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N u m b e r  1
Original Communications
Crystal Structure and Ligand Mobility in Solution of cis-Dimethyl-bis(trimethylphosphine)gold(III) Complexes
Key words: Gold(III) Complexes, Dimethylgold(III) Complexes, Ligand Exchange, trans Influence, Crystalline Solvates
O. Schuster and H. Schmidbaur
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A Molecular Bis(isocyanide)silver(I) Nitrate Complex
Key words: Isocyanide Complex, Silver(I) Complex, Nitrate Complex
B. Djordjevic, O. Schuster, and H. Schmidbaur
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Synthesis and Studies of Lanthanide Oxide Nitrates LnONO3 (Ln = Pr, Nd, and Sm-Yb) (In German)
Key words: Lanthanide Oxide Nitrates, LnONO3, Structure Determination, Thermal Decomposition
S. Dill and H.-J. Meyer
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Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Antimonides of Rare-Earth Metals and Palladium (In German)
Key words: Antimonides, Rare-Earth Metals, Palladium, Crystal Structures
A. Imre and A. Mewis
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A Single Crystal Study of RE14Co3In3 (RE = Y, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er)
Key words: Rare Earth Compounds, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry
V. I. Zaremba, Y. M. Kalychak, M. V. Dzevenko, U. Ch. Rodewald, B. Heying, and R. Pöttgen
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Phosphine-Substituted Diborane(4)yl Complexes of Tungsten
Key words: Half-Sandwich Tungsten Complexes, Boranes, Diboranes(4), Boryl Complexes
H. Braunschweig, H. Bera, D. Götz, and K. Radacki
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Preparation, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Lead(II) Tricyanomethanide
Key words: Pseudohalide, Lead, Tricyanomethanide, Crystal Structure
V. M. Deflon, C. C. de Sousa Lopes, K. E. Bessler, L. L. Romualdo, and E. Niquet
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Investigation of the Zinc Chloride / Methyl(2-pyridyl)ketone Oxime Reaction System: A Mononuclear Complex and an Inverse 12-Metallacrown-4 Cluster
Key words: Crystal Structures, Infrared Spectra, Inverse 12-Metallacrown Complexes, Methyl(2-pyridyl)ketone Oxime Complexes, Zinc(II) Chloro Complexes
C. Papatriantafyllopoulou, C. P. Raptopoulou, A. Terzis, E. Manessi-Zoupa, and S. P. Perlepes
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Formation of Zinc Thiolates by Reductive Cleavage of Disulfides with the Zn/AlCl3 System in Aqueous Media, and their Use for Michael Addition
Key words: Zinc Thiolates, Disulfides, Michael Addition, a,b-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds
B. Movassagh and Y. Zakinezhad
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Synthesis of Some New Unsymmetrically Substituted 1,4-Dihydropyridines
Key words: 1,4-Dihydropyridines, Heterocycles, 2-Benzylidene-1,3-dicarbonyl Compounds
H. R. Memarian, M. Abdoli-Senejani, and D. Döpp
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Niruriflavone, a New Antioxidant Flavone Sulfonic Acid from Phyllanthus niruri
Key words: Phyllanthus niruri, Niruriflavone, Antioxidant Activity, Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, Toxicity
N. N. Than, S. Fotso, B. Poeggeler, R. Hardeland, and H. Laatsch
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Preparation and Characterization of 2-Phenoxyethyl(thiophen-2-yl)tellane (C4H3S)TeCH2CH2OC6H5
Key words: Telluroether, 2-Phenoxyethyl(thiophen-2-yl)tellane, X-Ray Crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy
L. Vigo, R. Oilunkaniemi, and R. S. Laitinen
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Synthesis and Properties of Some New 1,4-Dihydrothieno[3,2-e][1,2,4]triazepin-5-ones
Key words: Methyl 3-Amino-2-thiophenecarboxylate, Nitrile Imines, Amidrazone Adducts, Cyclocondensation, Thieno[3,2-e][1,2,4]triazepinones
S. S. Sabri, N. S. El-Abadla, M. M. El-Abadelah, and W. Voelter
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Crystal Structures of Piperazinium Tetrahalogenometallates (II) [C4H12N2]MX4 (M = Zn, Hg; X = Br, I)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Hydrogen Bond, Piperazinium Tetrahalogenometallates (II), DSC, Phase Transition
H. Ishihara, K. Horiuchi, I. Svoboda, H. Fuess, T. M. Gesing, J.-C. Buhl, and H. Terao
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Transformation of Lapachol to a Novel Naphthoquinone and Related Compounds
Key words: Heterophragma quadriloculare, Bignoniaceae, Naphthoquinones
A. R. Jassbi, P. Singh, J. Lamba, S. Jain, I. T. Baldwin, and S. Tahara
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Tithoniaquinone A and Tithoniamide B: A New Anthraquinone and a New Ceramide from Leaves of Tithonia diversifolia
Key words: Anthraquinone, Tithonia diversiflora, Ceramide}
M. Y. Bouberte, K. Krohn, H. Hussain, E. Dongo, B. Schulz, and Q. Hu
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Synthesis of 6-Thioxo-1,2,5-oxadiazinan-3-ones and Transformation into 3-Amino-2-thiohydantoins and 3-Hydroxy-2-thiohydantoins (In German)
Key words: Na,N-Disubstituted a-Aminocarbohydroxamic Acids, 1,1'-Thiocarbonyldiimidazole, 6-Thioxo-1,2,5-oxadiazinan-3-ones, 3-Amino-2-thiohydantoins, 3-Hydroxy-2-thiohydantoins
D. Geffken and A. Ploetz
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Dammarane and Ceanothane Triterpenes from Zizyphus glabrata
Key words: Zizyphus glabrata Heyne (syn: Z. trinervia Roxb), Rhamnaceae, Dammarane, Ceanothane Triterpenes, Antimicrobial Activity
S. Ganapaty, P. S. Thomas, K. V. Ramana, G. Karagianis, and P. G. Waterman
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Synthetic Entry to Tricyclic and Tetracyclic Quinuclidine Derivatives by Cycloaddition and Ring Transformation
Key words: Quinuclidine, Annulation, Dibasic Functional Reagent, Antibacterial Activity
W. S. Hamama, O. M. Abd El-Magid, and H. H. Zoorob
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Synthesis and Antimycobacterial and Antiprotozoal Activities of Some Novel Nitrobenzylated Heterocycles
Key words: Nitrobenzyl Derivatives, Antimycobacterial Activity, Antiprotozoal Activity, Trichomonas hominis
A. Górska, L. Chomicz, J. \.Zebrowska, P. Myjak, E. Augustynowicz-Kope\'c, Z. Zwolska, J. Piekarczyk, H. Rebandel, and Z. Kazimierczuk
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Structure Refinement of AuSn2
Key words: Stannide, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry
U. Ch. Rodewald, R.-D. Hoffmann, Z. Wu, and R. Pöttgen
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(R)-5-[(1R,2R)-1-Ethyl-2-(4-oxocyclohexyl)butyl]oxepan-2-one, an Enantiopure 'Pseudosteroid'
Key words: Pseudosteroid, Perhydrostilbenes, Androgenic Activity, Crystal Structure
B. Kluess, W. Kreiser, T. Sukri, W. Poll, and H. Wunderlich
111  Full Text
An Acetylated Eudesmane Glucoside from Apodytes dimidiata Growing in Madagascar
Key words: Icacinaceae, Apodytes dimidiata, Eudesmane Glucoside
L. Harinantenaina, E. Mananjarasoa, and K. Yamasaki
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N u m b e r  2
Original Communications
La(OH)2I(H2O): Closing a Gap in Rare Earth Hydroxide Halide Structural Chemistry
Key words: Rare Earth Elements, Hydrates, Hydrogen Bonding, Hydrothermal Synthesis
T. Nilges
117  Full Text
The Squaric Acid Derivatives C8O4S2 and C8O4Se2 - Crystal Structures, Explosive Thermal Behavior and the Preparation of Carbon Suboxide Selenide OC3Se by Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis
Key words: Squaric Acid Derivatives, Energetic Materials, Amorphous Carbon, Carbon Suboxide Selenide, Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis
J. Beck, P. Krieger-Beck, and K. Kelm
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Spectroscopic and Thermal Properties of a Novel Mixed Ligand Copper(II) Complex with 5,5-Dimethylhydantoin and Benzylamine
Key words: Hydantoins, Hydantoinato, 5,5-Dimethylhydantoin, Mixed Ligand Complex, Thermal Analyses
M. Ta\cs, S. Soylu, and H. Bat\i
133  Full Text
Lanthanide Complexes with D-Penicillamine Methyl Ester: Formation Constants, Spectral and Thermal Properties
Key words: D-Penicillamine Methyl Ester, Lanthanide Complexes, Formation Constants, Infrared Spectra, Thermal Analysis
S. A. Sallam and M. A. Mahmoud
