Graphical Abstracts Vol. 69b (2014)
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Profile Hubert Schmidbaur on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday
Tamina Greifeld, Thomas Lindel, Gerhard Maas, Norbert Mitzel, Gerhard Müller, Rainer Pöttgen, Helgard Raubenheimer, Annette Schier
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Original Communications

Gilded Chalices: Tetra-aurated Calix[4]arenes
Ulf H. Strasser, Beate Neumann, Hans-Georg Stammler, Raphael J. F. Berger, and Norbert W. Mitzel
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Imine-coordinated 2-Aminoazole Complexes of Au(I): Complicating Reactions and Verification of Products by Crystal Structure Determination
Leigh-Anne de Jongh, Liliana Dobrzańska, Christoph E. Strasser, Helgard G. Raubenheimer, and Stephanie Cronje
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Enantioselective Synthesis and Photoreactivity of a Diazirinyl-substituted (R)-β-Phenylalanine
Jan-Niklas Schäckermann and Thomas Lindel
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La2NiSb – A Ternary Ordered Version of the Bi3Ni Type with Highly Polar Bonding
Konrad Schäfer, Anna Isaeva, Michael Ruck, Birgit Gerke, Christian Schwickert, and Rainer Pöttgen
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The Gallium Intermetallics REPdGa3 (RE = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu) with SrPdGa3-type Structure
Stefan Seidel, Oliver Niehaus, Samir F. Matar, Oliver Janka, Birgit Gerke, Ute Ch. Rodewald, and Rainer Pöttgen
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The Reduction of Pyridine by K12Si17 to the 4,4′-Bipyridine Radical Anion [C10H8N2]−•: Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Characterization of [K([2.2.2]crypt)][C10H8N2]
Christian B. Benda and Thomas F. Fässler
1119  Full Text

Zr4CuSb7 – A PbFCl-related Polyantimonide, and Structure Relations of Zirconium-Transition Metal Polyantimonides
Magnus Greiwe and Tom Nilges
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Impact of Temperature on the Solution Conformation and Performance of AMPS®- and AHPS-based Fluid Loss Polymers in Oil Well Cement
Constantin Tiemeyer and Johann Plank
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The Unusual Coordination Sphere in the Octaammine Calcium(II) Ions of [Ca(NH3)8]Br2 and [Ca(NH3)8]I2 and the Thermal Decomposition of the Iodide to [Ca(NH3)6]I2
Patrick Woidy, Antti J. Karttunen, Thomas G. Müller, and Florian Kraus
1141  Full Text

Ion Pairs of Weakly Coordinating Cations and Anions: Synthesis and Application for Sulfide to Sulfoxide Oxidations
Bo Zhang, Su Li, Mirza Cokoja, Eberhardt Herdtweck, János Mink, Shu-Liang Zang, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, and Fritz E. Kühn
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Thiocyanate Anchors for Salt-like Iron(II) Complexes on Au(111): Promises and Caveats
Philipp Stock, Andreas Erbe, Manfred Buck, Dennis Wiedemann, Hervé Ménard, Gerald Hörner, and Andreas Grohmann
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Distibylation of Acetylenes with Ph2Sb–SbPh2: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Phosphorescence Properties of Bis(diphenylstibyl)ethenes
Joji Ohshita, Toshiyuki Tsuchida, Kazuya Murakami, Yousuke Ooyama, Takayuki Nakanishi, Yasuchika Hasegawa, Norifumi Kobayashi, and Hideyuki Higashimura
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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver(I) and Gold(I) Complexes Bearing a Pyrido-annelated N-Heterocyclic Carbene: A Rare Example of a Cocrystal Containing Two Different Gold(I) Complexes
Margit Kriechbaum, Daniela Otte, Manuela List, and Uwe Monkowius
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Cyanide and Azide Anion Complexation by a Bidentate Stibonium-Borane Lewis Acid
Casey R. Wade and François P. Gabbaï
1199  Full Text

N-Donor Competition in Iron Bis(chelate) Bis(pyrazolyl)pyridinylmethane Complexes
Ulrich Herber, Alexander Hoffmann, Charles Lochenie, Birgit Weber, and Sonja Herres-Pawlis
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Organometallic Lewis Acids, Part LVIIII. Directed Synthesis of Dinuclear Metal Carbonyl Complexes of Rhenium, Iron, Chromium, and Tungsten with a Single Unsupported Halide or Pseudohalide Bridge (Cl, Br, I, CN, C(CN)3, NCS, PPh2, SH) by Use of Re(CO)5FBF3
Peter M. Fritz, Wolfgang Sacher and Wolfgang Beck
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Coordination Chemistry of Perhalogenated Cyclopentadienes and Alkynes, XXXII [1]. Hydrolysis of Cymantrenyl-chlorosilanes [C5X5−n(SiMe2Cl)n]Mn(CO)3 (n ≥ 3) and Formation of Cyclopentadienyl-annelated 1,2,5-Oxadisiloles
Karlheinz Sünkel, Julian Hofmann and Susanna Schubert
1221  Full Text

CsOH and its Lighter Homologues – a Comparison
Matthias Wörsching and Constantin Hoch
1229  Full Text

