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Original Communications
Effects of Heat Transfer and Nonlinear Slip on the Steady Flow of Couette Fluid by Means of Chebyshev Spectral Method
Rahmat Ellahi, Xinil Wang, and Muhammad Hameed
1  Full Text
Darboux Transformation and Exact Solutions of the Continuous Heisenberg Spin Chain Equation
Ai-Hua Chen and Fan-Fan Wang
9  Full Text
The Averaged Null Energy Condition and the Madelung Constant for Cold Dark Matter and Energy
Friedwardt Winterberg
17  Full Text
Stochastic Soliton Solutions of the High-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in the Optical Fiber with Stochastic Dispersion and Nonlinearity
Hui Zhong, Bo Tian, Hui-Ling Zhen, and Wen-Rong Sun
21  Full Text
Cooling of a Hot Stretching Surface in the Presence of Across Mass Transfer Phenomenon in a Channel Flow
Ahmer Mehmood, Sufian Munawar, and Asif Ali
34  Full Text
Hall and Ohmic Heating Effects on the Peristaltic Transport of a Carreau–Yasuda Fluid in an Asymmetric Channel
Tasawar Hayat, Fahad M. Abbasi, Ahmed Alsaedi, and Fuad Alsaadi
43  Full Text
First-Principles Investigations on Structural, Elastic, and Thermodynamic Properties of Ce-La Alloys Under High Pressure
Li-Qin Zhang, Yan Cheng, Zhen-Wei Niu, and Guang-Fu Ji
52  Full Text
A Wheel-Switch Selective Image Encryption Scheme Using Spatiotemporal Chaotic System
Xing-Yuan Wang and Xue-Mei Bao
61  Full Text
Robust Stochastic Stability of Discrete-Time Markovian Jump Neural Networks with Leakage Delay
Mathiyalagan Kalidass, Hongye Su, and Sakthivel Rathinasamy
70  Full Text
Comparison of Numerical Methods of the SEIR Epidemic Model of Fractional Order
Anwar Zeb, Madad Khan, Gul Zaman, Shaher Momani, and Vedat Suat Ertürk
81  Full Text
Kaluza–Klein Cosmological Model, Strange Quark Matter, and Time-Varying Lambda
Namrata Jain, Shyamsunder S. Bhoga, and Gowardhan S. Khadekar
90  Full Text
Lithium Isotope Effects upon Electrochemical Release from Lithium Cobalt Oxide to Non-Lithium Electrolyte Solution
Yuta Takami, Satoshi Yanase, and Takao Oi
97  Full Text
Historical Article
Meson Yield from Bombarding Light Nuclei with Alpha Particles
Heinz Koppe
104  Full Text
Koppe's Work of 1948: A Fundamental for Non-Equilibrium Rate of Particle Production
Abdel Nasser Tawfik
106  Full Text
Majorana Fermions on a Lattice and a Matrix Problem
Yorick Hardy and Willi-Hans Steeb
108  Full Text
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Original Communications
Laplace Transformation Approach to the Spin Symmetry of the Mie-Type Potential with a Coulomb Tensor Interaction
Mahdi Eshghi and Sameer M. Ikhdair
111  Full Text
Estimation of Reduced Partition Function Ratios of Lithium-Graphite Intercalation Compounds by Density Functional Theory
Kunihiko Sato, Shun Saito, Satoshi Yanase, and Takao Oi
122  Full Text
Optimal Range of Parameters of Hopfield's Neural Network for Shortest Path Computation in Routing
Farah Sarwar and Shaukat Iqbal
129  Full Text
On the Solution of the Nonlinear Fractional Diffusion-Wave Equation with Absorption: a Homotopy Approach
Vivek Mishra, Kumar Vishal, Subir Das, and Seng Huat Ong
135  Full Text
The Ordered Network Structure of M ≥ 8 Earthquakes and its Prediction for the Ordered Pair Great Earthquakes in Mainland China
Ke-Pei Men and Kai Zhao
145  Full Text
Exact Travelling Wave Solutions of two Important Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Hyunsoo Kim, Jae-Hyeong Bae, and Rathinasamy Sakthivel
155  Full Text
Pseudospin and Spin Symmetric Solutions of the Dirac Equation: Hellmann Potential, Wei–Hua Potential, Varshni Potential
Altuğ Arda and Ramazan Sever
163  Full Text
The “Missing Mass Problem” in Astronomy and the Need for a Modified Law of Gravity
Sascha Trippe
173  Full Text
