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N u m b e r  1
Original Communications
Alkylated Cyclopentadienylvanadium(V) Complexes: tC4H9N=VCpRCl2 (In German)
Key words: Alkylated Cyclopentadienylvanadium(V) Complexes, Preparation, 51V NMR Data
F. Preuss und J. Perner
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A Comparison of the Enamino Carbonyl Conjugation Efficiency for Hydrogen Bonding Formation in Pyridone and Dihydropyridone Systems
Key words: Pyridone, Dihydropyridone, Enaminone p-Conjugated System, Intermolecular Hydrogen Bond, Steric Hindrance
T. Borowiak, I. Wolska, A. Korza\'nski, and W. Milius, W. Schnick, and W. Antkowiak
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peri-Interactions in Naphthalenes, 3. On Hypercoordination in 8-Dimethylamino-naphth-1-yl-phosphonium salts and -phosphines
Key words: Naphthalenes, 1H NMR Data, 31P NMR Data, Interatomic Distances, Repulsive Interaction
G. P. Schiemenz, R. Bukowski, L. Eckholtz, and B. Varnskühler
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Thermolysis of Si2OCl6 (In German)
Key words: Chlorosiloxanes, Growth Reactions
A. Wilkening and M. Binnewies
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Chemical Transport of Solid Solutions: Mixed Spinels (In German)
Key words: Chemical Vapor Transport, Mixed Spinel Systems, Solid Solutions
G. R. Patzke and M. Binnewies
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Phenylmercury Chloride: Its Single-Crystal X-Ray Structure and Some Aspects of its Biological Chemistry
Key words: Acidolysis, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Crystal Structure, Mercury, Organomercury Compounds
M. Wilhelm, W. Saak, and H. Strasdeit
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Preparation and Crystal Structure of Na4TiSe4. A Selenotitanate with Discrete Tetrahedral Anions
Key words: Crystal Structure, Chalcogenides, Titanium, Sodium, Selenium
K. O. Klepp
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Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of (Ph3PNPPh3)[OsF5Cl]·CH2Cl2 and cis-(Ph3PNPPh3)[OsF4Cl2]·CH2Cl2 (In German)
Key words: Pentachlorofluoroosmate(V), cis-Tetrachlorodifluoroosmate(V), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra, Normal Coordinate Analyses
B. Lorenzen and W. Preetz
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Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Aminomethylpyridine Zinc Dihalides (In German)
Key words: Halide, Pyridine Complexes, Zinc, X-Ray Data
M. Westerhausen, T. Bollwein, and K. Polborn
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Singly Charged l6Si-Silicate Anions with an SiF5C Skeleton: Syntheses and Crystal Structure Analyses of the Ionic Hexacoordinate Silicon Compounds [Me3NH][F5SiCH2NMe2H]·H2O and [Me3NH][F5SiCH2NMe3]·H2O}
Key words: Pentacoordinate Silicon, Hexacoordinate Silicon, Lewis Acid, Crystal Structure
M. Pülm, J. Becht, and R. Tacke
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Thermal Decomposition and Solution Calorimetry of Ammonium Neodymium Iodides
Key words: Ammonium Neodymium Iodides, Neodymium Iodide, Thermal Decomposition, Thermodynamical Data, Solution Calorimetry
C. Hennig and H. Oppermann
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Participation of Electrophilic Groups with the Dehydrogenation of 4-Substituted Piperidines
Key words: Benzoquinolizidone, Quinolone, N-Arylpiperidone, Neighboring Group Participation, Mercury(II)-EDTA Dehydrogenation
H. Möhrle and M. Jeandrée
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Catalytic Oxidation of a Trialkyl-Substituted Phenol and Aniline with Biomimetic Schiff Base Complexes
Key words: Biomimetic Catalysts, Oxidation, Macrocycles, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt
J. Knaudt, S. Förster, U. Bartsch, A. Rieker, and E.-G. Jäger
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2-Hexanoyl-1-tribromomethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-b-carboline: Crystal Structure Analysis of a Potent Inhibitor of Complex I of Mitochondrial Respiration
Key words: Crystal Structure,Bromal-Derived Tetrahydro-carbolines, Mitochondrial Respiration, Parkinson's Disease, Neurotoxicity
G. Bringmann, D. Feineis, R. Brückner, E.-M. Peters, and K. Peters
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Chemical Constituents of Ajuga parviflora
Key words: Ajuga parviflora, Labiatae,Antifungal Withanolides, Alkaloids
H. R. Nawaz, A. Malik, P. Muhammad, S. Ahmed, and M. Riaz
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Amino Acid Derivatives in Organic Synthesis, Part 4: Facile Synthesis of Heterocycles Containing a Glycine Residue
Key words: N-Cyanoacetylglycinates, Thiazolo [2,3-a]pyridines, Pyridin-1-acetic Acid, Pyrazolo [4,5-b]pyrans
L. M. Chabaka, Y. A. Allam, and G. A. M. Nawwar
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Di-tert-alkyl Nitroxyl Radicals. Synthesis, Physical Properties and Applications as Inhibitors of Vinyl Polmerization at Elevated Temperatures
Key words: Hydrogenation of Alkenes and Alkynes Di-tert-alkyl Amines Di-tert-alkyl Nitroxyl (Aminoxyl)Radicals Polymerization Inhibitors
G. Sosnovsky, M. Jawdosiuk, and J. M. Clumpner
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A Novel Synthesis of Sulfone Systems as Antimicrobial Agents
Key words: Sulfone Systems,Antimicrobial Agents
A. W. Erian, Y. A. Issac, and S. M. Sherif
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N u m b e r  2
Original Communications
Sila-Substitution of the a-Amino Acid Proline: Synthesis of rac- and (R)-4,4-Dimethyl-4-sila-proline Ethyl Ester
Key words: 4-Sila-proline Skeleton, 4,4-Dimethyl-4-sila-proline Ethyl Ester, a-Amino Acids, Asymmetric Synthesis, Bioorganosilicon Chemistry
V. I. Handmann, M. Merget, and R. Tacke
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Synthesis and Crystal Structures of ATi[Nb6Cl18] Compounds (A = K, Rb, Cs, In, Tl)}
Key words: Niobium, Titanium, Cluster, Chlorides, Synthesis
A. Nägele, E. Anokhina, J. Sitar, H.-J. Meyer, and A. Lachgar
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Optically Active Transition Metal Complexes, 122. Synthesis of Palladium(II) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligands - Intramolecular Interactions (In German)
Key words: Schiff Bases, Palladium(II) Complexes, Diastereomers, Crystal Structure
H. Brunner, M. Niemetz, and M. Zabel