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Spectral and Thermal Characterization of cis-Diaquabis(1,10-phenanthroline)zinc(II) Diorotate Hydrate, cis-[Zn(H2O)2(phen)2](H2Or)2 · (H2O)2.125
Key words: Orotic Acid, 1,10-Phenanthroline, Thermal Decomposition
O. Z. Ye\csilel, \.I. Uçar, A. Bulut, H. Ölmez, and O. Büyükgüngör
147  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal and Structural Characterization of the Copper(II) Saccharinato Complex of 2-Aminopyrimidine, [Cu(sac-O)2(ampym-N)2(H2O)2]· 2ampym
Key words: Copper(II) Complex, Saccharinato Complex, 2-Aminopyrimidine, Thermal Studies
O. Z. Ye\csilel, H. Ölmez, H. Pa\csao\uglu, G. Ka\csta\cs, and O. Büyükgüngör
153  Full Text
Ferromagnetic Ordering in the Thallide EuPdTl2
Key words: Thallide, Europium, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry, Magnetochemistry
R. Kraft, S. Rayaprol, C. P. Sebastian, and R. Pöttgen
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Synthesis and Characterization of the Oxynitride Y2Mo2O4.5N2.5 Pyrochlore: A Neutron Diffraction and Magnetic Study
Key words: Oxynitride, Pyrochlore Structure, Neutron Diffraction, Ammonolysis, Pauli Susceptibility
M. J. Martínez-Lope, M. T. Casais, and J. A. Alonso
164  Full Text
Preparation of Geminal Donor-Acceptor Units by Reactions of Low Valent Metal Halides with Iminium Chlorides
Key words: Iminium Salts, Geminal Systems, Metallated Amines, Gallium, Indium
X. Tian, M. Hagemann, R. Fröhlich, T. Pape, and N. W. Mitzel
170  Full Text
Improved Synthesis of 2-(4-Propylphenyl)ethanol
Key words: Alcohols, Epoxides, Esters, Grignard Reagents, Nitro Compounds
A. S. K. Hashmi, T. Burkert, J. W. Bats, and A. Martyniak
179  Full Text
A New Type of Non-Kekulé Diradicals with Triplet Ground States. I. Polymethine Systems
Key words: Non-Kekulé Polymethines, Triplet Diradicals, Polymethines with Low Excitation Energies
N. Tyutyulkov, N. Drebov, K. Müllen, and F. Dietz
182  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Silver(I) Saccharinate Complexes with Pyrazole and Imidazole Ligands: [Ag(sac)(pz)(H2O)]n and [Ag(sac)(im)] · 2H2O
Key words: Saccharinate, Pyrazole, Imidazole, Silver
V. T. Yilmaz, S. Hamamci, and O. Büyükgüngör
189  Full Text
Zinc-Mediated Synthesis of Diaryl Selenides from Diaryl Diselenides and Diaryliodonium Salts in Aqueous Media
Key words: Diaryl Selenides, Diselenides, Diaryliodonium Salts, Zn/AlCl3
B. Movassagh and A. Fazeli
194  Full Text
Biotransformation of (-)-Caryophyllene Oxide by Cell Suspension Culture of Catharanthus roseus
Key words: (-)-Caryophyllene Oxide, Biotransformation, Catharanthus roseus, Cell Suspension Cultures
M. I. Choudhary, Z. A. Siddiqui, S. Khan, Saifullah, S. G. Musharraf, and Atta-ur-Rahman
197  Full Text
New Triterpenoidal Alkaloids from Buxus hyrcana
Key words: Buxus hyrcana, Tripenoidal Alkaloid, Buxiniran
M. H. Meshkatalsadat, A. Mollataghi, and A. Ata
201  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of 1-Substituted Benzopyrano [4',3'-c]benzo[3'',4''-f]-2,8-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane
Key words: 4-Hydroxycoumarin, 3-Acetylcoumarin, Dioxabicyclononanes, Benzopyranopyrandione
I. Manolov, C. Maichle-Moessmer, and E. Niquet
207  Full Text
Synthesis, Semiempirical, Stereoselectivity and Pharmacological Activity of a New Class of Spiro Pyrrolidine and Isoquinoline Derivatives
Key words: Spiro Pyrrolidine, Isoquinoline Derivatives
A. V. Londhe, B. Gupta, S. Kohli, P. Pardasani, and R. T. Pardasani
213  Full Text
Structure of the Cocrystal of 2,2'-Diamino-4,4'-bis(1,3-thiazole) and 4,4'-Bipyridine
Key words: 4,4'-Bipyridine, 2,2'-Diamino-4,4'-bis(1,3-thiazole), Cocrystal, p-p Stacking, Hydrogen Bond
M. G. Amiri, Z. R. Ranjbar, A. Morsali, and H.-P. Xiao
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N u m b e r  3
Original Communications
From Ketazines to 1,2-Diaza-3-phospha-cyclopent-5-enes, -penta-3,5-dienes, 1,5-Diaza-2,6-diphospha-bicyclo[3.3.0]octa-3,7-dien, and Cyclohexaphosphane (In German)
Key words: Ketazine, Diaza-phospha-cyclopentenes, Diaza-phospha-cyclopenta-dienes, Cyclohexaphosphane
F. Armbruster, U. Klingebiel, and M. Noltemeyer
225  Full Text
Super-Exchange Interaction in a Chair-Piperazine Bridged Dicopper(II/II) Complex: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Properties and Molecular Orbital Calculations
Key words: Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex, Super-Exchange Interactions, Antiferromagnetic Coupling, Schiff Base, Imidazolidine
C. T. Zeyrek, A. Elmali, and Y. Elerman
237  Full Text
1,1- and 1,2-Allylboration of Alkyn-1-ylsilanes Bearing Si-H Functions. Electron-Deficient Si-H-B Bridges, and Intramolecular Hydrosilylation
Key words: Silanes, Alkynes, Triallylborane, Organoboration, Heterocycles, NMR
B. Wrackmeyer and O. L. Tok
243  Full Text
Redox Behaviour of Pyrazolyl-Substituted 1,4-Dihydroxyarenes: Formation of the Corresponding Semiquinones, Quinhydrones and Quinones
Key words: Quinhydrone, Semiquinone, Hydroquinone, Redoxactive Ligands, Crystal Structure
H.-W. Lerner, G. Margraf, T. Kretz, O. Schiemann, J. W. Bats, G. Dürner, F. F. d. Biani, P. Zanello, M. Bolte, and M. Wagner
252  Full Text
Behavior of 1,3-Di(tert-butyl)-2,4-bis(tetramethylpiperidino)-1,3,2,4-diphospha-diboretane towards Boron Halides and Adduct Formation of a Bicyclo[1.1.0]diphosphadiboretane with Tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane
Key words: Diphosphadiboretanes, Bicyclodiphosphadiboretane, Reactivity, NMR Spectra, X-Ray Structure Analysis
K. Knabel, H. Nöth, and R. T. Paine
265  Full Text
Zinc Barbiturate Complexes with Bidentate N-Donor Ligands: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Spectroscopic, Thermal and Voltammetric Studies
Key words: Barbiturate, Ethylenediamine, 2,2'-Dipyridyl, Zinc, Crystal Structure
F. Yilmaz, V. T. Yilmaz, E. Bicer, and O. Büyükgüngör
275  Full Text
Solid State Synthesis of CaMnO3 from CaCO3-MnCO3 Mixtures by Mechanical Energy
Key words: TG Analysis, CaMnO3, Mechanical Activation, Solid State Synthesis
V. Berbenni, C. Milanese, G. Bruni, P. Cofrancesco, and A. Marini
281  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectral and Thermal Properties, and Crystal Structure of Bis(ethylenediamine)(aqua)copper(II) (Bis)syringate Ethylenediamine Dihydrate [Cu(en)2(H2O)](sy)2(en)(H2O)2
Key words: Syringic Acid, Ethylenediamine, Copper (II) Complex, Thermal Properties
Z. Heren, H. Pasaoglu, G. Kastas, L. Vurucu, and O. Büyükgüngör
287  Full Text
Dimethylaminomethylene-a-D-xylo-hept-5-ulofuranurononitrile as Building Block in the Synthesis of 'Reversed' C-Nucleoside Analogues
Key words: 'Reversed' C-Nucleoside Analogues, 5-Aminopyrazoles, Pyrimidines, Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines, Benzo[4,5]imidazo[1,2-\textit{a}]pyridine
I. A. Hashmi, H. Feist, M. Michalik, H. Reinke, and K. Peseke
292  Full Text
Oxetanes from Photocycloaddition of 2-Aminopropenenitriles to Methyl Phenylglyoxylate and Benzils
Key words: Paternò-Büchi Reaction, Ketene Equivalents, Asymmetric Induction, Diastereoselectivity, X-Ray Structure Analysis
C. v. Wolven, D. Döpp, and G. Henkel
301  Full Text
Oxocarbons and Related Compounds, 30. On the Reaction of Squaric Acid with Pyrazolinones (In German)
Key words: Squaric Acid, Pyrazolinones, Squaraines, Bis(pyrazolyl)-squaraines, Hydroxy-oxopyrazolyl-cyclobutenediones
A. H. Schmidt, T. Schreck, R. Rötz, and S. v. Freytag-Loringhoven
311  Full Text
Prefluostatin and New Urauchimycin Derivatives Produced by Streptomycete Isolates
Key words: Marine Streptomycetes, Urauchimycin, Antimycin, Kinamycin, Prefluostatin
C. B. F. Yao, M. Schiebel, E. Helmke, H. Anke, and H. Laatsch
320  Full Text
Efficient and Convenient Procedure for Protection of Hydroxyl Groups to the THP, THF and TMS Ethers and Oxidation of these Ethers to their Aldehydes or Ketones in [BPy]FeCl4 as a Low Cost Room Temperature Ionic Liquid
Key words: Tetrahydropyranylation, Tetrahydrofuranylation, Trimethylsilylation, n-Buty}pyridinium Tetrachloroferrate
A. R. Khosropour, M. M. Khodaei, and S. Ghaderi
326  Full Text
Aromatization of Hantzsch 1,4-Dihydropyridines with Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide/Maleic Anhydride
Key words: Hydrogen Peroxide-Urea, Aromatization, Hantzsch 1,4-Dihydropyridines, UHP
A. R. Momeni, H. Aliyan, H. Mombeini, A. R. Massah, and H. J. Naghash
331  Full Text
Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Studies of Some 1,2,4-Triazole Derivatives Containing a 6-Chloropyridin-3-yl methyl Moiety