Solving Steady Flow of a Third-Grade Fluid in a Porous Half Space via Normal and Modified Rational Christov Functions Collocation Method
Kourosh Parand and Emran Hajizadeh
188  Full Text
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Original Communications
Invariance, Conservation Laws, and Exact Solutions of the Nonlinear Cylindrical Fin Equation
Saeed M. Ali, Ashfaque H. Bokhari, Fiazuddin D. Zaman, and Abdul H. Kara
195  Full Text
Influence of Wall Properties on the Peristaltic Flow of a Nanofluid in View of the Exact Solutions: Comparisons with Homotopy Analysis Method
Abdelhalim Ebaid and Salem H. Alatawi
199  Full Text
Analyses of S-Box in Image Encryption Applications Based on Fuzzy Decision Making Criterion
Inayatur Rehman, Tariq Shah, and Iqtadar Hussain
207  Full Text
Theoretical Study of the Electronic Spectrum of Disulfur Monoxide
Carlos J. Cobos and Adela E. Croce
215  Full Text
The Gravitational Origin of the Higgs Boson Mass
Friedwardt Winterberg
220  Full Text
Optimal Campaign Strategies in Fractional-Order Smoking Dynamics
Anwar Zeb, Gul Zaman, Il Hyo Jung, and Madad Khan
225  Full Text
First Exact Solutions for Flows of Rate Type Fluids in a Circular Duct that Applies a Constant Couple to the Fluid
Corina Fetecau, Mehwish Rana, Niat Nigar, and Constantin Fetecau
232  Full Text
Multi-Soliton Solutions and Interaction for a Generalized Variable-Coefficient Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff Equation
Long Xue, Yi-Tian Gao, Da-Wei Zuo, Yu-Hao Sun, and Xin Yu
239  Full Text
Stego Optical Encryption Based on Chaotic Baker's Map Transformation
Iqtadar Hussain and Muhammad Asif Gondal
249  Full Text
A Systematic Investigation on Magnetism and Phase Stability of Cobalt
Fang-Guang Kuang, Xiao-Yu Kuang, and Shu-Ying Kang
254  Full Text
A Comparative Study Between two Explicit and Minimal Strategies for the Case of Magnetohydrodynamical Falkner–Skan Flow over a Permeable Wall
Hadi Roohani Ghehsareh, Saeid Abbasbandy, Marwan A. Kutbi, and Ali Zaghian
263  Full Text
Regarding ‘Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes’ by S. W. Hawking
Friedwardt Winterberg
273  Full Text
N u m b e r  7
Dedicated Editorial Communication
Jörg Fleischhauer 75
Gerhard Raabe and Gernot Frenking
277 Open Access
Original Communications
Towards Correlated Sampling for the Fixed-Node Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo Method
Raphael Berner, René Petz, and Arne Lüchow
279  Full Text
Maxwell's Demon Observing Creation of a Molecular Vibration
C. Aris Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann
287  Full Text
Electronic and Magnetic Properties of the Graphene/Eu/Ni(111) Hybrid System
Elena N. Voloshina and Yuriy S. Dedkov
297  Full Text
The Conformation of Pentanoates in the Solid and in the Gas Phase
Carina Merkens, Tom Stadtmüller, Ulli Englert, Halima Mouhib, and Wolfgang Stahl
303  Full Text
The Role of Heme Chirality in the Circular Dichroism of Heme Proteins
Robert W. Woody and Gennaro Pescitelli
313  Full Text
Convenient Small-Scale Preparation of p-Carborane by Pyrolysis of o-Carborane
Paul I. Dron, Walter E. Klein, and Josef Michl
326  Full Text
Computational Study of the Structure, the Flexibility, and the Electronic Circular Dichroism of Staurosporine – a Powerful Protein Kinase Inhibitor
Tatyana G. Karabencheva-Christova, Warispreet Singh, and Christo Z. Christov
331  Full Text
Quantum-Chemical Investigations on the Structural Variability of Anion–π Interactions
Verena Moha, Michael Giese, Richard Moha, Markus Albrecht, and Gerhard Raabe
339  Full Text
Quantum-Chemical Ab Initio Calculations on Ala-(C5H5Al) and Galabenzene (C5H5Ga)
Stefanie Mersmann, Halima Mouhib, Matthias Baldofski, and Gerhard Raabe
349  Full Text