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Intermetallic Cerium Compounds with Ordered U3Si2 Type Structure
Key words: Intermetallic Cerium Compounds, Crystal Structure
R. Pöttgen, A. Fugmann, R.-D. Hoffmann, U. Ch. Rodewald, and D. Niepmann
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Electrochemical Synthesis of a 6-Coordinate Cadmium(II) Complex with N-Methylisatin N(4)-cyclohexylthiosemicarbazone
Key words: Cadmium, N-Methylisatin N(4)-Cyclohexylthiosemicarbazone, Electrochemical Synthesis, X-Ray Data
E. Labisbal, A. Sousa, A. Castiñeiras, J. A. García-Vázquez, J. Romero, G. A. Bain, and D. X. West
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Bromodifluoromethyl-triphenylphosphonium Bromide, [(C6H5)3PCF2Br]+ Br- (In German)
Key words: Bromodifluoromethyl-triphenylphosphonium Bromide, Synthesis, Crystal Structure
C. Bender, D. Wulff-Molder, H. Vogt, F. Ritschl und M. Meisel
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Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Poly-[(N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-N'-carboxymethyl-1,2-ethylenediamine-N,N'-Diacetato)copper(II) Hydrate], {[Cu(Hhedta)] · H2O}n
Key words: Copper(II) Chelate, Crystal Structure, Amino-polycarboxylates, Ethanolamine
A. Castiñeiras-Campos, I. S. d. l. Cueva-Torregrosa, J. M. González-Pérez, A. G. Sicilia-Zafra, E. Bugella-Altamirano, and J. Niclós-Gutiérrez
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Crystal Structures, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analyses of cis-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCS)2], cis-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCSe)2] and cis-(n-Bu4N)2[ReBr4(NCS)(NCSe)] (In German)
Key words: cis-Tetrabromodithiocyanato(N)-rhenat(IV), cis-Tetrabromodiselenocyanato(N)-rhenat(IV), cis-Tetrabromo-thiocyanato(N)-selenocyanato(N)-rhenat(IV), Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra
L. Homolya und W. Preetz
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Bis(diphenylphosphanyl)amine and its Disulfide and Diselenide. Application of the INEPT-HEED Pulse Sequence for Measurement of 1J(31P,15N) and Isotope Induced Chemical Shifts 1D14/15N(31P) at Natural Abundance of 15N
Key words: Amines, Phosphorus, Sulfide, Selenide, NMR Data
B. Wrackmeyer, E. Garcia-Baez, F. J. Zuno-Cruz, G. Sanchez-Cabrera, and Maria J. Rosales
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Synthesis, Multinuclear (1H, 13C and 17O) Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Conformational Analysis of Some Substituted Aryl Naphthoates
Key words: 1NMR Data, 13C NMR Data, 17O NMR Data, Naphthoic Acid Esters, Conformational Analysis
J. L. Jios and H. Duddeck
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Substituent Influences on the Keto-Enol Tautomerism in 1-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-3-a -and -b-naphthylpropane-1,3-diones Monitored by 1H and 13C NMR Spectroscopy
Key words: 1-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-3a-and b-naphthylpropan-1,3-diones, Keto-Enol Tautomerism, Substituent Influence, 1H NMR Data, 13 C NMR Data
J. L. Jios and H. Duddeck
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Chiral Aryl Sulfonyl Hydantoins as Hypoglycemic Agents
Key words: Hydantoins, Antidiabetic Activity, NMR Data
R. Ahmad, R. Jabeen, M. Zia-ul-Haq, H. Nadeem, H. Duddeck, and E. J. Verspohl
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Endogenous Alkaloids in Man, Part 33. Dimethyl (2S,4S)-and (2R,4S)-5,5-Dimethyl-1,3-thiazolidine-2,4-dicarboxylates, Two Diastereomeric Glyoxylate-Derived Heterocycles
Key words: Crystal Structure,Glyoxylate-Derived 1,3-Thiazolidines
G. Bringmann, D. Feineis, W. Saeb, C. Hesselmann, E.-M. Peters, and K. Peters
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The Inclusion of Carbon Disulfide in p-tert-Butylcalix [4 ]-and [6]arene - A Combined Crystallographic and Vibrational Spectroscopic Study
Key words: p-tert-Butylcalixarenes, Inclusion Complexes, Crystal Structure, IR Data, Raman Data
J. Schatz, F. Schildbach, A. Lentz, S. Rastätter, J. Schilling, J. Dormann, A. Ruoff, and T. Debaerdemaeker
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Facile Regioselective Synthesis of 1,2,6,8-Tetraazaspiro[4.4]nona-2,6-dien-9-ones
Key words: 5(4H)-Oxazolones, 4H-Imidazol-4-ones, Hydrazonoyl Chlorides, 1,2,6,8-Tetraazaspiro [4.4]-nona-2,6-dien-9-ones, Dipolar Cycloaddition
Adel S. Girgis
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Alternative Method for the Preparation of 4,5-Ethylenedithio-1,3-dithiole-2-thione and Related Compounds
Key words: Cycloaddition, Thiones, p-Donor Molecules, Organic Conductors
G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, and A. Papadima
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A Diterpenoid with New Modified Abietane Skeleton from Salvia palaestina
Key words: Salvia palaestina, Labiatae, Diterpenoid, 2,3-seco-19(4->3)-abeo-abietane Derivative, Salvipalolide
A. A. Hussein and B. Rodríguez
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N u m b e r  3 / 4
Original Communications
Characterization of the Inorganic/Organometallic Osmium(IV) Compound [Cp*2OsIVCl]2[OsIVCl6] as Formed by the Reaction of OsCl3 with Pentamethylcyclopentadiene in Air
Key words: Osmium Compounds, Vibrational Spectra
T. Sixt, W. Kaim, and W. Preetz
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Synthesis and Spectroscopic Investigations of New Linear Heterobimetallic Clusters [Me4N]3[(TOS3)2Ag] (T = Mo, W). Crystal Structure of [Me4N]3[(MoOS3)2Ag]
Key words: IR Data, Chalcogenides, Molybdenum, Tungsten
A. B. M. Shamsur Rahman, H. Boller, and K. O. Klepp
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Metallic Radii, Ionic Radii, and Valences of Solid Metallic Elements (In German)
Key words: Metallic Radii, Ionic Radii, Metallic Valence, Atomic Volume
M. Trömel
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Complexes of Mixed Silicon Halides with 3,4-Lutidine (In German)
Key words: Coordination Chemistry, Halogen Exchange, Silicon
K. Hensen, R. Mayr-Stein, B. Spangenberg, M. Bolte, and Stephan Rühl
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Quadridentate Benzamidine Ligands in Mono- and Oligonuclear Copper(II) Complexes (In German)
Key words: Benzamidines, Copper Chelates, EPR, ESCA
F. Leßmann, L. Beyer, K.-H. Hallmeier, R. Richter, J. Sieler, P. Strauch, and A. Voigt