Key words: 6-Chloropyridin-3-yl methyl Moiety, Triazoles, Aminomethylation, Antibacterial Activity, Serial Dilution Method
B. S. Holla, C. S. Prasanna, B. Poojary, M. Ashok, K. S. Rao, and K. Shridhara
334  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of NbPdSi
Key words: Silicide, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry
M. Valldor and R. Pöttgen
339  Full Text
An Efficient Synthesis of Lepidocrocite (g-FeOOH) by Homogeneous Precipitation (In German)
Key words: Lepidocrocite, FeOOH (g), Iron Oxide Hydroxide, Synthesis, Homogeneous Precipitation}
G. Engel and U. Hilsenbek
342  Full Text
Crystal Structure of NdNiO3 at 123 and 292
Key words: High-Pressure Syntheses, High Pressure Crystal Growth, Crystal Structure
J. A. Alonso, G. Demazeau, A. Largeteau, D. Kurowski, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
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N u m b e r  4
Foreword: Chemistry of Iminium Salts and Related Compounds, ImSaT-7 (p. 351-494)
G. Maas
Original Communications
Synthesis and Properties of Thiamethoxam and Related Compounds
Key words: Neonicotinoids, Thiamethoxam, Clothianidin, 4-Nitroimino-1,3,5-oxadiazinanes, Insecticidal Activity
P. Maienfisch
353  Full Text
Monocyclic and Spirocyclic Boronium Compounds - Old and New Aspects of a Hitherto Rather Disregarded Class of Substances (In German)
Key words: Cationic Boron Compounds, 1,3,2-Dioxaborinium Salts, 1,3,2-Dioxaborinium Salts, Spirocyclic Boronium Salts
H. Hartmann
360  Full Text
Physical, Chemical, and Technological Property Correlation with Chemical Structure: The Potential of QSPR
Key words: QSPR, QSAR, CODESSA PRO, Multilinear Regression, Molecular Descriptors
A. R. Katritzky, D. A. Dobchev, and M. Karelson
373  Full Text
Two-Carbon Ring Enlargement of Five-, Six-, and Seven-Membered 1-Aza-2-vinylcycloalk-2-enes with Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate and Subsequent Thermal Isomerization Reactions
Key words: Enamines, 2-Aminodienes, Medium-Sized Aza Heterocycles, Ring Enlargement, Ring Contraction
G. Maas, R. Reinhard, and H.-G. Herz
385  Full Text
Syntheses and Properties of Di- and Tricationic Hetarenium-Substituted Pyrimidines
Key words: Nucleophilic Substitution, Thioethers, DMAP, Chloropyrimidines
A. Schmidt and T. Mordhorst
396  Full Text
Nucleoside Analogues from Push-Pull Functionalized Branched-Chain Pyranosides
Key words: Deoxyuloses, Nucleoside Analogues, Pyrazoles, Pyrimidines, Enaminones
M. Kordian, H. Feist, W. Kantlehner, M. Michalik, and K. Peseke
406  Full Text
Synthesis and Transformations of Ethyl 3-Formyl-1H-indole-2-carboxylate. Preparation of Aplysinopsin and b-Carboline Thiohydantoin Analogues
Key words: Aplysinopsin Analogues, b-Carbolines, Thiohydantoins
R. Jakše, D. Bevk, A. Golobi\vc, J. Svete, and B. Stanovnik
413  Full Text
Synthesis of 5-Methoxy-4-benzyloxazoles from Tyrosine and m-Tyrosine under Bischler-Napieralski Conditions
Key words: Amides, Bischler-Napieralski Reaction, 3,4-Dihydroisoquinolines, Oxazoles, Tyrosine
S. Tussetschläger, A. Baro, and S. Laschat
420  Full Text
Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reaction of 3-Bromo Benzo[b]furan, -thiophene and -selenophene 2-Carboxaldehyde. Preparation of Tetracyclic Heteroaromatic Derivatives
Key words: Vilsmeier-Haack-Arnold Reaction, Suzuki Coupling, McMurry Reaction, Polycyclic Heteroaromatic Derivatives
G. Kirsch and S. Deprets
427  Full Text
Introduction of Substituents on the 2-Oxo-piperazine Skeleton by [3+2] Cycloaddition and Subsequent Transformatio
Key words: 2-Oxo-piperazine, Scaffold, [3+2] Cycloaddition, Nitrone, N-O Bond Cleavage
F. Wierschem and K. Rück-Braun
431  Full Text
Syntheses and Properties of Cycloamidines Based on 4H-Imidazoles
Key words: Fulvenimines, 4H-Imidazoles, Aminolysis, Diazaborolidines, Metal Complexes, Redox Systems
R. Beckert, C. Hippius, T. Gebauer, F. Stöckner, C. Lüdigk, D. Weiß, D. Raabe, W. Günther, and H. Görls
437  Full Text
Orthoamides, LXIII. Tris(dichloromethyl)amine, a New Formylating Reagent for Aromatic Compounds of Wide Scope (In German)
Key words: Tris(dichloromethyl)amine, Aromatic Aldehydes, Formylation, Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
W. Kantlehner, M. Wezstein, R. Kreß, F. Zschach, J. Vetter, G. Ziegler, J. Mezger, E. V. Stoyanov, A. Goeppert, and J. Sommer
448  Full Text
Synthesis of N,N'-Linked Isothiazolium Salts via Intramolecular Cyclocondensation of Hydrazonium Salts
Key words: b-Thiocyanatovinyl Aldehydes, N-Amino Heterocycles, Hydrazonium Salts, Isothiazolium Salts
V. M. Zakharova, A. Siegemund-Eilfeld, J. Sieler, and B. Schulze
464  Full Text
Bromocyclization of Unsaturated Oximes. Synthesis of Five-Membered Cyclic Nitrones (Pyrroline N-Oxides)
Key words: Unsaturated Oximes, Bromocyclization, Cyclic Nitrones, endo/exo-Cyclization, Bromolactonization
M. Gulla, L. Bierer, S. Schmidt, L. Redcliffe, and V. Jäger
471  Full Text
Two-Step Synthetic Approach to 6-Substituted Pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine(1H,3H)-2,4-diones from 6-Amino-, 6-Alkylamino-, and 6-Arylamino-1,3-dimethyluracils
Key words: Cyclization, 6-Amino-1,3-dimethyluracil, Mannich Bases, Pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines, Ene Reaction
K. Bischoff, U. Girreser, D. Heber, and M. Schütt
486  Full Text
N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
The Solid Solution CeAuIn1-xMgx - Structure, Magnetic Properties and Specific Heat Data
Key words: Cerium Compounds, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry, Magnetism
S. Rayaprol, B. Heying, and R. Pöttgen
495  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterisation of Lanthanide Lead Oxide Nitrates LnPbO2NO3 with Ln = La, Pr, Nd, and Sm (In German)
Key words: Lanthanide Lead Oxide Nitrate, Structure, Thermal Decomposition, NOx Storage
S. Dill, Y. Kawamoto, I. Grigoraviciute, A. Kareiva, and H.-J. Meyer
503  Full Text
Piperidino Substituted [1]Borametallocenophanes. Synthesis, Reactivity, and Structure
Key words: ansa-Metallocene, Boron, Olefin Polymerization, Zirconium
H. Braunschweig, M. Kraft, K. Radacki, and S. Stellwag
509  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Poly[(m3-iodo)(2-ethylpyrazine-N)-silver(I)] Containing a Novel AgX 63 Net
Key words: Silver(I) Iodide Coordination Polymers, Crystal Structures, Thermal Properties
A. Beck and C. Näther
517  Full Text
Bis[1,3-dimethylbarbituryl(5)]sulfide -- Structure and Reactions (In German)
Key words: Heterocycles, Imidazoles, Barbituric Acid, Hydrogen Bond, Crystal Structure
N. Kuhn, C. Maichle-Mößmer, M. Steimann, and K. Sweidan
521  Full Text
Synthesis and Structures of Cycloalkanetellurium(IV) Fluorides and Azides
Key words: Tellurium Fluorides, Tellurium Azides, Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy, X-Ray Crystallography
T. M. Klapötke, B. Krumm, P. Mayer, and M. Scherr
528  Full Text
peri-Interactions in Naphthalenes, 14. Pyramidalization versus Planarization at Nitrogen in 8-Dialkylamino-naphth-1-yl Compounds as a Measure of peri Bond Formation
Key words: Coordinative (Dative) Bonds, Hypercoordination, Stabilized Silenes, Hydrogen Bonds, van der Waals Radii
G. P. Schiemenz
535  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Cadmium and Mercury Saccharinate Complexes with 2-Dimethylaminoethanol: cis-[Cd(sac)2(dmea)2] and [Hg(sac)2(dmea)(H2O)]
Key words: Saccharinate, 2-Dimethylaminoethanol, Cadmium, Mercury, Crystal Structure
V. T. Yilmaz, V. Kars, and C. Kazak
555  Full Text
An Amperometric Acetone Sensor by Using an Electro-Deposited Pb-Modified Electrode
Key words: Acetone, Sensor, Lead, Electrodeposited Pb, Amperometry
C.-C. Wang, Y.-C. Weng, and T.-C. Chou
560  Full Text
Thallium(I) Salicylate and Phthalate: Syntheses and Structural Characterization
Key words: Thallium, Crystal Structure, Lone Pair, Phthalate, Salicylate
A. Askarinejad, A. A. Torabi, and A. Morsali
565  Full Text
Anionic Tungsten Carbonyl Complexes Containing Dithiocarboxylate, Dithiocarbamate, and Xanthate Ligands
Key words: Tungsten, Dithiocarboxylate Complexes, Dithiocarbamate Complexes, Xanthate Complexes, Carbonyl Complexes
S. Dilsky and W. A. Schenk
570  Full Text
1,3,5-Triphosphorinanes. Synthesis and Structure of the Isomers of 1,3,5-Triphenyl-1,3,5-triphosphorinane (In German)
Key words: Triphosphorinanes, Synthesis, Crystal Structures