A Short Review on the Magnetic Effects Occurring at Organic Ferromagnetic Interfaces Formed between Benzene-Like Molecules and Graphene with Ferromagnetic Surfaces
Nicolae Atodiresei, Vasile Caciuc, and Predrag Lazić
360  Full Text
Theoretical Analysis of the Unusual Vicinal Effects on Electronic Circular Dichroism Spectra of Cobalt(III) Complexes with ED3A-Type and Related Ligands
Yuekui Wang and Chunxia Zhang
371  Full Text
Bonding Situation in Dimeric Group 15 Complexes [(NHC)2(E2)] (E = N–Bi)
Nicole Holzmann and Gernot Frenking
385  Full Text
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Original Communications
An Investigation on the Fine Structure Levels in the Ground State Configuration for the Antimony Anion
Leyla Özdemir and Şadiye Tuna
397  Full Text
Ab Initio Calculations of Structural, Electronic, and Mechanical Stability Properties of Magnesium Sulfide
Hai-Ying Wu, Ya-Hong Chen, Ping Zhou, Xiang-Yu Han, and Zi-Jiang Liu
403  Full Text
A Counterpart of the Wadati–Konno–Ichikawa Soliton Hierarchy Associated with so(3,R)
Wen-Xiu Ma, Solomon Manukure, and Hong-Chan Zheng
411  Full Text
Physics and Picasso
Daegene Song
420  Full Text
Exact Solution for Peristaltic Transport of a Micropolar Fluid in a Channel with Convective Boundary Conditions and Heat Source/Sink
Tasawar Hayat, Humaira Yasmin, Bashir Ahmad, and Guo-Qian Chen
425  Full Text
Investigation of New Ionic Plastic Crystals in Tetraalkylammonium Tetrabuthylborate
Tomoyuki Hayasaki, Satoru Hirakawa, and Hisashi Honda
433  Full Text
New Rational Homoclinic Solution and Rogue Wave Solution for the Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Long-Xing Li, Jun Liu, Zheng-De Dai, and Ren-Lang Liu
441  Full Text
Synthesis and Shape Control of Copper Tin Sulphide Nanocrystals and Formation of Gold–Copper Tin Sulphide Hybrid Nanostructures
Marta Kruszynska, Jürgen Parisi, and Joanna Kolny-Olesiak
446  Full Text
Peristaltic Motion of a non-Newtonian Nanofluid in an Asymmetric Channel
Fahad Munir Abbasi, Tasawar Hayat, Bashir Ahmad, and Guo-Qian Chen
451  Full Text
An Analysis of Peristaltic Flow of Finitely Extendable Nonlinear Elastic-Peterlin Fluid in Two-Dimensional Planar Channel and Axisymmetric Tube
Nasir Ali and Zaheer Asghar
462  Full Text
Application of Rabinowitsch Fluid Model in Peristalsis
Noreen Sher Akbar and Sohail Nadeem
473  Full Text
Structural, Stabilities, and Electronic Properties of Bimetallic Mg2-doped Silicon Clusters
Shuai Zhang, Zhi-Peng Wang, Cheng Lu, Chong Wang, Gen-Quan Li, and Zhi-Wen Lu
481  Full Text
Group Invariant Solutions and Conservation Laws of the Fornberg–Whitham Equation
Mir Sajjad Hashemi, Ali Haji-Badali, and Parisa Vafadar
489  Full Text
Investigations of the Thermal Shifts and Electron–Phonon Coupling Parameters of R1 and R2 Lines for Cr3+-doped Forsterite
Xiao-Xuan Wu and Wen-Chen Zheng
497  Full Text
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Original Communications
Finite Element Legendre Wavelet Galerkin Approch to Inward Solidification in Simple Body Under Most Generalized Boundary Condition
Sarita Yadav, Dinesh Kumar, and Kabindra Nath Rai
501  Full Text
Modified No Search Scheme based Domain Blocks Sorting Strategies for Fractal Image Coding
Xing-Yuan Wang, Dou-Dou Zhang, and Na Wei
511  Full Text
Multi-Soliton and Rogue-Wave Solutions of the Higher-Order Hirota System for an Erbium-Doped Nonlinear Fiber
Da-Wei Zuo, Yi-Tian Gao, Yu-Hao Sun, Yu-Jie Feng, and Long Xue
521  Full Text
Volume Dependence of Thermodynamic Properties for Solids at high Temperatures
Guanglei Cui, Bai Fan, Zewen Zuo, Ruilan Yu, and Min Gu
532  Full Text
Fractional Transmission Line with Losses
José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar and Dumitru Baleanu
539  Full Text
Exponential Stability of the Energy of the Wave Equation with Variable Coefficients and a Boundary Distributed Delay