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Coordination Compounds of Lanthanide Nitrates with Dimorpholido-N-trichloroacetylphosphorylamide. The Structure of Di(dimorpholido-N-trichloroacetylphosphorylamide)diaqua Neodymium(III)trinitrate
Key words: Lanthanide, Carbacylamidophosphate
V. A. Ovchynnikov, T. P. Timoshenko, V. M. Amirkhanov, J. Sieler, and V. V. Skopenko
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A Diazenidoborate: Formation and Structure of Cs[(CF3)3BN=NCF3]
Key words: NMR Data, Boron, Fluorine
D. J. Brauer, H. Bürger, Y. Chebude, and G. Pawelke
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The Crystal Structure of Bi3Se4Br
Key words: Bismuth Chalcogenide Halides
U. Petasch, T. Söhnel, H. Oppermann, U. Eggenweiler, E. Keller, and V. Krämer
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Complexation of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), and Copper(II) Ions with Pyridine, 2-Methylpyridine, 3-Methylpyridine, and 4-Methylpyridine in Acetonitrile
Key words: Thermodynamics of Complexation, Divalent Transition Metal Ions, Pyridine and its Methyl Derivatives, Acetonitrile, Calorimetry and Spectrophotometry
M. Kurihara, T. Kawashima, and K. Ozutsumi
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Syntheses and Structures of Thorium(IV) Complexes with Bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane Dioxide, Ph2P(O)CH2CH2P(O)Ph2, and Bis(diphenylphosphoryl)amide, [Ph2P(O)NP(O)Ph2]-
Key words: Thorium Complexes, Phosphine Oxides, Bis(diphenylphosphoryl)amide
É. Bonfada, E. Schulz-Lang, R. A. Zan, and U. Abram
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A Novel Convenient Synthesis of Mixed-Valence TiIII/TiIV Double Phosphates Starting with Titanium Nitride TiN
Key words: Melted Systems, Titanium, Double Phosphates, Mixed-valent Compounds, X-Ray Data
I. V. Zatovsky, N. S. Slobodyanik, D. A. Stratiychuk, K. V. Domasevitch, J. Sieler, and Eduard B. Rusanov
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Polysulfonylamines CXXV. New Complexes of Disulfonylamines with Crown Ethers - Preconceived or Discovered by Serendipity
Key words: Supramolecular Design, Hydrogen Bonding, Disulfonylamines
D. Henschel, K. Wijaya, O. Moers, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
299  Full Text
An Expeditious Approach to Trisubstituted Chiral Tetrahydrofurans
Key words: Chiral Tetrahydrofurans, Asymmetric Synthesis, D-Glucose, D-Galactose
F. Iqbal, M. S. Shekhani, A. Malik, M. Parvez, U. Riaz, Z. Ali, and K. M. Khan
317  Full Text
b-Enaminonitriles in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of New 1,4-Dihydropyridine, Pyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidine, Aminothiophene and Pyridine Derivatives
Key words: b-Enaminonitriles, Aminothiophene, Pyrazolopyrimidine
I. S. A. Hafiz
321  Full Text
Extractions of Ginsenosides from Ginseng Roots with Liquid Ammonia, Methanol-Water or Water
Key words: Malonyl-ginsenosides, Ginsenosides, HPLC
I.-H. Cho, E. Hohaus, A. Lehnen, and H. Lentz
326  Full Text
On the Isolation of Sitosterin-(6'-O-acyl)-b-D-glucopyranosides from Flacourtia indica and on Unexpected Formation of Gels by the Triacetate
Key words: Gel Formation, Flacourtia indica
E. V. Dehmlow, M. Guntenhöner, and T. v. Ree
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A Conformational Study of 5,10,15,20-Tetraalkyl-22 H+,24H+-porphyrindiium Salts (Dication Salts)
Key words: Porphyrins, Steric Strain, Porphyrin Dications, Crystal Structure, Conformational Analysis, 22,24-Dihydroporphyrins
M. O. Senge
336  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of 2,4-Bis(methylamino)-2-pentenium Chloride
Key words: Vinamidines, X-Ray Data
N. Kuhn, J. Fahl, S. Fuchs, and G. Henkel
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N u m b e r  5
Original Communications
Crystal and Molecular Structures of the Sulfurization and Selenation Products of Bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)amino]germanium(II). Crystal Structure of (Triphenylphosphine)gold(I) Bis(trimethylsilyl)amide
Key words: Germylenes, Germanium(II) Amides, Sulfurization
G. L. Wegner, A. Jockisch, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
347  Full Text
New Diazasilaphosphetidines and their Precursors
Key words: Bis(monoorganylamino)diorganylsilanes, 1,3,2,4-Diazasilaphosphetinides
B. Eichhorn and H. Nöth
352  Full Text
The Solid State Conformation of Diaryl Ditellurides and Diselenides: The Crystal and Molecular Structures of (C4H3E)2E'2 (E = O, S; E' = Te, Se)
Key words: Furyl Ditelluride, Thienyl Diselenide, Furyl Diselenide
R. Oilunkaniemi, R. S. Laitinen, and M. Ahlgrén
361  Full Text
Asymmetric Catalysis, 134. Naproxen Derivatives by Enantioselective Decarboxylation (In German)
Key words: Naproxen, Asymmetric Catalysis, Enantioselective Decarboxylation, Cinchona Alkaloids
H. Brunner and P. Schmidt
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Synthesis and Structure of a Palladium(II) Chloride Complex with 2-(2-Methyl-3-phenyl-isoxazolidin-5-yl)-pyridine
Key words: Isoxazolidines, Palladium(II) Complexes, IR Data
A. B. Lysenko, O. V. Shishkin, and Rostislav D. Lampeka
373  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of Bromo- and Bromochloroplumbates(II). Crystal Structures of [Ph4E]2[Pb3Br8] (E = P, As) and [Ph4P][PbBrCl2] · CH3CN
Key words: Tetraphenylphosphonium(arsonium) Octabromotriplumbate, Tetraphenylphosphonium Bromodichloroplumbate, Quantum Chemical Calculations
T. M. Klapötke, B. Krumm, K. Polborn, and C. M. Rienäcker
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Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Data of Silver Cyanamide (In German)
Key words: Silver Cyanamide
M. Becker, J. Nuss, and M. Jansen
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Luminescence Detection and Photodimerization of 1,3-Dimethyluracil Coordinated to Copper(I)
Key words: Photochemistry, Copper(I), Uracil, Luminescence
H. Kunkely and A. Vogler
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Supersilylsilanes R*SiX3: Syntheses, Characterization and Structures; Steric and van-der-Waals Effects of Substituents X (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Supersilylsilanes, Van-der-Waals Effects
N. Wiberg, W. Niedermayer, H. Nöth, J. Knizek, W. Ponikwar, and K. Polborn
389  Full Text
