Graphical Abstracts Vol. 65b (2010)
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Foreword: Chemistry of Iminium Salts and Related Compounds, ImSaT-9
G. Maas
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Original Communications

N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Derivatives of 1,3-Di(benzyloxy)imidazolium Salts
G. Laus, K. Wurst, V. Kahlenberg, H. Kopacka, C. Kreutz, and H. Schottenberger
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Metal-doped Zeolites as Green Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
S. Chassaing, A. Alix, A. Olmos, M. Keller, J. Sommer, and P. Pale
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Empirical Polarity Parameters for Hexaalkylguanidinium-based Room-temperature Ionic Liquids
M. G. Bogdanov, I. Svinyarov, H. Kunkel, C. Steinle, M. Arkhipova, W. Kantlehner, and G. Maas
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New Bisguanidine-Copper Complexes and their Application in ATRP (In German)
O. Bienemann, R. Haase, U. Flörke, A. Döring, D. Kuckling, and S. Herres-Pawlis
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The Structure of the Product Formed by Condensation of Malononitrile with Dialkyl Acetone-1,3-dicarboxylates
P. Šimunek, J. Baškov\vc, U. Grošelj, A. Meden, J. Svete, and B. Stanovnik
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Parallel Solution-phase Synthesis of (2S,4E)-4-(Arylaminomethylidene)pyroglutamic Acids
J. Svete, U. Grošelj, J. Baškov\vc, G. Dahmann, and B. Stanovnik
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2-Isoxazolinium Salts and 3-Isoxazolines: Exploratory Chemistry and Uses for the Synthesis of Branched Amino Polyols and Amino Acids
V. Jäger, W. Frey, Y. Bathich, S. Shiva, M. Ibrahim, M. Henneböhle, P.-Y. LeRoy, and M. Imerhasan
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Synthesis and Modification of Substituted 2-Azaanthraquinones
T. Welzel, D. Weiß, R. Beckert, and H. Görls
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Chemistry of Polyhalogenated Nitrobutadienes, Part 9: Acyclic and Heterocyclic Nitroenamines and Nitroimines from 2-Nitroperchlorobuta-1,3-diene
V. A. Zapol'skii, J. C. Namyslo, M. Gjikaj, and D. E. Kaufmann
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Reduction of Dipyrido Ureas via 6-Alkyloxydipyrido[1,2-c;2',1'-e]imidazolium Salts
D. Kunz, C. Deißler, V. Gierz, F. Rominger, and T. Oeser
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Orthoamides, LXIX. Contributions to the Synthesis of N,N,N',N',N''-peralkylated Guanidines and N,N,N',N',N'',N''-persubstituted Guanidinium Salts (In German)
W. Kantlehner, J. Mezger, R. Kreß, H. Hartmann, T. Moschny, I. Tiritiris, B. Iliev, O. Scherr, G. Ziegler, B. Souley, W. Frey, I. C. Ivanov, M. G. Bogdanov, U. Jäger, G. Dospil, and T. Viefhaus
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Synthesis and Crystal Structures of N-[w-(Dimethylammonio)alkyl]-N',N',N'',N''-tetramethylguanidinium Chloride Tetraphenylborates (In German)
I. Tiritiris, F. Lissner, T. Schleid, and W. Kantlehner
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