M. Fild, P. G. Jones, M. Lorms, and S. Jäger
577  Full Text
Kinetic Study on the Esterification of Hexanoic Acid with N,N-Dialkylamino Alcohols: Evidence for an Activation by Hydrogen Bonding
Key words: Acylation, Amino Alcohols, Hydrogen Bonds, Kinetics, Transition States
S. Breitenlechner and T. Bach
583  Full Text
Synthesis of Pentalene Systems Employing a Sequence of Pauson-Khand Reaction, Michael Reaction, and Desilylation
Key words: Bicyclo[3.3.0]octanes, Cyclopentadiene, Cuprate Addition, Desilylation, Trimethylsilylacetylene
A. Becheanu, T. Bell, S. Laschat, A. Baro, W. Frey, N. Steinke, and P. Fischer
589  Full Text
Influence of a Nitro Side Group on Liquid Crystalline Properties of Trimellitimides
Key words: Trimellitimides, Nitro Side Group, Liquid Crystals
A. Orzeszko
597  Full Text
Tin(II) Polyoxometalate as an Efficient Catalyst for the Selective Oxidation of Sulfides to Sulfoxides
Key words: Tin(II) Polyoxometalate, Sulfoxidation, Sulfoxide, Sulfone, Lewis Acid
E. Rafiee, I. M. Baltork, S. Tangestaninejad, A. Azad, and S. Moinee
601  Full Text
Two New Glycosides from Sanicula lamelligera
Key words: Sanicula lamelligera, Triterpenoid Saponin, 4-O-b-D-Glucopyranosyl, Rosmarinic Acid
L.-Y. Zhou, H.-Y. Liu, B.-B. Xie, Z.-H. Liu, and C.-X. Che
607  Full Text
Two New Phenolic Glycosides from Rhizomes of Curculigo crassifolia
Key words: Curculigo crassifolia, Hypoxidaceae, Phenolic Glycosides
N. Li, J.-J. Chen, and J. Zhou
611  Full Text
Preparation of Dialkylamino-Substituted Benzenes and Naphthalenes by Nucleophilic Replacement of Fluorine in the Corresponding Perfluoroaromatic Compounds
Key words: Hexafluorobenzene, Octafluoronaphthalene, Nucleophilic Substitution, Dialkylamino-Substituted Arenes, Basicity
V. I. Sorokin, V. A. Ozeryanskii, G. S. Borodkin, A. V. Chernyshev, M. Muir, and J. Baker
615  Full Text
Xyloccensins X1 and X2, Two New Mexicanolides from the Fruit of a Chinese Mangrove Xylocarpus granatum
Key words: Mexicanolide, Xylocarpus granatum
F. Cheng, Y. Zhou, J. Wu, and K. Zou
626  Full Text
Behavior of 1,3-Di(tert-butyl)-2,4-bis(tetramethylpiperidino)-1,3,2,4-di-phospha-diboretane towards Boron Halides and Adduct Formation of a Bicyclo[1.1.0]diphosphadiboretane with Tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane
Key words: Diphosphadiboretanes, Bicyclodiphosphadiboretane, Reactivity, NMR Spectra, X-Ray Structure Analysis
K. Knabel, H. Nöth, and R. T. Paine
629  Full Text
N u m b e r  6
Original Communications
Novel Lanthanide Complexes of Monovacant Keggin- and Dawson-Type Polyoxoanions (In German)
Key words: Lanthanides, Polyoxometalates, Self-Assembly, Tungsten
D. Drewes and B. Krebs
637  Full Text
Structural Study of the Disordered RECd6 Quasicrystal Approximants] (RE = Tb, Ho, Er, Tm and Lu)
Key words: Quasicrystal Approximant, Rare Earth Cadmide
S. Y. Piao, C. P. Gómez, and S. Lidin
644  Full Text
Growth of NaBr in the 5-5 Structure Type on LiNbO3: A Feasibility Study
Key words: Halides, Lithium Niobate, Surface Energies, Wulff Construction, Metastable Phases
J. C. Schön, T. Dinges, and M. Jansen
650  Full Text
Fluorite-Type Solid Solutions in the System Y-Ta-O-N: A Nitrogen-Rich Analogue to Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ)
Key words: Tantalum Oxynitride, Fluorite-Type Structure, Synthesis, Computational Chemistry
H. Schilling, H. Wolff, R. Dronskowski, and M. Lerch
660  Full Text
The Symmetry of Ordered Cubic g-Fe2O3 Investigated by TEM
Key words: g-Fe2O3, Symmetry, Electron Diffraction, Enantiomorphism, Internal Oxidation, Domain Contrast
K. Kelm and W. Mader
665  Full Text
Crystal Structures with CaBe2Ge2-Type Units - The Compounds Sm2Pt6P3 and Ca2Pd3Sb4 (In German)
Key words: Phosphide, Antimonide, Palladium, Platinum, Crystal Structures
A. Imre, D. Johrendt, and A. Mewis
672  Full Text
Stannides and Intermetallic Tin Compounds - Fundamentals and Applications
Key words: Tin, Stannides, Intermetallics
R. Pöttgen
677  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Behaviour of Dimeric and Polymeric Gadolinium Trifluoroacetate Complexes
Key words: Trifluoroacetates, Gadolinium Carboxylates, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Behaviour
D. John, A. Rohde, and W. Urland
699  Full Text
Hydrothermal Crystal Growth and Crystal Structures of the Mercury(II) Chromates(VI) a-HgCrO4, b-HgCrO4, and HgCrO4·H2O
Key words: Mercury(II), Chromates(VI), Crystal Structure, Hydrothermal Synthesis
B. Stöger and M. Weil
708  Full Text
(C6N2H18)Sb4S7 a Thioantimonate(III) with a Layered [Sb4S7]2- Anion in the Presence of a Diprotonated Amine as Structure Director
Key words: Thioantimonate(III), Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Optical Properties
V. Spetzler, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
715  Full Text
Two Polymorphic Modifications of Dibromo-bis(acetonitrile-N)-zinc(II)
Key words: Polymorphism, Coordination Compounds, Zinc Bromide, Crystal Structures
G. Bhosekar, I. Jeß, and C. Näther
721  Full Text
Boron-Carbon Order and Symmetry Control: Single-Crystal X-Ray Study of SmB2C2
Key words: Samarium Boride Carbide, Crystal Structure, Group-Subgroup Relationships
V. Babizhetskyy, C. Hoch, H. Mattausch, and A. Simon
727  Full Text
Interaction of Samarium with Nickel and Arsenic: Phase Diagram and Structural Chemistry
Key words: Samarium Nickel Arsenide, Solid-State Phase Equilibria, Crystal Structure
V. Babizhetskyy, R. Guérin, and A. Simon
733  Full Text
Contributions on Crystal Chemistry and Thermal Behaviour of Anhydrous Phospates, XXXVII. Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of In2Ti6(PO4)6[Si2O(PO4)6] - A Hybride Built from Layers with NASICON and M4[Si2O(PO4)6] Structures (In German)
Key words: Silicophosphate, NASICON, Crystal Structure, Chemical Vapour Transport, MAS-NMR
M. Schöneborn, W. Hoffbauer, J. Schmedt auf der Günne, and R. Glaum
741  Full Text
Co2CrIn: A Further Magnetic Heusler Compound
Key words: Magnetic Properties, Heusler Compounds
S. Wurmehl, G. H. Fecher, and C. Felser
749  Full Text
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Monofunctionalized Phloroglucin-Derivative: A Precursor for Heterotrinuclear meta-Phenylene Bridged Complexes
Key words: Cu Complexes, N Ligands, Magnetic Properties
T. Glaser, M. Heidemeier, E. Krickemeyer, and H. Bögge
753  Full Text
Competing Ligands: Theophylline as Non- and Strongly Coordinating Ligand in Mercury(II) Complexes (In German)
Key words: Mercury, Bis(trifluormethyl)mercury, Mercuric Nitrate, Mercuric Chloride, Theophylline
M. Nolte, I. Pantenburg, and G. Meyer
758  Full Text
The M[PS4]-Type Lanthanide(III) ortho-Thiophosphates(V) (M = La - Nd, Sm, Gd - Er): Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and 31P NMR Investigations (In German)
Key words: Lanthanides, Thiophosphates, Crystal Structures, 31P NMR Investigations
T. Komm, D. Gudat, and T. Schleid
766  Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Original Communications
[Cu(CN)en2]I - Copper Amine Propellers
Key words: Copper (II) Complexes, Amines, Cyanide
M. F. Bräu and A. Pfitzner
775  Full Text
New Compounds RE(Zn,Al)8 and Yb4Zn20.3Al12.7 and their Crystal Structures
Key words: Intermetallic Compound, Crystal Structure, Rare Earth Metal, X-Ray Diffraction
O. Stel'makhovych and Y. Kuz'ma
779  Full Text
Transmission-Optimized Single-Crystal Structure Determination and Electronic Structure of Bi3Ni (In German)
Key words: Intermetallics, Ultra-High Absorption, Crystal Structure, Bonding, Electronic Localisation
M. Ruck and T. Söhnel
785  Full Text
3D-[Pr(Im)3(ImH)]@ImH: A Three-Dimensional Network with Complete Nitrogen Coordination Obtained from an Imidazole Melt (In German)
Key words: Lanthanides, Imidazole, Crystal Structure, Crystal Engineering, Praseodymium
K. Müller-Buschbaum
792  Full Text
High Pressure and Chemical Bonding in Materials Chemistry
Key words: Materials Chemistry, High Pressure Synthesis, Structural Transformations, Novel Materials, Chemical Bonding
G. Demazeau
799  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of Some MII/MIII Mixed Fluorides with Pyrochlore and Weberite Related Structures
Key words: Fluorides, Weberite, Pyrochlore
M. A. Subramanian, W. J. Marshall, R.-D. Hoffmann, and A. W. Sleight
808  Full Text
Inverse Perovskites (RE3N)Sn with RE = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm: Preparation, Crystal Structures and Physical Properties