Supersilylsilanes R*SiX3: Conversion into Disilanes R*X2Si-Si22R*, Silylenes R*XSi,Cyclosilanes (R*XSi)n, Disilenes R*XSi=SiXR*, Tetrasupersilyl-tetrahedro-tetrasilane (In German)
Key words: Silicon, Disilanes, Silylenes
Nils Wiberg and Wolfgang Niedermayer
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Chemistry of Se en-Membered Heterocycles,VI.Synthesis of No el Bicyclic Heterocyclic Compounds as Potential Anticancer and Anti-HIV Agents
Key words: Benzothiepino-pyridines, Bicyclic Sulfones, Heterocyclizations
A. E. G. Hammam, N. A. Abd El-hafez, W. H. Midura, and M. Miko\lajczyk
417  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Properties of the Titanium Stannide Ti2Sn3
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Electrical Conductivity, 119Sn Mössbauer Spectroscopy
B. Künnen, W. Jeitschko, G. Kotzyba, and B. D. Mosel
425  Full Text
Regeneration of Carbonyl Compounds from Oximes under Microwave Irradiation in Solventless System
M. M. Heravi, D. Ajami, R. Hekmatshoar, Y. S. Beheshtiha,
Key words: Oximes, Deoximations, Carbonyl Compounds K. Assadollah, and M. Ghassemzadeh
431  Full Text
Reaction of N-Alkylpyridinium Salts with Hydroxylamine (In German)
Key words: Amide, Amidine, Isoxazole
H. Möhrle and R. Nießen
434  Full Text
Enaminouraciles as Precursors for Synthesis of Pyrimido [4,5-d]pyrimidine-2,4-diones
Key words: 6-Aminouracil, Mannich Reaction, Pyrimido [4,5-d]pyrimidine
W. S. Hamama
443  Full Text
[Co4(n3-NPEt3)(HNPEt2)(O2C-CH3)2-(n-OSiMe2OSiMe2O)2] - a Tetranuclear Cobalt(II)Complex with Ladder Structure (In German)
Key words: Cobalt, Phosphoraneiminato Complex H. Ackermann, F. Weller, and K. Dehnicke
448  Full Text
N u m b e r  6
Original Communications
Metal Complexes of Functionalized Sulfur Containing Ligands, XV. Reactions of Platinum(0) Complexes with 1,2,4-Trithiolanes, 1,2,4,5-Tetrathianes, 1,2,3,5,6-Pentathiepanes as well as Thioketones. X-Ray Structure Analysis of (Ph3P)2Pt(h2-Ph2C=S) (In German)
Key words: 1,2,4-Trithiolanes, Thioketones, Platinum Complexes
W. Weigand, R. Wünsch, C. Robl, G. Mloston, H. Nöth, and M. Schmidt
453  Full Text
Solid-State 29Si VACP/MAS NMR Studies of Silicon-Accumulating Plants: Structural Characterization of Biosilica Deposits
Key words: Biomineralization, Silica, Silicon-Accumulating Plants
R. Bertermann and R. Tacke
459  Full Text
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Investigation, and Theoretical Study of the Ruthenium Diazide Complex [Ru(tpy)(PPh3)(N3)2]
Key words: Ruthenium, Diazide, ZINDO/1 Calculations
W. K. Seok, S. B. Yim, H. N. Lee, and T. M. Klapötke
462  Full Text
Chiral Copper(I) Iodide Based Porous Coordination Frameworks with Asymmetrically Substituted Bridging N-Donor Ligands
Key words: Copper(I) Halides, 2-Methylpyrazine, Chiral Network
B. Roßenbeck and W. S. Sheldrick
467  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structures of the Bis(oxalato)metallates trans-K3[RhCl2(C2O4)2] · 4 H2O and cis-K3[IrCl2(C2O4)2] · H2O (In German)
Key words: trans-Dichlorobis(oxalato)rhodate(III), cis-Dichlorobis(oxalato)iridate(III), Hydrogen Bonding
J.-U. Rohde und W. Preetz
473  Full Text
Synthesis, 11B NMR and Vibrational Spectra of Mononitrooctahydro-closo-nonaborate(2-) and Monoaminooctahydro-closo-nonaborate(2-) and Crystal Structure of (Ph4P)2[1-(NO2)B9H8]$·$CH3CN (In German)
Key words: Mononitrooctahydro-closo-nonaborate(2-), Monoaminooctahydro-closo-nonaborate(2-), 11B NMR Data, Vibrational Spectra
K. Siegburg und W. Preetz
479  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of (n-Bu4N)[ReBr5Py] (In German)
Key words: Pentabromo(pyridine)rhenate(IV), Synthesis, Crystal Stucture
B. v. Malottki und W. Preetz
484  Full Text
Hydrated Cyano Elpasolites: The Crystal Structures of (NMe4)2Li(H2O)2[Cr(CN)6] and (NMe4)2Na(H2O)[M(CN)6] (M = Cr, Co) (In German)
Key words: Hexacyanochromate(III), Hexacyanocobaltate(III), Cyano Elpasolite
M. Schwarten, M. Witzel, and D. Babel
487  Full Text
Carbacylamidophosphates: Synthethis and Structure of N,N'-Tetramethyl-N"-benzoylphosphoryltriamide and Dimorpholido-N-benzoylphosphorylamide
Key words: Carbacylamidophosphates
K. E. Gubina, V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. M. Amirkhanov, V. V. Skopenko, and O. V. Shishkin
495  Full Text
Crystal Structure of Bis(triethylammonium)closo-decahydrodecaborate, [(C2H5)3NH]2[B10H10]
Key words: closo-Decahydrodecaborate(2-), Cage Symmetry
K. Hofmann and B. Albert
499  Full Text
Cyclic Silylhydrazines - Crystal Structures of Isomeric Five- and Six-Membered Rings (In German)
Key words: Cyclic Silylhydrazines, Isomers
E. Gellermann, U. Klingebiel, H. Witte-Abel, and M. Schäfer
504  Full Text
Structural and Spectral Studies of 2-Pyridineformamide Thiosemicarbazone and its Complexes Prepared with Zinc Halides
Key words: 2-Pyridineformamide, Thiosemicarbazone, Zinc Complexes
A. Castiñeiras, I. Garcia, E. Bermejo, and D. X. West
511  Full Text
The Condensation of Ylidyl Chlorophosphines with Phosphines and Bis(diphenylphosphino)methane and -amine (In German)
Key words: Phosphonium Ylides, Diphosphanes, 1,2,3,5-Azatriphospholes
F. Breitsameter, P. Mayer, and A. Schmidpeter
519  Full Text
Synthesis of Halfsandwich Ruthenium Complexes of Sulfinic Acid Esters
Key words: Ruthenium Complexes, Sulfur Ligands, Diastereoselective Alkylations
W. A. Schenk and N. Kuhnert
527  Full Text
Some New Luminescent Compounds Based on 4-Methylbenzylamine and Lead Halides
Key words: Hybrides, Perovskites, Excitonic Spectra
G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, C. P. Raptopoulou, and A. Terzis
536  Full Text
Hydrogen Bonding of two 1-(w-Ammonioalkyl)-2-acyl-cyclopentadienides in the Solid State
Key words: Cyclopentadienides, Hydrogen Bonding, Zwitter Ions
A. Müller and G. Maas
541  Full Text
Synthesis,Antimicrobial Activity and Heterocyclic Ring Transformation of 5-(Pyrazol-5-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2(3H)-thiones
Key words: Ring-Chain Tautomerism, Heterocyclic Ring Transformation, 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles
A. S. Shawali, M. A. Abdallah, and M. E. M. Zayed
546  Full Text
Strands of Associated [AsCl4·AsCl3]- Ions in [Mg(NCCH3)6][As4Cl14] (In German)
Key words: Heptachlorodiarsenate(III)
S. Rabe and U. Müller
553  Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Original Communications
N-(Halogenodimethylsilyl)-1-methylphospholane Imines (In German)
Key words: N-Silyl-phosphine Imines, Transsilylation
W. Wolfsberger
