Graphical Abstracts Vol. 64b (2009)
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Original Communications

Thianthrene Radical Cation Hexafluorophosphate
J. Beck, T. Bredow, and R. T. Tjahjanto
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Hydrocarbon-bridged Metal Complexes, LII. N1,N2-Di(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-1,2,4-triaminobutane, a Useful Reagent for the Synthesis of Hydrocarbon-bridged Bis(ethylenediamine) Ligands by Reactions with Dicarboxylic Acids
B. Miller, J. Altman, and W. Beck
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Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CLXXI. Incorporation of the cis-Dichloroplatinum Group into Amides of 3,4-Diarylpyrrole-2,5-dicarboxylic Acids
B. Miller, A. Terpin, W. Steglich, and W. Beck
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Hydrocarbon-bridged Metal Complexes, LIII. Trinuclear (cis-Dichloro-ethylenediamine) Platinum(II) Complexes from Amides of Tricarboxylic Acids and 1,2,4-Triaminobutane
B. Miller and W. Beck
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Structure and Magnetic Properties of GdPt2In and GdPt2Sn
B. Heying, U. Ch. Rodewald, W. Hermes, and R. Pöttgen
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Ferromagnetic Ordering in CeZnSn W. Hermes, S. F. Matar, T. Harmening, U. Ch. Rodewald, M. Eul, and R. Pöttgen
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Rare Earth-rich Cadmium Compounds RE23T7Cd4 (T = Co, Ni, Ru, Rh, Ir, Pt)
F. Tappe and R. Pöttgen
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Rare Earth Metal Disulfides - Syntheses and Crystal Structures of a-Ce2, a-NdS2, b-LaS2, b-CeS2, and b-PrS2 (In German)
T. Schleid, P. Lauxmann, C. Graf, C. Bartsch, and T. Doert
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A New Rare Earth-Metal(III) Oxide Chloride Oxotellurate(IV): Nd5O4Cl3[TeO3]2 (In German)
S. Zitzer and T. Schleid
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Syntheses and Structures of Trinuclear Trigonal-bipyramidal Silver(I) Complexes with Bis(diphenylphosphino)amide Ligands
H.-T. Shi, T. Duan, C. Xu, and Q.-F. Zhang
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Structural Transformation from Trinuclear Linear to Tetranuclear Cubane Heterobimetallic Selenium Compounds. Structure and Optical Linearities of [Et4N]2[(m-WSe4)(CuCl)2]
S.-L. Liu, T. Duan, Q.-F. Zhang, and W.-H. Leung
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Simple Prediction of Some Physical Properties of Ionic Liquids: The Residual Volume Approach
M. G. Bogdanov and W. Kantlehner
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Supersilylated Ethene trans-(tBu3Si)HC=CH(SitBu3) and Ethyne (tBu3Si)CºC(SitBu3) (In German)
H. Vitze, U. Wietelmann, A. Murso, M. Bolte, M. Wagner, and H.-W. Lerner
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Oxocarbons and Related Compounds. 33. On the Reaction of 3-Antipyryl-4-hydroxy-cyclobutenedione with Amines: Antipyryl-arylamino-squaraines - a New Class of C,N-Squaraines
A. H. Schmidt, J. Kohler, R. Pretsch, S. v. Freytag-Loringhoven, I. Sohrabnejad-Eskan, and P. R. Wiesert (In German)
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Synthetic and Cytotoxic and Antimicrobial Activity Studies on Annomuricatin B
R. Dahiya, M. Maheshwari, and R. Yadav
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Phytogrowth Activity of 3-(3-Chlorobenzyl)-5-arylidenefuran-2(5H)-ones
L. C. A. Barbosa, A. J. Demuner, C. R. A. Maltha, R. R. Teixeira, K. A. P. Souza, and K. U. Bicalho
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Flavonoid, Phenylethanoid and Iridoid Glycosides from Globularia aphyllanthes
H. K\irm\iz\ibekmez, C. Bassarello, S. Piacente, G. Akayd\in, and \.I. Çal\i\cs
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