Convenient Synthesis and Molecular Structure of the Cyclometallated Complex [IrCl(H)(C6H4PPh2)(PPh3)2]
Hans-Christian Böttcher and Peter Mayer
1237  Full Text

The Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrooxy- and Nitrosooxyborazine Compounds
Thomas M. Klapötke and Magdalena Rusan
1241  Full Text

Digold(I) Complexes Derived from 5,5′-Bibenzimidazolin-2-ylidene Ligands
Mareike C. Jahnke, Christian Schulte to Brinke and F. Ekkehardt Hahn
1248  Full Text

Calix[4]arene Derivatives of Titanium and Zirconium Alkoxides
Matthias Czakler, Christine Artner, Christian Maurer, and Ulrich Schubert
1253  Full Text

The High-pressure Thallium Triborate HP-TlB3O5
Gerhard Sohr, Lukas Perfler and Hubert Huppertz
1260  Full Text

1,2-Hydroboration and 1,1-Carboboration of Alkynyl(ferrocenyl)vinylsilanes. Novel Siloles
Bernd Wrackmeyer, Elena V. Klimkina, Wolfgang Milius, Christian Butterhof, and Kathrin Inzenhofer
1269  Full Text

A Novel Bifunctional Ligand for the Synthesis of Polynuclear Alkynyl Complexes
Caroline Wilhelmi, Maximilian Gaffga, Yu Sun, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg, and Werner R. Thiel
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Coordination Chemistry of N,N′-Bis(diphenylphosphanylmethyl)-2,3-dihydro-1H-perimidine – Lewis Acid-Base Complexes with the d10-Metals Nickel(0) and Gold(I)
Sven Krieck, Daniel Schulze, Helmar Görls, and Matthias Westerhausen
1299  Full Text

Interconnection of [V15As6O42(H2O)]6− Clusters by Cu2+-centered Complexes: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Selected Properties
Adam Wutkowski, Christian Näther, Jan van Leusen, Paul Kögerler, and Wolfgang Bensch
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Amine Complexes of Gold, Part 8: Two Pyridine Derivatives of Gold(i) Thiocyanate (In German)
Cindy Döring and Peter G. Jones
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Structures of Tetrasilylmethane Derivatives C(SiXMe2)4 (X = H, F, Cl, Br) in the Gas Phase and their Dynamic Structures in Solution
Derek A. Wann, Stuart Young, Karin Bätz, Sarah L. Masters, Anthony G. Avent, David W. H. Rankin, and Paul D. Lickiss
1321  Full Text

Hydrometallation (M = Al, Ga) of Silicon- and Germanium-centred Oligoalkynes
Werner Uhl, Jörg Bohnemann, Benedikt Kappelt, Kira Malessa, Martina Rohling, Jens Tannert, Marcus Layh, and Alexander Hepp
1333  Full Text

Supramolecular Assemblies of Polyphosphorus Ligands Based on Weak Tl–P and In–P Interactions
Martin Fleischmann, Stefan Welsch, Laurence J. Gregoriades, Christian Gröger, and Manfred Scheer
1348  Full Text

1,1-Carboboration Reactions of Strongly Electrophilic 2-Borylethyl Thioethers
Christina Eller, Bastian Billmann, Constantin G. Daniliuc, Gerald Kehr, and Gerhard Erker
1357  Full Text

Syntheses, Solid-state Structures and Catalytic Activity of Zinc Carboxylate Complexes in Lactide Polymerization
Christoph Scheiper, Christoph Wölper, Dieter Bläser, Joachim Roll, and Stephan Schulz
1365  Full Text

Siloxide Complexes of Chromium(II), Manganese(II), Cobalt(II), and Chromium(III) Incorporating Potassium(I)
Sonja N. König, Cäcilia Maichle-Mössmer, Karl W. Törnroos, and Reiner Anwander
1375  Full Text

The Structural Chemistry of the 2-Chalcogeno-1,3,4,5-tetraisopropylimidazolines (In German)
Martin Göhner, Florian Herrmann, Klaus Eichele, Holger F. Bettinger, Markus Ströbele, and Norbert Kuhn
1384  Full Text

Anellated Diamines as valuable Dications using the Example of Halocuprate Salts (In German)
Christopher Golz, Prisca Eckert and Carsten Strohmann
1395  Full Text

New Insights into Hexacoordinated Silicon Complexes with 8-Oxyquinolinato Ligands: 1,3-Shift of Si-Bound Hydrocarbyl Substituents and the Influence of Si-Bound Halides on the 8-Oxyquinolinate Coordination Features
Erik Wächtler, Alexander Kämpfe, Katrin Krupinski, Daniela Gerlach, Edwin Kroke, Erica Brendler, and Jörg Wagler
1402  Full Text

Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties of Thiocyanato Coordination Compounds with 3-Acetylpyridine as a Ligand
Julia Werner, Inke Jeß and Christian Näther
1419  Full Text

Bis-2-thienyldiethylaminophosphane as a Ligand in Late Transition Metal Complexes and its Transformation to Bis-2-thienylphosphane
Markus Granitzka, Peter Stollberg and Dietmar Stalke
1429  Full Text