557  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of a (m-Hydroxo)(m-acetato) Dicopper(II) Complex
Key words: Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex, Super-exchange Interactions, Antiferromagnetic Coupling
E. Kavlakoglu, A. Elmali, Y. Elerman, and H. Fuess
561  Full Text
Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Some Crystalline Nitroxide Radicals (In German)
Key words: Nitroxide Radicals
K. Griesar, E. A. Soto-Bustamante und W. Haase
567  Full Text
Lanthanide Complexes with Carbacylamidophosphates: The First Registration of Chelate Coordination of the Neutral Ligand Form in the Structure of Di-(N,N'-tetramethyl-N''-benzoylphosphoryltriamide)cerium(III) Nitrate
Key words: Lanthanide, Carbacylamidophosphate
K. E. Gubina, V. A. Ovchynnikov, V. M. Amirkhanov, H. Fischer, R. Stumpf, and V. V. Skopenko
576  Full Text
Synthesis of E-9-Dodecen-1-yl Acetate Using Organomanganese Reagents
Key words: Pheromone, Organomanganese, E-9-Dodecen-1-yl Acetate
J. Belmar, J. Téllez, J. Baeza, and J. Freer
583  Full Text
The Coordination Chemistry of 2,2'-Dipyridyldiselenide (PySeSePy), Part 2. Complexes with Manganese, Copper and Zinc (In German)
Key words: Manganese, Copper, Zinc
C. O. Kienitz, C. Thöne, and P. G. Jones
587  Full Text
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 155. Crystallization and Structure Determination of the Radicalcation Salt [Tetrahydrotetrathiafulvalenium+][AlCl4-] (In German)
Key words: Hexathia-dispiro[]decane, Tetrahydrotetrathiafulvalenium Radical Cation Salt, DFT Calculations
H. Bock, A. Seibel, M. Sievert, and Z. Havlas
597  Full Text
On the System Bi2O3/Bi2Se3/BiCl3, I. The Phase Diagram Bi2O3/Bi2Se3/BiCl3 (In German)
Key words: Bismuth-Selenides-Oxides-Halides, Phase Diagram, Thermodynamic Data
P. Schmidt und H. Oppermann
603  Full Text
Chemical Vapour Transport of Intermetallic Phases,II: The System Fe-Si (In German)
Key words: Chemical Vapour Transport, Calculation of CTR, Thermodynamic Data
O.Bosholm, H. Oppermann, and S. Däbritz
614  Full Text
Chemistry of Mixed Crystals in Complex Phase Diagrams The System Bi2O3/Bi2Se3/Bi2Te3 (In German)
Key words: Pseudoternary System Bi2O3/Bi2Se3/Bi2Te3, Phase Diagram, Thermodynamic Data
P. Schmidt and H. Oppermann
627  Full Text
Mono-and Dinuclear triphos-Metal(II)-Complexes with Nitriles as Co-Ligands
Key words: triphos-Metal-Templates, Cobalt, Iron
S. Mann, G. Huttner, L. Zsolnai, K. Heinze, V. Jacob, B. Antelmann, A. Driess, and B. Schiemenz
638  Full Text
Application of High-Resolution-Magic-Angle-Spinning (HR-MAS)NMR Spectroscopy to Cosmetic Emulsions
Key words: HMQC, Inversion-recovery Technique, Spin-lattice Relaxation Time (T1)
L.-H. Tseng, D. Emeis, M. Raitza, H. Händel, and K. Albert
651  Full Text
Carbohydrates to Pyrano-Furanoids: New and Regioselective Palladium-Catalyzed Syntheses of Tetrasubstituted Furanoids from Carbohydrate Scaffolds
Key words: Dihydrofuran, Carbohydrates, Palladium
T. H. Al-Tel
657  Full Text
Synthesis and Properties of Selected 4-Substituted Anhydro Sugars
Key words: Anhydro Sugars, Piperazine Derivatives
R. J. Abdel-Jalil, M. Saeed, P. Heeg, and W. Voelter
661  Full Text
Production of 5,7-Dihydroxy-6-hydroxymethyl-2-methoxy-1,4-naphthoquinone by the Cultured Lichen Mycobiont of Opegrapha sp. No. 9771836
Key words: Lichen, Mycobiont, Naphthoquinone A:T. Amano, H. Miyagawa, T. Ueno, and N. Hamada
667  Full Text
N u m b e r  8
Original Communications
The Effect of Different Hydrogen Bonding Schemes on Melting Points of Two Isomeric 2-Hydroxy-bornane-3-carboxylic Acids
Key words: Bornane Derivatives, Hydrogen Bonds
M. Kubicki, T. Borowiak, and W. Z. Antkowiak
671  Full Text
Hydrogen Bonds in "Carboxyoximes": the Case of Bornane Derivatives
Key words: Bornane Derivatives, Hydrogen Bonds, Supramolecular Synthons
M. Kubicki, T. Borowiak, and W. Z. Antkowiak
677  Full Text
Thermal Decomposition of Prussian Blue Analogues of the Type Fe[Fe(CN)5NO]
Key words: Prussian Blue Analogues, Mixed-Valence State, Thermal Decomposition
H. Inoue, S. Narino, N. Yoshioka, and E. Fluck
685  Full Text
Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of trans-(Et4N)[OsF4Cl2] (In German)
Key words: trans-Tetrafluorodichloroosmate(V), Normal Coordinate Analysis
B. Lorenzen und W. Preetz
691  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of New Ternary Chalcogenides of Group IV Metals: K2ZrS4, Rb2ZrS4, and Rb2HfS4
Key words: Polychalcogenides, Zirconium, Hafnium
C. Rumpf and W. Bensch
695  Full Text
The Crystal Structures and Thermal Behaviour of the Mercury Arsenates Hg2(H2AsO4)2, Hg2As2O6 and HgAs2O6
Key words: Thermal Behaviour, Mercury, Arsenates
M. Weil
699  Full Text
Hydrido(acylenolato)cobalt(III) Compounds Containing Trimethylphosphane Ligands: Insertion Reactions with Alkynes and the First Carbonylcobalt(III) Complexes (In German)
Key words: Hydridocobalt(III) Complexes, Insertion of Alkynes, Regioselectivity
H.-F. Klein, X. Li, U. Flörke, and H.-J. Haupt
707  Full Text
Spectroscopic Characterisation and Crystal Structure of Trifluoromethyliodine(III) Bis-trifluoroacetate, CF3I(OCOCF3)2 (In German)
Key words: Iodine(III)
R. Minkwitz and M. Berkei
718  Full Text
Transition Metal Complexes with Sulfur Ligands, 145. [Ru(NO)('pybuS4')]Br, a Complex with [Ru(NO)(NS4)] Core, Activated CH2 Groups, and Interionic Interactions in the Solid State ('pybuS4'2- = 2,6-Bis(2-mercapto-3,5-di-tert-butylphenylthio)dimethylpyridine(2-)) (In German)
Key words: Ruthenium Nitrosyl Complexes, Sulfur Ligands, Interionic Interaction
D. Sellmann, D. Häußinger, T. Gottschalk-Gaudig, and F. W. Heinemann
723  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structure of Lithium[tetrakis-(methylamino-)aluminate] (In German)
Key words: Amides, Lithium, Aluminium
S. Rings, V. Ischenko, and M. Jansen
730  Full Text
tBuN=V[P(SiMe3)2]3: The First Example of a Stable Phosphanidovanadium(V) Complex (In German)
Key words: Phosphanidovanadium(V) Complex
F. Preuss und F. Tabellion
735  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines, CXXVI. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: A Robust Eight-Membered Ring Synthon in Coexistence with a Third Hydrogen Bonding Motif - Cyclodimers, Chains, Supramolecular Linkage Isomers, and a Quintuply Interwoven Three-Dimensional C-H...Network (In German)
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide, Onium Cation, Supramolecular Isomerism