Key words: Nitrides, Inverse Perovskites, Rare-Earth Metal Compounds, Magnetic Susceptibility, Electric Resistivity
M. Kirchner, W. Schnelle, and R. Niewa
813  Full Text
Synthesis of a Benzothiazol-2-ylidene Complex of Tungsten(0) and Transfer of the Ylidene Ligand to Rhodium(I)
Key words: Benzothiazole, Benzothiazolin-2-ylidene, Tungsten, Rhodium, Crystal Structure
F. E. Hahn, N. Meier, and T. Pape
820  Full Text
Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of the Ternary Silicide Gd6Co1.67Si3 Derived from the Hexagonal Ho4Co3.07 (or Ho6Co4.61) Type Structure
Key words: Rare-Earth Intermetallics, Electron Microscopy, Crystal Chemistry of Intermetallics, Magnetic Properties, Electrical Resistance
E. Gaudin, F. Weill, and B. Chevalier
825  Full Text
A New Member of the A2B2CX4-Type: Rb2Na2SiO4 (In German)
Key words: Silicate, Alkaline Metal, Crystal Structure
O. Kerp and A. Möller
833  Full Text
Organozinc Siloxide-Hydrazide Aggregates [(RZn)4(NHNMe2)x(OSiMe3)(4 - x)]
Key words: Siloxidehydrazide, Zinc, Cage Compounds, Organometallic Chemistry, Trimethylsilanol
S. Jana, R. Fröhlich, and N. W. Mitzel
838  Full Text
Ba5(Al/Ga)5(Sn/Pb): New Compounds at the Zintl Border (In German)
Key words: Zintl Phases, Laves Phases, Crystal Structure, Band Structure Calculation
K. Guttsche, A. Rosin, M. Wendorff, and C. Röhr
846  Full Text
Aluminum and Gallium Hydrazides Derived from N-Aminopyrrole and N-Aminopiperidine
Key words: Aluminum, Gallium, Hydrides, Hydrazides, Heterocycles
W. Uhl, A. Vogelpohl, and J. Kösters
854  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Pt2Sn2Zn3, the First Ternary Compound of the Pt/Sn/Zn System (In German)
Key words: Synthesis, Single Crystals, Structure Determination, Platinum Tin Zinc Compound
R. Lux and H. Hillebrecht
862  Full Text
[Me4N]3[(WOS3)2Ag]·MeCN - An Acetonitrile Solvate with Linear Complex Anions
Key words: [Me4N]3[(WOS3)2Ag · MeCN, Chalcogenide Complex, Mass Spectrum, Crystal Structure
R. Dilshad, H. Boller, and K. O. Klepp
867  Full Text
Au3SnCuP10 and Au3SnP7: Preparation and Crystal Structures of Au3Sn Heterocluster Polyphosphides
Key words: Polyphosphides, Heterocluster, Structure Determination
S. Lange and T. Nilges
871  Full Text
Alternative Ligands, XXXVII. Phosphane Ligands with Boron as Lewis-acidic Centre: Synthesis and Coordinating Properties (In German)
Key words: Phosphane Ligands, Boron Acceptor Centres, Rhodium(I), Palladium(0) Complexes
J. Grobe, K. Lütke-Brochtrup, B. Krebs, M. Läge, H.-H. Niemeyer, and E.-U. Würthwein
882  Full Text
Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of the Molybdenum Cycloheptatrienyl Tetrahydroborate Complex {(h7-C7H7)Mo(h2-BH4)[P(cyclo-C6H11)3]}
Key words: Cycloheptatrienyl Ligands, Hydride Ligands, Dihydrogen Complexes, Density Functional Calculations
M. Tamm, B. Dreßel, T. Bannenberg, J. Grunenberg, and E. Herdtweck
896  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of New Ternary Gallides Eu2Rh3Ga9 and Eu2Ir3Ga9
Key words: Europium, Gallium, Intermetallic Compounds, Magnetic Properties, X-Ray Absorption Spectra
O. Sichevych, W. Schnelle, Y. Prots, U. Burkhardt, and Y. Grin
904  Full Text
Cs2K2[Pt12O8(SO4)12]: A New Oxide-Sulfate with the Cluster Anion [Pt12O8(SO4)12]4-
Key words: Platinum, Sulfates, Cluster, Crystal Structure, Solvothermal Reactions
M. Pley and M. S. Wickleder
912  Full Text
Ionic Conductivity of Gd- and Y-Doped Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solutions
Key words: Ceria, Zirconia, Lattice Parameter, Ionic Conductivity, Impedance
V. Rührup and H.-D. Wiemhöfer
916  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
Polysulfonylamines, CLXXV. Intermolecular Interactions in Crystalline Di(organosulfonyl)amines. Part 3. Supramolecular Structures of Di(benzenesulfonyl)amine, (Benzenesulfonyl)(methanesulfonyl)amine, and Di(ethanesulfonyl)amine (In German)
Key words: N-H···O/C-H···O Hydrogen Bonding, C-H···C(p) Interactions, p···p Stacking, Layered Compounds, Sulfonamides
O. Moers, A. Blaschette, V. Latorre, and P. G. Jones
923  Full Text
Investigations on Iodomercurates: Crystal Structures of Bis-tetramethylammonium tetraiodomercurate(II), Tetramethylammonium pentaiododimercurate(II) and Bis[di(12-crown-4)lithium] decaiodotetramercurate(II) (In German)
Key words: Mercury, Iodomercurate(II) Anions, Pentaiododimercurate, Decaiodotetramercurate, Crystal Structures
J. Pickardt, S. Wiese, and M. Borowski
935  Full Text
New Indides Sc6Co2.18In0.82, Sc10Ni9In19.44 and ScCu4In - Synthesis, Structure, and Crystal Chemistry
Key words: Scandium, Intermetallics, Crystal Chemistry, Chemical Bonding
R. I. Zaremba, Y. M. Kalychak, U. Ch. Rodewald, R. Pöttgen, V. I. Zaremba
942  Full Text
Indirect Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling Constants 1J(17O,11B). First Observation and Calculation Using Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Key words: Boranes, Borates, 17O NMR, Coupling Constants, DFT Calculations
B. Wrackmeyer and O. L. Tok
949  Full Text
Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine oxide)lithium Di(iodo)aurate(I)
Key words: Lithium Coordination, Triphenylphosphine Oxide Ligand, Di(iodo)aurate(I) Anion, Conformation
O. Schuster and H. Schmidbaur
956  Full Text
(Phenylethynyl)trimethylphosphonium Bromide and Bromoaurates(I)
Key words: Ethynylphosphonium Salts, Phosphonium Salts, Bromoaurates(I), Aurates(I)
O. Schuster and H. Schmidbaur
961  Full Text
Synthesis, Structure, Spectroscopic Studies and ab-initio Calculations on First Hyperpolarizabilities of N,N'-Bis(2-hydroxy-1-naphthylmethylidene)-1-methyl-1,2-diaminoethane-N,N',O,O'-copper(II)
Key words: Copper(II) Complex, UV-visible Spectroscopy, Crystal Structure, First Hyperpolarizability, Electric Dipole Moment
A. Karaka\cs, A. Elmali, H. Ünver, H. Kara, and Y. Yahsi
968  Full Text
The Structure and Tautomerism of Cyameluric Acid
Key words: Heptazine, Crystal Structure, Cyanuric Acid, Isomerism, Heterocycles
J. Wagler, Nadia E. A. El-Gamel, and E. Kroke
975  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Studies of a Mixed Ligand Copper (II) Complex: trans-Bis(succinimidato)-bis(benzylamino)Cu(II)
Key words: Succinimide, Succinimidato, Mixed Ligand Complex
M. Tas, H. Saraçoglu, H. Bati, N. Çaliskan, and O. Büyükgüngör
979  Full Text
Characterization of Structure Types by Lattice Complexes with Increased Self-Coordination Numbers
Key words: Wyckoff Sequence, Characteristic Lattice Complexes, Crystal Habit, Sphere Packings, Structure Map
J. Hauck and K. Mika
983  Full Text
Thermal Evolution of the ''Mouse Fur'' of Fibrous Aluminium Oxide/Hydroxide Formed on Amalgamated Aluminium upon Reaction with Moist Air
Key words: Fibrous Amorphous Aluminium Oxide/Hydroxide, Thermal Evolution, Phase Transformation, Electron Microscopy, Powder X-Ray Diffraction
F. J. García-García, L. Kienle, and A. Simon
995  Full Text
Synthesis, Calorimetric Study, Infrared Spectroscopy and Crystal Structure Investigation of \beta-[Tetraethylammonium Tetramethylammonium Tetrachlorozincate(II)] [b]-[(C2H5)4N][(CH3)4N]ZnCl4
Key words: b-[Tetraethylammonium Tetramethylammonium Tetrachlorozincate (II)], Phase Transition, Infrared Spectroscopy, Crystal Structure
F. Hlel, A. Rheim, T. Guerfel, and K. Guidara
1002  Full Text
Preparation and Characterization of Some Nickel 1,2-Dithiolene Complexes as Single-Component Semiconductors
Key words: Metal 1,2-Dithiolenes, Organic Semiconductors
G. C. Anyfantis, G. C. Papavassiliou, A. Terzis, C. P. Raptopoulou, Y. F. Weng, H. Yoshino, and K. Murata
1007  Full Text
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Annelated Quinazoline Derivatives
Key words: Tetraazaphenanthrene, Quinazolinoquinazoline, Pyrazolylquinazoline, Antimicrobial Activity
A. A. Aly
1012  Full Text
Reactions of Acetylenic Acid Esters with Piperazine Derivatives (In German)
Key words: Enediamine, Acetylenedicarboxylate, 2,3-Piperazinedione, External Protonation
H. Möhrle and K. Azodi
1021  Full Text
Microbial Metabolism of (+)-Cycloisolongifol-5b-ol
Key words: Microbial Transformation, Cunninghamella elegans, Cycloisolongifol-3b,5b-diol, Cycloisolongifol-5b-ol-11-one, Cycloisolongifol-3b,5b,11a-triol
M. I. Choudhary, W. Kausar, Z. A. Siddiqui, and Atta-ur-Rahman
1035  Full Text
Reversible Conversion in the Brassinosteroid Quartet Castasterone, Brassinolide and their 3b-Epimers
Key words: Biosynthesis, Brassinosteroids, Epimerization
