Z. Naturforsch. 2014, 69b, 444 – 450
Diastereoselective Aerial Oxidative Cyclization of Methylenebisnaphthols Catalyzed by N-Hydroxyimides in the Presence of Fe3+ and Co2+-Mn2+ Catalysts
Ahmad Khorramabadi-zad, Somaye Mohammadi and Mohammad Azadmanesh
Faculty of Chemistry, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamadan 65174, I. R. Iran
Reprint requests to A. Khorramabadi-zad, E-mail: khoram@gmail.com
Received November 22, 2013 / published online April 7, 2014
Aerial oxidative cyclization of methylenebisnaphthols to their corresponding spirans has been carried out using catalytic amounts of N-hydroxyimides and FeCl3 ·6H2O or Co(OAc)2 ·4H2O-Mn(OAc)2 ·4H2O. In this article we focus on the use of FeCl3 ·6H2O as a highly green and sustainable catalyst.
Key words: Aerial Oxidative Cyclization, Bisnaphthols, Spirodienones, N-Hydroxyimides
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