Graphical Abstracts Vol. 69b (2014)
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Original Communications

Structure and Properties of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene (HFO-1234yf)
Michael Feller, Karin Lux, Christian Hohenstein, and Andreas Kornath
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Strontium Metallides along the Section SrIn4 – SrHg4 (In German)
Marco Wendorff and Caroline Röhr
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CeNi1−xSb1+yBi1−y Phases with ZrCuSiAs-type and CeNi1.26Sb2 with CaBe2Ge2-type Structure
Konrad Schäfer, Birgit Gerke, Oliver Niehaus, and Rainer Pöttgen
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Pd5InSe
André Götze, Philipp Urban, Oliver Oeckler, and Holger Kohlmann
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Syntheses, Structures and Properties of a Cobalt(II) and a Cadmium(II) Complex Based on 1-((Benzotriazol-1-yl)methyl)-1H-1,3-imidazole and 1,3-Benzenedicarboxylate Ligands
Qiuying Huang, Weiping Tang, Yi Yang, and Wei Liu
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Chromapedic Acid, Pulvinic Acids and Acetophenone Derivatives from the Mushroom Leccinum chromapes (Boletales)
Gertraud Gruber, Lydia Kerschensteiner and Wolfgang Steglich
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Reaction of N-Methylimidazole and Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate in the Presence of N-Phenyl Carbamate under Solvent-free Conditions
Rahimeh Hajinasiri and Halimeh Khatoon Khajavi
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Diastereoselective Aerial Oxidative Cyclization of Methylenebisnaphthols Catalyzed by N-Hydroxyimides in the Presence of Fe3+ and Co2+-Mn2+ Catalysts
Ahmad Khorramabadi-zad, Somaye Mohammadi and Mohammad Azadmanesh
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Asymmetric Synthesis of Enantiomerically Enriched α-Amino Acids Containing 2-Furyl- and 2-Thienyl-1,2,4-triazoles in the Side-Chain
Ashot S. Saghyan, Hayarpi M. Simonyan, Satenik G. Petrosyan, Anna F. Mkrtchyan, Lilit V. Khachatryan, Arpine V. Geolchanyan, Melanya A. Samvelyan, Tariel V. Ghochikyan, Nazken Kelzhanova, Amanzhan T. Saginayev, and Peter Langer
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Reactions of 2,2-Dialkyl-3-thioxochroman-4-one S-(1-Adamantylimides) with Some Nitrilimines
Mohamed I. Hegab and Mohamed F. El Shehry
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EPR Studies on Carboxylic Esters, 22 [1, 2]. Preparation of New Alkyl Azulenecarboxylates and EPR-spectroscopic Study of Their Radical Anions
Jürgen Voss, Thomas Pesel, Dirk Buddensiek, and Juuso Lehtivarjo
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BaRu3Sn6 – A Tin-rich Stannide with Ba@Sn8 and Ru@Sn7 Building Units
Christian Schwickert and Rainer Pöttgen
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