Gowda, Srilatha, S. Foro, J. Kožíšek, and H. Fuess
417  Full Text
Electrochemical Synthesis of Niobium-Hafnium Coatings in Molten Salts
Key words: Graphite-Based Compositions; Heat Resistance; Protective Coatings; Precise Surface Alloying; Electrochemical Synthesis.
S. A. Kuznetsov and S. V. Kuznetsova
425  Full Text
Electrical Conductivity of Melts Containing Rare-Earth Halides. I. MCl-NdCl3 (M = Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs)
Key words: Rare Earth; Electrical Conductivity; Neodymium; Alkali Chloride.
A. M. Potapov, L. Rycerz, and M. Gaune-Escard
431  Full Text
Electromotive Cells in Investigation of Phase Transitions in Ionic Ferroelectric Crystals
Key words: Ferroelectrics; Phase Transitions.
K. Gatner
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Unusual Influence of the Temperature on the Standard Rate Constants of Charge Transfer for the Eu(III)/Eu(II) Redox Couple in Chloride-Bromide Melts
Key words: Europium; Chloride-Bromide Melt; Electrode Reaction; Outer-Sphere Cation; Charge Transfer Mechanism.
S. A. Kuznetsov and M. Gaune-Escard
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Magnetic Properties and Electronic Structures of Compounds from the Hf-Co Phase System
Key words: Hf2Co; HfCo2; Augmented Plane Waves; Magnetic Susceptibility.
G. Concas, F. Congiu, J. Beloševi\'c-\vCavor, and B. Ceki\'c
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Theoretical Study of the Local Lattice Structure and the Site Symmetry of Fe3+ in ZnGa2O4:Fe3+
Key words: Space Group; EPR; Local Lattice Structure; Site Symmetry.
X. Yang, X.-Y. Kuang, and H. Wang
457  Full Text
An EPR and Optical Study of VO2+ in Bis (Glycine) Cadmium Chloride Single Crystals
Key words: Crystal Growth; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance; Bonding Parameters.
P. N. Selvakumar, V. Subbulakshmi, and P. Subramanian
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Original Communications
On the Accurate Evaluation of Overlap Integrals over Slater Type Orbitals Using Analytical and Recurrence Relations
Key words: Slater Type Orbitals; Overlap Integrals; Recurrence Relations; Auxiliary Functions.
I. I. Guseinov and B. A. Mamedov
467  Full Text
Some Generic Properties of Level Spacing Distributions of 2D Real Random Matrices
Key words: Random Matrix Theory; Level Spacing Distribution; Non-Normal Matrices; Level Repulsion; Non-Gaussian Level Statistics.
PACS numbers: 01.55.+b, 02.50.Cw, 03.65.Sq, 05.45.Mt.
S. Grossmann and M. Robnik
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A Reliable Treatment for Solving Nonlinear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
Key words: Adomian Polynomials; Nonlinear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems; Padé Approximation.
M. Inc
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Impedance Spectroscopy on Polymer-Fullerene Solar Cells
Key words: Organic Solar Cells; Bulk Heterojunction; Impedance Spectroscopy; Equivalent Circuit.
M. Knipper, J. Parisi, K. Coakley, C. Waldauf, C. J. Brabec, and V. Dyakonov
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Alkanes with Greatest Estrada Index
Key words: Estrada Index; Alkanes; Extremally Branched Alkanes; Molecular Graph; Volkmann Tree.
I. Gutman, B. Furtula, V. Markovi\'c, and Biljana Gli\svi\'c
495  Full Text
Irreversible Thermal Denaturation of b-Hemocyanin of Helix pomatia and its Substructures Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Key words: Hemocyanin; Helix pomatia; Thermal Stability.
K. Idakieva, C. Gielens, N. I. Siddiqui, L. Doumanova, B. Vasseva, G. Kostov, and V. L. Shnyrov
499  Full Text
Phase Equilibria in Copper(I) Bromide-MBr Systems (M = Li, Na, K)
Key words: Phase Diagram; DSC; CuBr; LiBr; NaBr; KBr.
A. Wojakowska, E. Krzy\.zak, A. Wojakowski, and M. Wo\lcyrz
507  Full Text
Chemical Reduction of SIM MOX in Molten Lithium Chloride Using Lithium Metal Reductant
Key words: Pyrometallurgical Reprocessing; Lithium Reduction Process; Actinoides; Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide; Molten Salt.
T. Kato, T. Usami, M. Kurata, T. Inoue, H. E. Sims, and J. A. Jenkins
513  Full Text
Electrochemical Synthesis of Binary and Ternary Refractory Compounds in the System Ti-Si-B from Chloride-Fluoride Melts
Key words: Refractory Compounds; Electrochemical Synthesis; Molten Salts.
S. V. Devyatkin
524  Full Text
Electrochemistry of Titanium Tetrachloride in 1-Butyl-2,3-dimethyl Imidazolium Tetrafluoroborate
Key words: Titanium; Electrochemistry; Ionic Liquids; Cyclic Voltammetry; Chronopotentiometry.