A. P. Antonchick, A. Svatoš, O. V. Konstantinova, V. N. Zhabinskii, V. A. Khripach, and B. Schneider
1039  Full Text
Structure Refinements of REAuSn (RE = Sm, Gd, Tm)
Key words: Rare Earth Compounds, Stannides, Crystal Chemistry
C. P. Sebastian and R. Pöttgen
1045  Full Text
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Rb2P2S6 - A New Alkali Thiophosphate: Crystal Structure and Vibrational Spectra of Rubidium Hexathiodiphosphate(V)
Key words: Thiophosphate, Rb2P2S6, Crystal Structure, Raman, IR
M. Gjikaj, C. Ehrhardt, and W. Brockner
1049  Full Text
z-Y2[Si2O7]: A New Structure Type within the Yttrialite Series (In German)
Key words: Yttrium, Oxodisilicates, Yttrialite, Crystal Structures
I. Hartenbach, S. F. Meier, and T. Schleid
1054  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectroscopic and X-Ray Structure Characterisation of Bis(tetramethylammonium), Bis(tetraethylammonium) and Bis(tetrapropylammonium) Tetrathiotungstates
Key words: Crystal Structure, Tetrathiotungstates, IR and Raman Spectroscopy
M, Poisot. C. Näther, and W. Bensch
1061  Full Text
Ethene-trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridinium) Dihydrogenphosphite and Dihydrogenphosphate Compounds Exhibiting Cooperative and Directed Hydrogen Bonds between Cations and Anions: H2bpe(H2PO3)2 and H2bpe(H2PO4)2 · H2O
Key words: Dihydrogenphosphites, Dihydrogenphosphates, Ethene-trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridinium) Cations, Hydrogen Bonds, Crystal Structure
V. T. Yilmaz, S. Demir, and W. T. A. Harrison
1067  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectral and Thermal Studies, and Crystal Structure of cis-Bis(imidazole)bis(picolinato)copper(II) Dihydrate [Cu(pic)2(im)2]·2H2O
Key words: Picolinic Acid, Imidazole, Copper(II) Complex, Thermal Decomposition
Z. Heren, C. Keser, C. C. Ersanl\i, O. Z. Ye\csilel, and O. Büyükgüngör
1072  Full Text
Metal Tetrahydroborates and Tetrahydroborato Metallates, 30. Alkoxo-Substituted Alkali Metal Tetrahydroborates: Studies in Solution and Structures in the Solid State
Key words: Hydridoborates, Catecholatohydridoborates, Aminohydridoborates, Alkali Metals, DFT Calculations
J. Knizek, H. Nöth, and M. Warchhold
1079  Full Text
Syntheses, Spectral and Thermal Studies, and Crystal Structure of 1,10-Phenanthroline and Picolinamide Complexes of Cobalt(II) Squarate
Key words: Cobalt(II) Complex, 1,10-Phenanthroline, Picolinamide, Squarate, Thermal Decomposition
O. Z. Yesilel, H. Ölmez, O. O. Yilan, H. Pasaoglu, and O. Büyükgüngör
1094  Full Text
Phase Transitions Mechanism and Distortion of SbCl63- Octahedra in Bis(n-butylammonium) Pentachloroantimonate(III) (C\Dw4H9NH3)[2SbCl5]
Key words: Chloroantimonates(III), n-Butylammonium Cation, Phase Transition, Disorder
B. Zarychta and J. Zaleski
1101  Full Text
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Containing Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Chelate Complexes of Glyoxylic and Pyruvic Acid Thiosemicarbazones. A New Class of Cytotoxic Metal Complexes
Key words: Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Thiosemicarbazonato Complexes, Crystal Structure, Cytotoxic Activity
N. I. Dodoff, D. Kovala-Demertzi, M. Kubiak, J. Kuduk-Jaworska, A. Kochel, and G. A. Gorneva
1110  Full Text
Paullinoside A and Paullinomide A: A New Cerebroside and a New Ceramide from Leaves of Paullinia pinnata
Key words: Cerebroside, Ceramide, Paullina pinnata
R. S. Miemanang, K. Krohn, H. Hussain, and E. Dongo
1123  Full Text
Synthesis and X-Ray Single Crystal Structure of Dialkyl 2-[1-(2,2-Dimethylpropionyl)-3,3-dimethyl-2-oxobutyl]-3-(triphenylphosphoranylidene)succinates
Key words: 2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedione, Phosphorus Ylide, Acetylenic Ester, Vinyltriphenylphosphonium Salts
A. Ramazani, A. R. Kazemizadeh, E. Ahmadi, K. \'Slepokura, and T. Lis
1128  Full Text
Two Prenylated Flavones from the Tree Bark of Artocarpus lanceifolius
Key words: Artoindonesianins Z-1 and Z-2, Artocarpus lanceifolius, Chemotaxonomy
Y. M. Syah, S. A. Achmad, N. Aimi, E. H. Hakim, L. D. Juliawaty, and H. Takayama
1134  Full Text
A New Acyclic Diterpene Glycoside from Nicotiana attenuata with a Mild Deterrent Effect on Feeding Manduca sexta Larvae
Key words: Hydroxygeranyllinalool Diterpene Glycosides, Nicotiana attenuata, Manduca sexta, Solanaceae, Lepidoptera
A. R. Jassbi, S. Zamanizadehnajari, D. Kessler, and I. T. Baldwin
1138  Full Text
New Withanolides from Fresh Berries of Withania somnifera
Key words: Solanaceae, Withania somnifera, Steroids, Withasteroids, Ashwagandha, Berries
P. Lal, L. Misra, R. S. Sangwan, and R. Tuli
1143  Full Text
Recurvosides A and B, Antifungal Novel Steroidal Glucosides from Haloxylon recurvum
Key words: Haloxylon recurvum, Chenopodiaceae, Recurvoside A, Recurvoside B, Antifungal Activity
A. Sharif, E. Ahmed, and A. Malik
1148  Full Text
A New Bioactive Steroidal Saponin from Leaves of Furcraea gigantea
Key words: Furcraea gigantea, Agavaceae, Steroidal Saponin, anti-Inflammatory Activity
B. P. da Silva and J. P. Parente
1153  Full Text
A Novel Route to 4-Aminopyrazoles and Aminopyrazolo[4,3-b]pyridines
Key words: 2-Arylhydrazononitriles, Aminopyrazoles, a-Haloketones, Aminopyrazolo[4,3-b]pyridines, Pyrazolo[4,3-c]pyridazine
A. M. Salaheldin, T. A. Abdallah, N. F. Radwan, and H. M. Hassaneen
1158  Full Text
Synthesis of Some 2-Aminonitroethanes via Silica Gel-Catalyzed Nitro-Mannich Reaction
Key words: Nitro-Mannich Reaction, Nonenolizable Aldehydes, Imines
A. S. Mahasneh
1162  Full Text
Triterpenoid Saponins from Astragalus corniculatus
Key words: Astragalus corniculatus, Fabaceae, Triterpenes
I. Krasteva, S. Nikolov, M. Kaloga, and G. Mayer
1166  Full Text
Triterpene Saponins from Calendula arvensis
Key words: Calendula arvensis, Asteraceae, Triterpene Saponins, Arvensoside C, Flavonol Glycosides
H. K\irm\iz\ibekmez, C. Bassarello, S. Piacente, C. Pizza, and \.I. Çal\i\cs
1170  Full Text
The Reactions of Some Alkyl(thio)-Substituted 2-Nitrodienes with Piperazines and a Structural Study
Key words: Thiosubstituted Nitrodiene, N,S-Substituted Nitrodienes, Piperazine Derivatives
C. Ibis, C. Sayil, and F. Ozkok
1174  Full Text
A New Pigment from the Fruiting Bodies of the Basidiomycete Lactarius deliciosus
Key words: Lactarius deliciosus, Basidiomycete, Azulene
X.-L. Yang, D.-Q. Luo, and J.-K. Liu
1180  Full Text
Acylated Iridoid Glycosides from the Flowers of Verbascum lasianthum Boiss. ex Bentham
Key words: Verbascum lasianthum, Scrophulariaceae, Acylated Iridoid Glycosides, Lasianthoside I, Lasianthoside II
I. I. Tatli, I. A. Khan, and Z. S. Akdemir
1183  Full Text
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
X-Ray Crystal Structures of Complex Metallates Containing the Sterically Demanding 1,3,5-Tri(tert-butyl)tropylium Cation (In German)
Key words: Tropylium Cation, Cycloheptatrienyl Complexes, Hydrogen Bonds, Crystal Structure Determination
M. Tamm, T. Bannenberg, V. Urban, T. Pape, and O. Kataeva
1189  Full Text
The Synthesis, Characterization and Structural Analysis of a Co(III) Complex of 1,10-Phenanthroline and Perfluorosebacic Acid, [Co(HL)(phen)2(H2O)]L·H2O
Key words: Cobalt(III) Complex, Hydrogen Bonding, p-p Interactions, Perfluorosebacic Acid, 1,10-Phenanthroline
I. Kani, O. Büyükgüngör, and F. \cSi\csman
1198  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure Determination of Cs([18]crown-6)Au · 8NH3 (In German)
Key words: Aurides, Hydrogen Bonds, Crown Ether, Ammonia Nets, Low-Temperature Crystal Structure Analysis
H. Nuss and M. Jansen
1205  Full Text
Two New Quadridentate Schiff Base Complexes of Nickel(II) and Cobalt(III): Synthesis, Structure and Spectral Characterisation
Key words: Nickel(II)/Cobalt(III), Schiff Base Chelator, X-Ray Structure, Spectral Characterisation
J. Chakraborty, R. K. Bhubon Singh, B. Samanta, C. R. Choudhury, S. K. Dey, P. Talukder, M. J. Borah and S. Mitra
1209  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectral and Thermal Studies, and Crystal Structure of cis-Bis(4-methylimidazole)bis(picolinato)copper(II) [Cu(pic)2(4-MeIm)2]
Key words: Copper(II) Complex, 4-Methylimidazole, Picolinic Acid, Thermal Decomposition
Z. Heren, C. Keser, C. C. Ersanl\i, O. Z. Ye\csilel, and N. Ocak
1217  Full Text
Atom Transfer Rearrangement Radical Polymerization of Diammine-bis(2,4,6-trihalophenolato)copper(II) Complexes in the Solid State