O. Moers, K. Wijaya, I. Lange, A. Blaschette, and Peter G. Jones
738  Full Text
Polysulfonylamines CXXVII. Hydrogen Bonding in Crystalline Onium Dimesylamides: A Robust Eight-Membered Ring Synthon as a Component in Three-Dimensional Hydrogen Bonding Patterns (In German)
Key words: Di(methanesulfonyl)amide Onium Cation, Synthon Robustness
K. Wijaya, O. Moers, D. Henschel, A. Blaschette, and P. G. Jones
753  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Characterisation of Hexamethyldisilazane-trichloroaluminum [(H3C)3Si]2NH·AlCl3 (In German)
Key words: Silazane, Aluminate
M. Jansen and T. Jäschke
763  Full Text
19b->28-Lactonization of Pomonic Acid from Lantana camara roots
Key words: Lantana camara L. var. aculeata, Verbenaceae, Pomonic Acid
L. Misra and H. Laatsch
768  Full Text
A. Müller and G. Maas, Z. Naturforsch. 55b, 541-545 (2000) 771
N u m b e r  9
Original Communications
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 156. Crystal Growth and Structure Determination of Alkali(imidodiphosphate) Salts with Cations of Low and High Coordination Numbers (In German)
Key words: Lipophilically Wrapped Polylithium- and Polyrubidium-Ionclusters, Imidodiphosphate Ligands
H. Bock, E. Heigel, and N. Nagel
773  Full Text
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 157. Mixed Crystal Growth and Structure Determinations of Tetrakis(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-imidodiphosphate Salts with Alkali Cation Ratios K+/Rb+(1:5) and Rb+/Cs+(1:1) (In German)
Key words: Lipophilically Wrapped Polyion-Clusters, Imidodiphosphate Ligands, Phenyl/phenyl Interaction
H. Bock and E. Heigel
785  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of a (m-Hydroxo)(m-Pyrazolato) Dicopper(II) Complex
Key words: Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex, Super-exchange Interactions, Antiferromagnetic Coupling
H. Kara, Y. Elerman, and K. Prout
796  Full Text
Polysulfonylamine, CXXVIII. Disulfonylamido-Gold(I)-Komplexe mit Tetrahydrothiophen als Ligand (In German)
Key words: Tetrahydrothiophene, Disulfonylamine
B. Ahrens and P. G. Jones
803  Full Text
1,1'-Di(tert-butyl)metallocenium Cations. The X-Ray Crystal Structures of [M(C5H4tBu)2]PF6 (M = Fe, Co) and [Co(C5H4tBu)2]2CoCl4
Key words: 1,1'-Disubstituted Ferrocenes, Ferrocenium Cations, Cobaltocenium Salts
M. Herberhold, Y.-X. Cheng, G.-X. Jin, and W. Milius
814  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXXV. Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes of Quinine Derivatives and in vitro Tests
Key words: Quinine Derivatives, Palladium, Platinum
R. Hubel, T. Jelinek, and W. Beck
821  Full Text
New Indides EuAuIn2, EuPdIn4, GdRhIn2, YbRhIn4, and YbPdIn4
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Indium, Chemical Bonding
R.-D. Hoffmann, R. Pöttgen, V. I. Zaremba, and Y. M. Kalychak
834  Full Text
peri-Interactions in Naphthalenes, 4. Hypercoordination in 8-Dimethylamino-naphth-1-yl Phosphorus Compounds
Key words: Hypercoordination, Bond Length Alterations, Sub-van der Waals Interatomic Distances
G. P. Schiemenz, S. Pörksen, and C. Näther
841  Full Text
Metal Complexes with Biologically Important Ligands, CXXVIII. Palladium(II) Complexes with Deprotonated Peptide Esters as N,N'-Chelate Ligands (In German)
Key words: Palladium(II) Complexes, Peptide Esters, Peptide Synthesis at Metal Centres
W. Hoffmüller, R. Krämer, M. Maurus, K. Polborn, and W. Beck
855  Full Text
Structural and Spectral Studies of Palladium(II) Complexes of Pyridil bis{3-Piperidyl-, bis{Hexamethyleneiminyl-, bis{N(4)-Diethyl- and bis{N(4)-Dipropylthiosemicarbazone}
Key words: Pyridil, bis(Thiosemicarbazone), Palladium(II) Complexes
A. Castiñeiras, M. Gil, E. Bermejo, and D. X. West
863  Full Text
Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Properties of the Polychalcogenides Manganese-tris(1,2-ethanediamine)-triselenide [Mn(en)3]Se3 and Manganese-tris(1,2-ethanediamine)-monotellurodiselenide [Mn(en)3]TeSe2
Key words: Solvothermal Synthesis, Polychalcogenides
F. Wendland, C. Näther, and W. Bensch
871  Full Text
Lewis Acid/Base Adducts of TiCl4 and Methylpyridines (In German)
Key words: Lewis Acids, Titanium Halides
K. Hensen, A. Lemke, and M. Bolte
877  Full Text
Synthesis and Characterization of the Silver(I,II,III) Oxide Clathrate Ag7O8HCO3 (In German)
Key words: Silver Oxide, Clathrate, Electrocrystallization
M. Jansen and S. Vensky
882  Full Text
B. Künnen, W. Jeitschko, G. Kotzba, and B. D. Mosel, Z. Naturforsch. 55b, 425-530 (2000) 887
N u m b e r  10
Original Communications
Gold Clustering at Dimethylsulfoximine Me2S(O)NH
Key words: Gold Clustering, Dimethylsulfoximine
A. Hamel, C. Hollatz, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
889  Full Text
Polylithiation of Small Molecules. Synthesis and Structure of the Functional Lithium Phosphide [Li(TMEDA)]2[PhPCMe2C5H4]
Key words: Lithium Phosphides, Cyclopentadienides
U. Jürgen Bildmann and G. Müller
895  Full Text
Syntheses and Crystal Structure Determination of Hexacoordinated Silicon-Complexes with Dimethylpyridines (In German)
Key words: Silicon Complex, Dimethylpyridines, Lewis Acid Base Adducts
K. Hensen, M. Kettner, T. Stumpf, and M. Bolte
901  Full Text
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of (Ph3PAu)4[AuMn(CO)5]2 and (Ph3PAu)3Re(CO)4 (In German)
Key words: Manganese Gold Cluster, Rhenium Gold Cluster
M. Richter, D. Fenske, and J. Strähle
907  Full Text
Silylfurans and Bis(silyl)butadiynes -- Synthesis, Lithium Derivatives, Crystal Structures (In German)
Key words: Silylbutadiynes, 2-Furanylsilanes, Lithium-fluorosilyl-(2-furanylsilyl)amide
P. Neugebauer, U. Klingebiel, and M. Noltemeyer
913  Full Text
Reactions of Lithium Hydridosilylamides Me2(H)Si-N(Li)R (R = CMe3, SiMe3) with Chlorotrimethylstannane and Chloromethylsilanes Me4-n SiCln (n = 1 - 3) (In German)
Key words: Hydridosilylamides, Cyclodisilazanes, Hydrogen-Chlorine-Exchange
J. Schneider, E. Popowski, and N. Peulecke
924  Full Text
The Madelung Function of Elpasolites
Key words: Madelung Energy, Coulomb Interaction, Elpasolite
V. Marx and B. Hundhammer
935  Full Text
Tri(tert-butyl)plumbyl-phosphanes, Synthesis and Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance
Key words: Lead, Phosphorus, Triorganoplumbyl Compounds
M. Herberhold, C. Köhler, V. Tröbs, and B. Wrackmeyer
939  Full Text
Metal Complexes of Biologically Important Ligands, CXXIX. Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes of 4,4-Disubstituted Oxazolones and of C2-Symmetric Bis(oxazolones) (In German)