Wenjun Liu
547  Full Text
Hydromagnetic Mixed Convective Two-Phase Flow of Couple Stress and Viscous Fluids in an Inclined Channel
Zaheer Abbas, Jafar Hasnain, and Muhammad Sajid
553  Full Text
Studies on the Local Angular Distortion and Spin Hamiltonian Parameters for the Trigonal Co2+ Center in MgCl2
Xian-Fen Hu, Shao-Yi Wu, Min-Quan Kuang, and Guo-Liang Li
562  Full Text
Robust Control for Fuzzy Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Discrete and Distributed Time Delays
Rathinasamy Sakthivel, Ponnusamy Vadivel, Kalidass Mathiyalagan, and Ju H. Park
569  Full Text
Numerical Approaches of Cluster Statistics for Stochastic Manganese Deposits
Mehmet Bayirli
581  Full Text
The Ignition of Cylindrical Fusion Targets by Multi-Mega-Ampere GeV Proton Beams below the Alfvén Limit
Friedwardt Winterberg
589  Full Text
An Investigation of the Distribution of Electric Potential and Space Charge in a Silicon Nanowire
A. Wesam Al-Mufti, Uda Hashim, Md. Mijanur Rahman, and Tijjani Adam
597  Full Text
Spin-Hamiltonian Parameters of Gd3+ Ion in the Room Temperature Tetragonal Phase of BaTiO3
Wei-Qing Yang and Wen-Chen Zheng
606  Full Text
Perturbed Angular Correlation Study of the Static and Dynamic Aspects of Cadmium and Mercury Atoms Inside and Attached to a C60 Fullerene Cage
Satyendra K. Das, Rashmohan Guin, Debasish Banerjee, Karl Johnston, Parnika Das, Tilman Butz, Vitor S. Amaral, Joao G. Correia, and Marcelo B. Barbosa
611  Full Text
N u m b e r  12
Original Communications
Theoretical Calculations of Mechanical, Electronic, and Chemical Bonding in CaN2, SrN2, and BaN2
Li-Qin Zhang, Yan Cheng, Zhen-Wei Niu, Chang-Ge Piao, and Guang-Fu Ji
619  Full Text
Pyrene Fluorescence in Nanoaggregates Irradiated by IR Photons
Hartmut Jungclas, Viacheslav V. Komarov, Anna M. Popova, and Lothar Schmidt
629  Full Text
The Ordered Network Structure and Prediction Summary for M ≥ 7 Earthquakes in Xinjiang Region of China
Ke-Pei Men and Kai Zhao
635  Full Text
Analytical Dependence of the Ignition Dynamics Parameters on the Low-Z Impurity Concentration
Mohammad Mahdavi and Sayed Ebrahim Abedi
645  Full Text
Kinetics of the Elementary Act of Electrochemical Reactions at the Semiconductor–Electrolyte Solution Interface
Sergii Kovalenko and Veniamin Soloviev
654  Full Text
The Relativistic Screened Coulomb plus Ringed-Shaped-Like Potential via Shape-Invariance Approach
Akpan Ndem Ikot, Hassan Hassanabadi, Hillary Patrick Obong, and Yehuwdah Chad-Umoren
659  Full Text
First and Second-Phase Transitions of Gases at Isobaric Process; Lennard–Jones (9,6) Gases with a Hard Core
Akira Matsumoto
665  Full Text
Intense Isolated Ultrashort Attosecond Pulse Generation in a Multi-Cycle Three-Colour Laser Field
Gang-Tai Zhang
673  Full Text
Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Stagnation-Point Flow of a Jeffery Fluid Past a Permeable Vertical Flat Plate
Mohammad M. Rahman and Ioan Pop
687  Full Text
Exact Solutions of Electro-Osmotic Flow of Generalized Second-Grade Fluid with Fractional Derivative in a Straight Pipe of Circular Cross Section
Shaowei Wang, Moli Zhao, Xicheng Li, Xi Chen, and Yanhui Ge
697  Full Text
On the Numerical Solution of the Nonlinear Radiation Heat Transfer Problem in a Three-Dimensional Flow
Ammar Mushtaq, Meraj Mustafa, Tasawar Hayat, and Ahmed Alsaedi
705  Full Text
Magnetohydrodynamic Natural Convection Flow with Newtonian Heating and Mass Diffusion over an Infinite Plate that Applies Shear Stress to a Viscous Fluid
Dumitru Vieru, Corina Fetecau, Constantin Fetecau, and Niat Nigar
714  Full Text
Fundamental Solution via Invariant Approach for a Brain Tumor Model and its Extensions
Andrew G. Johnpillai, Fazal M. Mahomed, and Saeid Abbasbandy
725  Full Text