Graphical Abstracts Vol. 66b (2011)
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Ce2[MoO5][MoO4] and Ce5[MoO4]8: Two New Cerium Oxomolybdates, Each Exhibiting a Special Structural Feature
T. Schustereit, T. Schleid, and I. Hartenbach
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Structure Refinement and Magnetic Properties of Ce2RuAl3 and a Group-Subgroup Scheme for Ce5Ru3Al2
T. Mishra, R.-D. Hoffmann, C. Schwickert, and R. Pöttgen
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Ternary Antimonides RE2Ir3Sb4 (RE = La, Ce, Pr, Nd)
K. Schäfer, W. Hermes, U. Ch. Rodewald, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
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m-Oxido-bis(pentammine iron(III))-chloride-ammonia(1/8), [Fe2(m-O)(NH3){10]Cl4 · 8NH3 (In German)
M. B. Fichtl, L. M. Scherf, S. A. Baer, and F. Kraus
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Aluminum Germanides of the Divalent Lanthanoides Eu and Yb: Synthesis, Structural Chemistry and Chemical Bonding (In German)
B. Bauer and C. Röhr
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A Rare Example of a Dinuclear Cobalt(II) Complex with Dipicolinate and Bridging 2-Aminopyrazine Ligands. Preparation, Structural, Spectroscopic and Thermal Characterization
M. Tabatabaee, B.-M. Kukovec, and V. Razavimahmoudabadi
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Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Spectroscopic and Thermal Properties of New Cobalt Thiocyanato Coordination Compounds Based on 3-Methylpyridine as a Neutral Coligand
J. Boeckmann, B. Reimer, and C. Näther
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Electronic Spectra and Photochemistry of Coordinated Astaxanthin
H. Kunkely and A. Vogler
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One-pot Synthesis of Dibenzofurans via SNAr and Subsequent Ligand-free Palladium-catalyzed Intramolecular Aryl-aryl Cross-coupling Reactions under Microwave Irradiation
Z. Che and H. Xu
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An Efficient Synthesis of the Glycosidase Inhibitor 1,6-Dideoxy-6,6-difluoronojirimycin
R. Csuk, E. Prell, and Claudia Korb
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5-Aminouracil as a Building Block in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Part IV. One-pot Synthesis of 1{H}-Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2,4(3H,7H)-dione Derivatives Using Controlled Microwave Heating
R. M. Shaker, K. U. Sadek, E. A. Hafez, and M. A. Elrady
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Ab initio Computational Insight into the Interaction of Alkyl-substituted Ethene and Sulfenyl Halide
A. Vektariene and G. Vektaris
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New Secondary Metabolites from Croton sparsiflorus
R. Mehmood and A. Malik
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Addition of Organometallic Nucleophiles (Carbonylmetallates) to the Allyl Ligand of [(h3-C3H5)Pd(m-Cl)]2. Synthesis and Structure of (h3-C3H5)Mn(CO)3PEt3
T. Kerscher, S. Mihan, and W. Beck
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mer-Triammine Trifluorido Iron(III), mer-[FeF3(NH3)3]
F. Kraus and S. A. Baer
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Tetraammine Tetrafluorido Cerium(IV) Ammonia (1/1), [CeF4(NH3)4] · NH3
F. Kraus and S. A. Baer
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Caesium Tetrachlorido Aurate(III), CsAuCl4
F. Kraus
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