Y. Andriyko, U. Fastner, H. Kronberger, and G. E. Nauer
529  Full Text
Physicochemical Properties of Melts Used for the Electrodeposition of Niobium
Key words: Phase Equilibrium; Surface Tension; Molten Salts; Refractory Metal; Oxyfluoroniobium Compounds.
B. Kubikova, V. Danek, and M. Gaune-Escard
540  Full Text
Mechanical Properties of Boronized Fe-0.94%Mn Binary Alloy
Key words: Binary Alloys; Thermal Process; Boronizing; Boride Layer; Microhardness.
A. Calik, O. Sahin, A. E. Ekinci, and N. Ucar
545  Full Text
Preparation, Characterization and Crystal Structure of the Room Temperature Phase of [(CH3)(C6H5)3P]2[ZnBr4]: A Member of the A2BX4 Family
Key words: Crystal Structure; Phase Transition; Commensurate-Incommensurate.
PACS numbers: 61.10.i, 64.70.Kb, 61.44.Fw.
M. F. Mostafa, A. A. Youssef, T. S. El-Dean, A. M. Mostafa, and I. S. Farag
549  Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
On Some Classes of Breather Lattice Solutions to the sinh-Gordon Equation
Key words: Jacobian Elliptic Function; sinh-Gordon Equation; Periodic Wave Solution; Breather Lattice Solution.
PACS number: 03.65.Ge.
Z. Fu and S. Liu
555  Full Text
The Planck-Kleinert Crystal
Key words: Planck Scale Physics; Gravity; Dark Matter; Maxwell Equations.
M. Danielewski
564  Full Text
One-Dimensional Cellular Automata, Conservation Laws and Partial Differential Equations
Key words: Cellular Automata; Conservation Laws; Partial Differential Equations; Spin Systems.
W.-H. Steeb and Y. Hardy
569  Full Text
Nonlinear Rolling of a Biased Ship in a Regular Beam Wave under External and Parametric Excitations
Key words: Nonlinear Rolling; External and Parametric Excitations; Stationary State; Stability.
A. F. El-Bassiouny
573  Full Text
Controlling Engine System: a Low-Dimensional Dynamics in a Spark Ignition Engine of a Motorcycle
Key words: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis; Attractor Reconstruction; Combustion; Controlling Chaos; Delayed Feedback Control.
K. Matsumoto, I. Tsuda, and Y. Hosoi
587  Full Text
Adhesion Energy, Surface Traction and Surface Tension in Fe-Mg Binary Alloys
Key words: Self-Diffusion Coefficient; Binary Alloys; Viscosity; Lennard-Jones Potential.
PACS numbers: 61.20.-p, 61.20.Ja.
G. A. Adebayo and B. C. Anusionwu
596  Full Text
Amplification of a Laser Beam for the Fast Ignition of a Thermonuclear Target
Key words: Fast Ignition; z-Pinch; Laser Amplification.
F. Winterberg
601  Full Text
The Diffusivity-Mobility Relationship of Heavily Doped Semiconductors Exhibiting a Non-Parabolic Band Structure and Bandgap Narrowing
Key words: Diffusivity-Mobility Relationship; Bandgap Narrowing; Heavily Doped Semiconductors.
A. Das and A. Khan
605  Full Text
Influence of Thermal Annealing on the Electrical Properties of Poly(3-hexylthiophene)-Based Thin Film Diodes
Key words: Space Charge Limited Currents; Thermal Annealing; Polymer Semiconductors.
PACS numbers: 72.80.Le, 73.40.Sx, 81.40.Gh, 82.35.Cd, 85.30.De.
Z. Chiguvare, J. Parisi, and V. Dyakonov
609  Full Text
NMR Methods of Quantum State Detection
Key words: NMR; Spin Dynamics; Nuclear Polarization; Quantum Detection.
PACS number: 76.60.-k
G. B. Furman, V. M. Meerovich, and V. L. Sokolovsky
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93Nb Nuclear Spin-Spin Relaxation in the Low-Dimensional Antiferromagnet Fe0.25NbS2
Key words: NMR; T2; Spin Dynamics; Fe0.25NbS2; Antiferromagnetism.
N. Okuba
627  Full Text
Ionic Dynamics in the Ionic Plastic Crystal NH4NO2
Key words: Plastic Crystal; 1H NMR; 15N NMR.
H. Honda
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Transport Properties of LiTFSI-Acetamide Room Temperature Molten Salt Electrolytes Applied in an Li-Ion Battery
Key words: Room Temperature Molten Salt; Phase Diagram; Conductivity; Density; LiTFSI-Acetamide.
C.-C. Yang, H.-Y. Hsu, and C.-R. Hsu
639  Full Text
Electrochemical Synthesis of Mo2C Catalytical Coatings for Water-Gas Shift Reaction
Key words: Cyclic Voltammetry; Electrode Processes; Electrochemical Synthesis; Water-Gas Shift Reaction; Catalytic Activity.
S. A. Kuznetsov, A. R. Dubrovskiy, E. V. Rebrov, and J. C. Schouten
647  Full Text
The Electrochemical Reduction of Chromium Sesquioxide in Molten Calcium Chloride under Cathodic Potential Control
Key words: Electrochemical Reduction; Calcium Chloride; Chromium Sesquioxide; Chromium; Graphite; Reference Electrode; Anode Overpotential.