Key words: Atom Transfer Rearrangement Radical Polymerization (ATRRP), Diammine-bis(trihalophenolato) Copper(II), Poly(dihalophenylene Oxide), Solid State Polymerization
G. Göka\ugaç, M. Sonsuz, F. \cSen, and D. K\isakürek
1222  Full Text
A Short Novel Synthesis of the Phosphazene Base Et-P2
Key words: Phosphazenes, Synthetic Methods, Nucleophilic Substitution, Elimination
R. Schwesinger and T. Dambacher
1229  Full Text
Novel Selective 5-HT3 Receptor Ligands: Facile Generation Methods for 2-Amino- and 4-Aminopyrido[4',3':4,5]thieno[2,3-{d]pyrimidines
Key words: 5-HT3 Receptor, Aminopyridothienopyrimidines, Cyclodesulfurization, Diazotization
M. A. Ameen
1234  Full Text
Amidrazones in the Synthesis of 1H-1,2,4-Triazoles
Key words: Amidrazones, 2-(1,3-Dioxoindan-2-ylidene)malononitrile, 1H-1,2,4-Triazoles
A. A. Aly, M. A.-M. Gomaa, A. M. NourEl-Din, and M. S. Fahmi
1239  Full Text
Supramolecular Organization of Organoammonium Squarates
Key words: Squaric Acid, Organic Amine, Thermal Decomposition
O. Z. Ye\csilel, M. Odaba\cso\uglu, H. Ölmez, and O. Büyükgüngör
1243  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Spectral and Thermal Studies of a New Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Cobalt(II) Complex of 2,2'-Bipyridine and Nitrate with Squarate
Key words: Squarate, 2,2'-Bipyridine, Thermal Decomposition
O. Z. Yesilel, H. Pasaoglu, G. Kastas, H. Ölmez, and O. Büyükgüngör
1249  Full Text
Substituent and Solvent Effects on the Electrochemical Oxidation of para- and meta-Substituted Anilines
Key words: Solvent Effect, Aniline, Electrochemical Oxidation, Cyclic Voltammetry
D. S. Bhuvaneshwari and K. P. Elango
1254  Full Text
Cyclization of Di(tert-butyl-methyl)ketazine to 1,2-Diaza-3-bora- and 1,2-Diaza-3-sila-cyclopent-5-enes (In German)
Key words: Lithium Ketazides, Quantum Chemical Calculations, Diaza-bora-cyclopentenes, Diaza-sila-cyclopentenes, Aza-silacyclobutane
F. Armbruster, N. Armbruster, U. Klingebiel, M. Noltemeyer, and S. Schmatz
1261  Full Text
Mild and Convenient Method for Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds with the NaBH4/Charcoal System in Wet THF
Key words: Reduction, NaBH4, Charcoal, Carbonyl Compounds
D. Setamdideh and B. Zeynizadeh
1275  Full Text
Two New Oleanane Triterpene Glycosides from the Bark of Terminalia arjuna
Key words: Terminalia arjuna, Combretaceae, Termiarjunoside I, Termiarjunoside II
A. Ali, M. Ali, and M. S. Alam
1282  Full Text
New Helminthosporal Analogues with Plant-Growth Regulatory Properties Synthesized via Oxyallyl Cation
Key words: Oxyallyl Carbocation, Herbicides, Helminthosporium sativum, Oxabicyclo, Growth Inhibition
F. C. Chaves, L. C. A. Barbosa, A. J. Demuner, and A. A. Silva
1287  Full Text
Echinolactones C and D: Two Illudalane Sesquiterpenoids Isolated from the Cultured Mycelia of the Fungus Echinodontium japonicum
Key words: Echinodontium japonicum Imazeki, Echinolactones C and D
S. Suzuki, T. Murayama, and Y. Shiono
1295  Full Text
Lignans from the Roots and Rhizomes of Clematis manshurica
Key words: Clematis manshurica Rpur., Lignans, Clemomanshurinane A, Clemomanshurinane B, COX-2
S.-P. Shi, D. Jiang, C.-X. Dong, and P.-F. Tu
1299  Full Text
Secondary Metabolites from Asphodelus aestivus
Key words: Asphodelus aestivus, Liliaceae, Secondary Metabolites, Acylated Flavone C-Glycosides
I. Çalis, S. S. Birincioglu, H. Kirmizibekmez, B. Pfeiffer, and J. Heilmann
1304  Full Text
New Silica Supported Titanium Dioxide Catalysts: Characteristics and Photocatalytic Efficiency in Waste Water Depollution
Key words: Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Photocatalysis, Depollution
N. Kamil, M. K. El Amrani, and N. Benjelloun
1311  Full Text
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
Oligomeric Supersandwich Structure of a Lithium Enamino-Cyclopentadienide
Key words: Organolithium Compound, Lithiocene, Solid State Structure, Enamine
V. V. Kotov, G. Kehr, R. Fröhlich, and G. Erker
1319  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of a Novel Tetranuclear Copper(II) Resorcin[4]arene-based Complex
Key words: Resorcinarene, Cavitand, Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Copper(II) Complex
F.-H. Wu, Y.-J. Liu, S.-Q. Liu, and Q.-F. Zhang
1323  Full Text
Protons on Tour - DFT-study of H+-Migration in [1.1.1]- and [2.2.2]-Cryptands (In German)
Key words: Cryptands, Proton Migration, DFT
R. Puchta, M. Galle, and N. J. R. v. E. Hommes
1327  Full Text
Synthesis of Novel Macrocyclic Peptido-calix[4]arenes and Peptido-pyridines as Precursors for Potential Molecular Metallacages, Chemosensors and Biologically Active Candidates
Key words: Pyridine-2,6-bisamino Acid, Chiral Macrocycles, Peptido-calix[4]arenes, Antimicrobial Agents
A. E.-G. E.-S. Amr, M. Abo-Ghalia, and M. M. Abdalah
1335  Full Text
Kinetics of the Oxidation of L-Cysteine by trans- and cis-Cobalt(III) and Iron(III) Complexes
Key words: Co(III), Fe(III), Kinetics, Cysteine
H. M. Abdel-Halim, A. S. Abu-Surrah, and H. M. Baker
1346  Full Text
Transformation of a Pyrazolidene into a Tetrahydropyrimidinylidene Ligand by Deprotonation/Reprotonation
Key words: Carbene Complex, Pyrazolidene Complex, Tetrahydropyrimidinylidene Complex, Ring Enlargement
N. Szesni, B. Weibert, and H. Fischer
1351  Full Text
Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Copper(II)bis{2-[(4-iodophenyl)iminomethyl]-6-methoxy-phenolate}
Key words: Copper(II) Complex, Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock, Static Third-Order Hyperpolarizability, UV-visible Spectroscopy, ab initio Calculation
H. G. Yaglioglu, A. Karaka\cs, H. Ünver, and A. Elmali
1355  Full Text
Nucleophilic Additions of Methanol to the Dichloropalladium(II) Complex with C-(2-Pyridyl)-N-methylnitrone
Key words: Nitrones, Palladium, a-Alkoxyhydroxylamine Complexes
R. O. Doroschuk, E. G. Petkova, R. D. Lampeka, K. V. Domasevitch, and M. V. Gorichko
1361  Full Text
Photolytically Induced Reactions of CpCo(CO)2 (Cp = C5H5, C5H4Me, C5Me5 and C5Ph5) with Thiirane Yielding Dinuclear 1,2-Ethanedithiolato-S,S Complexes (In German)
Key words: Cyclopentadienylcobalt Complexes, 1,2-Ethanedithiolato-S-S Bridges, Bromo Bridge, Decarbonylation Reaction, X-Ray Data
S. Drobnik, C. Stoll, H. Nöth, K. Polborn, W. Hiller, and I.-P. Lorenz
1365  Full Text
Hydrothermal Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Two New Polyoxometalate-based Charge Transfer Salts
Key words: Polyoxometalates, Charge Transfer Salts, Hydrothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure
C. Zhang, F. Li, and L. Xu
1377  Full Text
New Coordination Polymers Based on Naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetracarboxylate Hydrates of Ca, Sr, and Ba (In German)
Key words: Crystal Structure, Naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetracarboxylate, Calcium, Strontium, Barium
I. Senkovska
1383  Full Text
Secondary Interactions in Gold(I) Complexes with Thione Ligands, 4. Three Further Salts of the Bis(imidazolidine-2-thione)gold(I) Cation
Key words: Thiones, Disulfonylamides, Gold, Hydrogen Bonds
S. Friedrichs and P. G. Jones
1391  Full Text
Structure of Bis(isobutylammonium) Selenite and its Sesquihydrate
Key words: Selenite, Ammonium, Hydrogen Bonds
M. Wiechoczek and P. G. Jones
1401  Full Text
Syntheses of Allyl- and 3-Silylpropyl-substituted Salen-like Tetradentate Ligands via Hypercoordinate Silicon Complexes
Key words: Allyl, Chelate, Hypercoordination, Rearrangement, Silicon
J. Wagler and G. Roewer
1406  Full Text
Thermolysis of Some Spirobenzopyran-3',2-[1,3,4]oxadithiino[5,6-c}]benzopyran-4'-ones in the Presence of Some Homodienes and Crystallographic Studies of Some Adducts
Key words: a-Oxo-thioketones, Spirobenzopyran-3',6-thiapyran-4'-one, Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction
M. I. Hegab and A. M. Moustafa
1413  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Schiff Bases Based on AMTTO (AMTTO = 4-Amino-6-methyl-3-thio-3,4-dihydro-1,2,4-triazin-5(2H)-one)
Key words: 1,2,4-Triazine, 1,2,4-Triazole, Schiff Base, Microwave Irradiation
M. Tabatabaee, M. Ghassemzadeh, B. Zarabi, and B. Neumüller
1421  Full Text
Copolymerization of Ethylene/Diene with Different Metallocene Catalysts
Key words: Ethylene Copolymer, Non-Conjugated Dienes, Metallocene Catalysts, Polyolefins, Copolymerization
M. d. F. V. Marques, F. C. Rocha, and N. J. Soto
1426  Full Text
Amanicadol, a Pimarane type Diterpene from Phlomis amanica Vierch.
