Z. Naturforsch. 2013, 68b, 1138 – 1142
Epoxidation of Olefins Catalyzed by Polyoxomolybdates Formed in-situ in Ionic Liquids
Lilian R. Graser, Sophie Jürgens, Michael E. Wilhelm, Mirza Cokoja, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, and Fritz E. Kühn
Chair of Inorganic Chemistry/Molecular Catalysis, Catalysis Research Center, Technische Universität München, Ernst-Otto-Fischer-Straße 1, D-85747 Garching bei München, Germany
Reprint requests to Prof. F. E. Kühn. Tel: +49-89-289-13096. Fax: +49-89-289-13473. E-mail: fritz.kuehn@ch.tum.de
Received May 30, 2013 / published online October 4, 2013
Polyoxomolybdates were generated in situ by treating a carboxylic acid-functionalized ionic liquid with an aqueous solution of sodium molybdate. This reaction mixture was applied in the catalytic epoxidation of olefins using hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. The influence of acid and catalyst concentration as well as of the reaction temperature was investigated. The system showed a good performance for the epoxidation reaction and can be reused several times without a significant loss of activity. We present an easy, cheap and environmentally friendly catalytic system for the epoxidation of cis-cyclooctene.
Key words: Ionic Liquids, Homogeneous Catalysis, Epoxidation, Molybdenum
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