Key words: Oxazolones, Palladium, Platinum
W. Bauer, W. Ponikwar, and W. Beck
946  Full Text
Diorgano(trichlorosilyl)phosphines (In German)
Key words: Silylphosphines, Transsilylation
W. Wolfsberger
953  Full Text
Synthesis and Complexation of Spacer Modified Phosphorylated Glucose Derivatives (In German)
Key words: Glucopyranosides, Phosphorylation, Platinum Complex
T. Siedentop, I. Neda, and R. Schmutzler
956  Full Text
Synthesis and Structure of a Tetranuclear Nickel Complex of a 40-Membered Macrocyclic Octaamine-Tetrathiophenolate Ligand
Key words: Macrocyclic Ligands, Thiolate Ligand, Polynuclear Complexes
B. Kersting
961  Full Text
Preparation and Crystal Structure of a Mixed Metal Assembly [Ni(phen)3][Cu(H-1pap)]2(NO3) · 8 H2O Featuring Octahedral Cationic and Square-planar Anionic Modules
Key words: Oximes, Phenanthroline
I. O. Fritsky, J. \'Swi\catek-Koz\lowska, A. A. Kapshuk, H. Koz\lowski, T. Yu. Sliva, E. Gumienna-Kontecka, E. V. Prisyazhnaya, and T. S. Iskenderov
966  Full Text
Crystal Structures of the Complexes of Mercury(II) Iodide and Thiocyanate with 1,13-Bis(8-chinolyl)-1,4,7,10,13-pentaoxatridecane ("Cryptand 5") (In German)
Key words: 1,13-Bis(8-chinolyl)-1,4,7,10,13-pentaoxatridecane, Mercuric Iodide Complex, Mercuric Thiocyanate Complex
J. Pickardt and S. Wiese
971  Full Text
Synthesis, Complex Formation and Spectral Investigation of New Tritopic Bis(crown ether) Compounds Containing Recognition Sites for Sodium and Nickel Guest Cations
Key words: New Bis(crown ether) Compounds, Schiff Bases, Metal Ion Complexes
Z. Hayvali, N. Gündüz, Z. Kilic, and E. Weber
975  Full Text
Long Chain Cinnamoic Acid Esters from Daphne oleoides
Key words: 3,4-Dihydroxycinnamoic Acid Esters,T hymelaeaceae, Daphne oleoides
N. Ullah, S. A. Qureshi, S. Anwar, A. Malik, and E. Haslinger
982  Full Text
One-Pot Preparation of o-Xylylene Diamine and its Related Amines
Key words: Amines, Halides, Staudinger Reaction
S. Kawahara and T. Uchimaru
985  Full Text
Ca{Li2[MnIN]2}: Link between Crystal Chemistry of Lithium Nitrido Compounds and Boride Carbides of the Type M[B2C2] (In German)
Key words: Borid-Carbide, Nitridometallate, Low Valency Compounds
J. Klatyk, R. Niewa, and R. Kniep
988  Full Text
N-Methoxyalkyl Functionalized a-Diketodiimides
Key words: Imines, a-Diketodiimides
N. Kuhn, M. Steimann, and I. Walker
992  Full Text
N u m b e r  11
Original Communications
Generation of Bis[2,6-di(4-methoxy-phenyl)phenyl]plumbylene and its Insertion into n-Butyliodide to Give a Tetrahedral Triorganolead(IV) Iodide
Key words: Lithium-terphenyl Compound, Lead(II) bis(terphenyl) Compound, Plumbylene Insertion
G. L. Wegner, R. J. F. Berger, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
995  Full Text
Tris[(triphenylphosphine)gold(I)]oxonium Dihydrogentrifluoride as the Product of an Attempted Preparation of [(Triphenylphosphine)gold(I)] Fluoride
Key words: Gold Fluoride, Trigoldoxonium Salts, Dihydrogentrifluoride
T. Mathieson, A. Schier, and H. Schmidbaur
1000  Full Text
Crystal and Molecular Structures of the Functional Lithium Cyclopentadienides [Li(tmeda)][R2PCMe2C5H4], R = Ph, Me
Key words: Lithium Cyclopentadienides
U. J. Bildmann, M. Winkler, and G. Müller
1005  Full Text
CD-Spectroscopic Investigations for the Determination of the Absolute Configuration of a-Alkylated 1,4-Cyclohexanedione Derivatives
Key words: 1,4-Cyclohexanedione Derivatives, Absolute Configuration, CD Spectra
J. Fleischhauer, S. Gabriel, D. Enders, A. Nühring, and A. Wollmer
1011  Full Text
Carbacylamidophosphates: Synthethis and Structure of N,N'-Tetramethyl-N''-p-chlorobenzoylphosphoryltriamide and N,N'-Tetramethyl-N''-o-fluorobenzoylphosphoryltriamide
Key words: Carbacylamidophosphates
K. E. Gubina and V. M. Amirkhanov
1015  Full Text
The Hydrogen Bond Networks in Nicinquinium Salts
Key words: Nicinquinium Cation, Chloride Anion Proton Accepting Ability, Bromide Anion Proton Accepting Ability
T. Borowiak, G. Dutkiewicz, and J. Thiel
1020  Full Text
Condensed [PtIn3/3] and [PtIn6/6] Units as Structural Motifs in ScPtIn, TbPtIn, and HoPtIn
Key words: Intermetallic Compounds, Indium
Ya. V. Galadzhun, V. I. Zaremba, H. Piotrowski, P. Mayer, R.-D. Hoffmann, and R. Pöttgen
1025  Full Text
Preparation, 11B, 13C NMR and Vibrational Spectra of Cs2[B6H5(p-C6H4(NO2))], Cs2[B6H5(C6H3-1-(CH3)-5-(NO2))] and Crystal Structure of (CH2Py2)[B6Cl5(p-C6H4(NO2))]·CH3CN (In German)
Key words: Arylhydrohexaborate
S. Zander and W. Preetz
1031  Full Text
Uniform Sidearm Derivatisations in a Tetrapodal Pentaamine: Ligands with NN4O4 Donor Sets, and a Bis(Ferrocenecarbaldehyde Aminal)
Key words: Nonadentate Ligand, Schiff Base, Nickel
C. Dietz, F. W. Heinemann, and A. Grohmann
1037  Full Text
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 161. The Crystal Structures of Phenylene-1,4-bis(4-nitrophenylsulfonamide) and of its Disodium(tetramethanol-dihydrate) Salt (In German)
Key words: Phenylene-1,4-bis(4-nitrophenylsulfonamide), Dianion-Disodium(tetramethanol-dihydrate) Salt
H. Bock and E. Heigel
1045  Full Text
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 162. Di(arylsulfonyl)amines - Ligands for Lipophilically Wrapped Polyion Aggregates with Cs+-Layers of Variable Thickness (In German)
Key words: Di(arylsulfonyl)amide Salts, Crystal Growth, Lipophilically Wrapped Cs+ Polycation Layers
H. Bock and E. Heigel
1053  Full Text
Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Binuclear Copper(II) Complex Bridged by an Alkoxo-oxygen Atom and an Acetate Ion
Key words: Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex, Super-exchange Interactions, Antiferromagnetic Coupling
C. T. Zeyrek, A. Elmali, Y. Elerman, I. Svoboda, and H. Fuess
1067  Full Text
Transition Metal Complexes of Derivatized Chiral Dihydro-1,2,4-triazin-6-ones. Part III. X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of N,N'-Bis[(1-phenyl-5-isopropyl-4,5-dihydro-6-oxo-1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)ethylidene]-propane-1,3-diamine Nickel(II)
Key words: N,N'-[(6-Oxotriazin-3-yl)ethylidene]-1,3-diaminopropane, Nickel Complex
A. S. Abushamleh, M. M. El-Abadelah, and W. Voelter
1074  Full Text
X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Substituted 5-(2,3-Dihydro-7-benzofuryl)-2-methylpyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one (iso-Biagra)
