Graphical Abstracts Vol. 68b (2013)
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Cover Page
Ionic Liquids in Chemical Synthesis – Progress and Advantages as Compared to Conventional Solvents
C. Feldmann
1057   Open Access


Ionic Liquids for the Synthesis and Stabilization of Metal Nanoparticles
Christoph Janiak
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Original Communications

[SbCl2(η2-1,4-dt)(μ2-1,4-dt)][AlCl4]: Ionic Liquid-based Synthesis of a Stibenium Cation (dt = dithiane)
Dominic Freudenmann and Claus Feldmann
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Ionic Liquids Based on Hexachloridometalate(V) Anions (Sb, Nb and Ta) and Nitrile-functionalized Pyridinium Cations
Tao Xie, Zong Guan, Niels-Patrick Pook, and Mimoza Gjikaj
1095  Full Text

[HMIM][Br9]: a Room-temperature Ionic Liquid Based on a Polybromide Anion
Heike Haller, Michael Hog, Franziska Scholz, Harald Scherer, Ingo Krossing, and Sebastian Riedel
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Substitution of Conventional High-temperature Syntheses of Inorganic Compounds by Near-room-temperature Syntheses in Ionic Liquids
Matthias F. Groh, Ulrike Müller, Ejaz Ahmed, Alexander Rothenberger, and Michael Ruck
1108  Full Text

BIOnic Liquids: Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids with Antimicrobial Activity
Frank Postleb, Danuta Stefanik, Harald Seifert, and Ralf Giernoth
1123  Full Text

Surface-active Ionic Liquids for Micellar Extraction of Piperine from Black Pepper
Anna K. Ressmann, Ronald Zirbs, Martin Pressler, Peter Gaertner, and Katharina Bica
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Epoxidation of Olefins Catalyzed by Polyoxomolybdates Formed in-situ in Ionic Liquids
Lilian R. Graser, Sophie Jürgens, Michael E. Wilhelm, Mirza Cokoja, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, and Fritz E. Kühn
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The Differential Capacitance of Ionic Liquid | Metal Electrode Interfaces – A Critical Comparison of Experimental Results with Theoretical Predictions
Jens Wallauer, Marcel Drüschler, Benedikt Huber, and Bernhard Roling
1143  Full Text

Synthesis and Sorption Analysis of Task-specific Fluorous Ionic Liquids
Verena Adamer, Gerhard Laus, Ulrich J. Griesser, and Herwig Schottenberger
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Ionogel Fiber Mats: Functional Materials via Electrospinning of PMMA and the Ionic Liquid Bis(1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium) Tetrachloridocuprate(II), [Bmim]2[CuCl4]
Christian Bagdahn and Andreas Taubert
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