C. Schwandt and D. J. Fray
655  Full Text
Effect of Melt Composition on the Reaction of Uranium Dioxide with Hydrogen Chloride in Molten Alkali Chlorides
Key words: Uranium Dioxide; Hydrogen Chloride; Chloride Melts; Spectroscopy.
V. A. Volkovich, I. B. Polovov, B. D. Vasin, T. R. Griffiths, C. A. Sharrad, I. May, and J. M. Charnock
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Original Communications
New Variable Separation Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Generalized Broer-Kaup System
Key words: Generalized Broer-Kaup (GBK) System; Combined Wave Solutions.
PACS numbers: 02.30.Jr, 02.30.Ik
J.-L. Chen and C.-Q. Dai
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A Generalized Soliton Solution of the Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky Equation using He's Exp-Function Method
Key words: Soliton; Exp-Function Method; Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky Equation.
F. Xu
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Explicit and Exact Nontravelling Wave Solutions of Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky Equations
Key words: Nonlinear Evolution Equations; Nontravelling Wave Solutions; Soliton-Like Solutions; Trigonometric Function Solutions.
S. Zhang
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Dynamic Screening Effects on Collisional Orientation Phenomena in Nonideal Plasmas
Key words: Dynamic Screening; Collisional Orientation.
H.-M. Kim and Y.-D. Jung
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Compton Profile Study of Aluminium Nitride
Key words: X-Ray Scattering; Band Structure Calculation; Density Functional Theory; III-V Semiconductor.
PACS numbers: 13.60.Fz, 71.15.Ap, 71.15.Mb, 78.70.-g
V. Vyas, Y. C. Sharma, V. Purvia, N. L. Heda, Y. Sharma, B. L. Ahuja, and B. K. Sharma
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AlN Nanotubes: A DFT Study of Al-27 and N-14 Electric Field Gradient Tensors
Key words: Aluminium Nitride; Nanotube; DFT; NQR; Electric Field Gradient.
A. Seif, M. Mirzaei, M. Aghaie, and A. Boshra
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Total Cross-Sections for Electron Scattering of C3H6 Isomers: A Modified Additivity Rule Approach
Key words: Modified Additivity Rule; Cross-Sections; C3H6 Isomers.
PACS numbers: 34.80.Bm, 34.80.-i
X.-M. Tan, J.-F. Sunb, D.-H. Shi, and Z.-J. Liu
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Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation in Aqueous Alkaline Earth Chloride Solutions
Key words: Hydrogen Isotopes; Alkaline Earth Chloride; D/H Fractionation; Isotope Effect in Aqueous Salt Solutions; Hydrated Water Molecules.
M. Kakiuchi
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Model of Sodium Chloride Premelting
Key words: Alkali Chlorides; Premelting Anomalies; Clusters.
V. G. Kremenetsky, V. V. Sidelnikov, and S. A. Kuznetsov
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Electronic Absorption Spectra of Praseodymium in Molten Chlorides
Key words: Molten Salt; Praseodymium; Electronic Absorption Spectrometry; Judd-Ofelt Parameter Analysis.
T. Fujii, A. Uehara, T. Nagai, and H. Yamana
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Tungsten Chemistry in Alkali Chloride Melts
Key words: Tungsten; Tungsten Chlorides; Chloride Melts; Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy.
D. A. Danilov, V. A. Volkovich, B. D. Vasin, I. B. Polovov, and T. R. Griffiths
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Spectroelectrochemical Study of Neptunium in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic
Key words: Neptunium; Chloride Melts; Spectroscopy; Electrochemistry; Spectroelectrochemistry.
I. B. Polovov, C. A. Sharrad, I. May, V. A. Volkovich, and B. D. Vasin
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Electrochemical Synthesis of Binary Carbides of Tungsten and Iron (Nickel, Cobalt) in Halide-Oxide Melts at 823 K
Key words: High-Temperature Electrochemical Synthesis; Binary Carbides; Voltammetry; Molten Halides.
H. Kushkhov, M. Adamokova, V. Kvashin, A. Kardanov, and S. Gramoteeva
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Electrodeposition of Zinc from Binary ZnCl2-DMSO2 Molten Electrolyte at Room Temperature
Key words: Room Temperature Molten Salt; ZnCl2-DMSO2 Electrolyte; Progressive Nucleation; Instantaneous Nucleation.
C.-C. Yang and M.-F. Shu
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Preparation of Perpendicular GdFeCo Magnetic Thin Films with Pulse Electrodeposition Technique Utilizing Molten Salt as Electrolyte
Key words: ZnCl2-DMSO2 Electrolyte; Perpendicular GdFeCo Magnetic Film; Pulse Potential Method.
C.-C. Yang and M.-F. Shu
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Interaction of Pipeline Materials with Molten Fluoride Salts
Key words: Fluoride Salts; Materials; High Temperature Interactions.
O. Matal, T. Šimo, L. Nesvadba, V. Dvo\vrák, V. Kanick\'y, P. Sulovsk\'y, and J. Machát
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