Key words: 2-Methylpyrazolo [4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one, Dihydrobenzofuran Derivative
M. M. El-Abadelah, S. S. Sabri, M. A. Khanfar, W. Voelter, and C. Maichle-Mössmer
1079  Full Text
Formation and Structur of Cinchona Alkaloid (Bis-2,3-naphthalenediyl)orthoborate Salts
Key words: Cinchona Alkaloids, Association Modes, Hydrogen Bonds
M. Kubicki, T. Borowiak, K. Gawro\'nska, and J. Gawro\'nski
1083  Full Text
Structural Investigation of Two 4-Arylhexahydro-1H,3H-pyrido [1,2-c]pyrimidine-1,3-diones
Key words: 4-Arylhexahydro-1H,3H-pyrido[1,2-c]pyrimidine-1,3-dione Derivatives, Hydrogen Bonds, Dimers
I. Wolska and F. Herold
1089  Full Text
3-Hexyne Complexe of Molybdenum(II)and Tungsten(II) Containing 2,2'-Bipyridine. X-Ray Crystal Structure of [MoI2(CO)(bipy)(h2-EtC2Et)]
Key words: 3-Hexyne Complexes, Molybdenum(II), Tungsten(II)
M. Al-Jahdali, P. K. Baker, M. B. Hursthouse, and S. J. Coles
1095  Full Text
3,4-Dihydro-1,2,3,4-tetramethyl-pentafulvalene and its Conversion to Ferrocenes
Key words: Fulvalenes, Deprotonation, Ferrocenes
H. Hilbig and F. H. Köhler
1099  Full Text
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Original Communications
Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 160. Crystallization and Structure Determination of the Different Polyphenyl Contact Ion Multiples [p-Quaterphenyl-][Na+(DME)3]2, [p-Quaterphenyl-(Na+(THF)3)2] and [p-Terphenyl-Na+(DME)2Na+(DME)]2 (In German)
Key words: p-Terphenyl, p-Quaterphenyl, Sodium Metal Reduction
H. Bock, K. Gharagozloo-Hubmann, and M. Sievert
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Synthesis and Structure of the Substituted Lithium Benzyl [Li(tmeda)2]+[C(PMe2)(SiMe3)C6H3-3,5-Me2]-. The First Metal Phosphinomethanide Consisting of Solvent-Separated Ion Pairs
Key words: Lithium Phosphinomethanides, Lithium Benzyls
V. Knapp, M. Winkler, and G. Müller
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Optical Outer-Sphere Charge Transfer in Ion Pairs with Peroxoborate as Donor
Key words: Charge Transfer, Peroxoborate, Chemiluminescence
H. Kunkely and A. Vogler
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Enantioselective Production and Crystal Structure of the Ecstasy Analogue N-Ethyl-3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine-HCl (MDE) and its Major Metabolites MDA and HME (In German)
Key words: Enantioselective Production, Ecstasy, MDE
J. Büchler, C. Maichle-Mössmer, and K.-A. Kovar
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Novel GdIII-CuII Heterodinuclear Complex
Key words: Heterodinuclear Complex, Super-Exchange Interactions, Lanthanides
H. Kara, Y. Elerman, and K. Prout
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Atomic Volume and Packing Density of Atoms in Metallic Elements (In German)
Key words: Atomic Volume, Packing Density, Metallic Elements
S. Hübner und M. Trömel
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Properties of the Ternary (Dien)Pt(PMEA-N7) Complex Containing Diethylenetriamine (Dien) and the Antiviral 9-[2-(Phosphonomethoxy)ethyl]adenine (PMEA). Synthesis, Biological Screening, Acid-Base Behaviour, and Metal Ion-Binding in Aqueous Solution
Key words: Intramolecular Equilibria, Isomeric Complexes, Mixed Metal Ion Complexes
G. Kampf, M. S. Lüth, J. Müller, A. Hol\'y, B. Lippert, and H. Sigel
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Photochemical Synthesis and Identification of Tetracarbonyl-bis(olefin)metal(0) Complexes of Group VI B Elements
Key words: Carbonyl, Tetracyanoethylene, Fumaronitrile
\.I. Amour Morkan and A. Uztetik-Morkan
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Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Two New Cu(II)-Dipeptide Complexes
Key words: Copper(II)-Dipeptide Complexes, Electronic Spectra, SOD Activity
G. Facchin, M. H. Torre, E. Kremer, O. E. Piro, E. E. Castellano, and E. J. Baran
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Interaction in Molecular Crystals, 163. The Influence of Alkaline Metal Reduction Potentials on the Formation of their Contaction Multiples with Tetracene and Decacyclene Polyanions (In German)
Key words: Alkaline Metal Reduction, Tetracene, Decacyclene
H. Bock, K. Gharagozloo-Hubmann, S. Holl und M. Sievert
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Reactivity of Cobalt(III) Amine-Thiolate Complexes with Terminal and Bridging Thiolate Functions towards Hydrogen Peroxide
Key words: Cobalt Complexes, Amine-Thiolate Ligands, Sulfinate Complexes
B. Kersting and G. Siedle
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Monosubstituted Derivatives of the Halfsandwich Complex Cp*Ta(CO)4 - Comparison with the Analogous Vanadium Compounds Cp*V(CO)3L and X-Ray Structural Analysis of the g-Picoline Complex Cp*V(CO)3(NC5H4-Me(4))
Key words: Halfsandwich Complexes, Carbonylmetal Compounds, Photoreactions
M. Herberhold, G. Frohmader, J. Peukert, and W. Milius
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Formation of Methylchloroaluminium Alkanethiolates, MeAl(SR)Cl, and Dichloroaluminium Alkanethiolates, Cl2AlSR, from Methylaluminium Dichloride and Trimethylsilyl Alkanethiolates, Me3SiSR
Key words: Methylchloroaluminium Alkanethiolates, Dichloroaluminium Alkanethiolates
G. G. Hoffmann
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Chemical Vapour Transport of Intermetallic Phases III: The System Co-Si
Key words: Chemical Vapour Transport, Calculation of CTR, Thermodynamic Data
O. Bosholm, H. Oppermann, and S. Däbritz
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Triterpenes from Mimusops elengi
Key words: Mimusops elengi, Sapotaceae, Triterpenes
N. Jahan, A. Malik, N. Afza, M.I. Choudhary, and S. Shahzad-ul-Hassan
Key words: Mimusops elengi, Sapotaceae, Triterpenes
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Studies with 2-Arylhydrazono-3-oxopropanals: A Novel Route to 4-Aroyl-2-aryl-1,2,3-triazoles,3-Substituted 4-Arylazopyrazoles, 2-Substituted Glyoxalonitrile and 3-Oxoalkanonitriles
Key words: Enaminones, 3-Oxo-alkanonitriles, Arylazoazoles
M. M. Abdel-Khalik, S. M. Agamy, and M. H. Elnagdi
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Furanoid and Furofuranoid Lignans from Daphne oleoides
Key words: Daphne oleoides, Thymeleceae, Furanoid and Furofuranoid Lignans
M. Riaz, N. Ullah, A. Mehmood, H. R. Nawaz, A. Malik, and N. Afza
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