Key words: Phlomis amanica, Lamiaceae, Amanicadol, Diterpene, Pimarane
F. N. Yalçin, T. Ersöz, E. Bedir, A. A. Dönmez, M. Stavri, M. Zloh, S. Gibbons, and I. Çalis
1433  Full Text
Further Guaianolides from Amphoricarpos neumayeri ssp. murbeckii from Montenegro
Key words: Amphoricarpos neumayeri ssp. murbeckii, Sesquiterpene Lactones, Guaianolides
I. Djordjevi\'c, M. Jadranin, V. Vajs, N. Menkovic, V. Teševic, S. Macura, and S. Milosavljevic
1437  Full Text
Alkaloids from Palicourea coriacea (Cham.) K. Schum.
Key words: Alkaloid, b-Carbolines, Palicourea coriacea, epi-Strictosidinic Acid, Strictosidinic Ketone
C. A. d. Nascimento, M. S. Gomes, L. M. Lião, C. M. A. d. Oliveira, L. Kato, C. C. d. Silva, and C. M. A. Tanaka
1443  Full Text
Butyrospermol Fatty Acid Esters from the Fruit of a Chinese Mangrove Xylocarpus granatum
Key words: Butyrospermol Fatty Acid Ester, Xylocarpus granatum
J. Wu, M. Li, Z. Xiao, and Y. Zhou
1447  Full Text
New Anthraquinones from a Marine Streptomyces sp. - Isolation, Structure Determination and Biological Activities
Key words: 1-Propyl-anthraquinones, Marine Streptomycetes
H. M. P. Poumale, B. T. Ngadjui, E. Helmke, and H. Laatsch
1450  Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Foreword: High-pressure / High-temperature Synthesis in Materials Chemistry
G. Demazeau, H. Huppertz, and R. Pöttgen
Original Communications
Materials Chemistry under High Pressures - Some Recent Aspects
Key words: Materials Chemistry, High-pressure Phases
G. Demazeau, H. Huppertz, J. A. Alonso, R. Pöttgen, E. Moran, and J. P. Attfield
1457  Full Text
High-pressure Synthesis and Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of a New Filled Skutterudite TbFe4P12
Key words: High-pressure Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Electrical and Magnetic Properties, Filled Skutterudite, TbFe4P12
I. Shirotani, K. Takeda, C. Sekine, J. Hayashi, R. Nakada, K. Kihou, Y. Ohishi, and T. Yagi
1471  Full Text
Synthesis, Structure and Properties of the High-pressure Modifications of the Ternary Compounds REPtSn (RE = La, Pr, Sm)
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Magnetism, High-pressure Phases
J. F. Riecken, U. Ch. Rodewald, G. Heymann, S. Rayaprol, H. Huppertz, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
1477  Full Text
High-pressure Synthesis of Strontium Hexasilicide
Key words: Strontium, Silicon, High Pressure, Zintl Phase
A. Wosylus, Y. Prots, U. Burkhardt, W. Schnelle, U. Schwarz, and Y. Grin
1485  Full Text
Structural Evolution of the Binary System Ba-Si under High-pressure and High-temperature Conditions
Key words: Ba-Si System, BaSi$_6$, High-pressure Phase, Clathrate
S. Yamanaka and S. Maekawa
1493  Full Text
An Anhydrous High-pressure Synthesis Route to Rutile Type RhO2
Key words: High-pressure Synthesis, Crystal Chemistry
G. Demazeau, A. Baranov, R. Pöttgen, L. Kienle, M. H. Möller, R.-D. Hoffmann, and M. Valldor
1500  Full Text
Moderate-pressure Synthesis and Neutron Diffraction Study of New Metastable Oxides
Key words: Perovskite Oxide, Colossal Magnetoresistance, Ferrimagnetic Oxide, Neutron Powder Diffraction, Unusual Oxidation States
J. A. Alonso, J. Sánchez-Benítez, H. Falcón, M. J. Martínez-Lope, and A. Muñoz
1507  Full Text
High-pressure / High-temperature Synthesis of Transition Metal Oxide Perovskite
Key words: High-pressure Synthesis, Perovskites, Cation Ordering
J. A. Rodgers, A. J. Williams, and J. P. Attfield
1515  Full Text
High Oxygen Pressures and the Stabilization of the Highest Oxidation States of Transition Metals - Mössbauer Spectroscopic Characterization of the Induced Electronic Phenomena
Key words: Oxygen Pressure, High Oxidation States, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, Electronic Configuration, Orbital Ordering, Charge Disproportionation, Insulator to Metal Transition
G. Demazeau, A. Baranov, I. Presniakov, and A. Sobolev
1527  Full Text
Superhard Superconductor Composites Obtained by Sintering of Diamond, c-BN and C60 Powders with Superconductors
Key words: Diamond, MgB2, C60, Superconductivity, High-pressure / High-temperature
G. A. Dubitsky, V. D. Blank, S. G. Buga, E. E. Semenova, N. R. Serebryanaya, V. V. Aksenenkov, V. M. Prokhorov, V. A. Kul'bachinski, A. V. Krechetov, and V. G. Kytin
1541  Full Text
Synthesis of Superhard and Ultrahard Materials by 3D-polymerization of C60, C70 Fullerenes Under High Pressure (15 GPa) and Temperatures up to 1820 K
Key words: Fullerenes, High Pressure, X-ray Diffraction, Raman Spectra, Elastic Properties, Superhard Materials
V. D. Blank, S. G. Buga, G. A. Dubitsky, N. R. Serebryanaya, V. M. Prokhorov, B. N. Mavrin, V. N. Denisov, L. A. Chernozatonskii, S. Berezina, and V. M. Levin
1547  Full Text
Structural Transformation of Boron Nitride Nanoparticles in Benzene under Moderate Conditions
Key words: Boron Nitride Nanoparticles, Solvent Hot-pressing Route, Structural Transformation, Characterization
Z. Lai, L. Zhu, L. Yu, Z. Chen, X. Zhao, Q. Wang, D. Cui, and M. Jiang
1555  Full Text
High-pressure / High-temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Boron-doped Diamond
Key words: Boron-doped Diamond, High-pressure Synthesis, X-ray Diffraction
N. Dubrovinskaia, L. Dubrovinsky, N. Miyajima, F. Langenhorst, W. A. Crichton, and H. F. Braun
1561  Full Text
Synthesis of Pt Nanoparticles and Nanorods by Microwave-assisted Solvothermal Technique
Key words: Nanoparticles, Nanorods, Platinum, Microwave-assisted Techniques
D. Li and S. Komarneni
1566  Full Text
High-pressure / High-temperature Behavior of the Methane-Ammonia-Water System up to 3 GPa
Key words: Clathrate Hydrates, Melting Curve, High Pressure
A. Kurnosov, L. Dubrovinsky, A. Kuznetsov, and V. Dmitriev
1573  Full Text
Compression Behavior of Zr-doped Nanoanatase
Key words: High-pressure, Nanocrystals, Titania, Zirconia, Anatase, Dopant
E. Holbig, L. Dubrovinsky, G. Steinle-Neumann, V. Prakapenka, and V. Swamy
1577  Full Text